Rebirth into Shadow

This area is specifically for new members of the forum, for one that chooses to go the path of finding a sire.
Forum rules
Malkavian wrote:Vampire Rules
1. Vampires are not to post more than one luring thread at a time.
If your thread is unsuccessful after a week from it's posting date, feel free to delete it and start a new one.

2. Vampires are not to reply to another Vampires luring thread.
It's not very classy and could ruin someones hard work to lure a human in.

3. If a human initiates a topic, no more than three vampires may reply.
Any additional participants will be removed from the thread.

4. If you are not chosen as the sire, tough. Better luck next time.
Try to find ways to improve your chances, try making your Sire Profile unique.

5. You must first fill out a Sire Profile before posting a luring thread.
We want any new players to be well informed, please keep them accurate.

Human Rules
1. Do not post more than one thread with a single character.
It may get confusing, your character could end up with more than one reply, and you cant choose two sires.

(More Rules may be added as needed.))

Luring Thread - A thread designed to lure a human. (New player)

Please be Advised, in order to make this siring area successful, our vampires "Luring threads" will be advertised on our Facebook page to people of similar interests. With any luck, your thread might just lure in a new player.
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