Intro to the RBC Story

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Intro to the RBC Story

Postby Necromancer » February 7th, 2016, 5:23 pm

[[ This is meant to be a generalized intro to the city's major story so far. Think of it as when you start up a video game when you learn the back story for a RPG. I picture this with sketches of respective scenes, but it's just a general overview on my take as a writer of what happened and where we are. This doesn't include a lot of 'really' past details, as I was shooting for more recent history. ]]

This is Ravenblack City. Where it was born, how it came to be, and what makes this city different are all questions we've never had the answer too. Some think it started as a shadow-city of London from when we thought the world was flat, some think further back to the times of the Roman Empire built by those who were slaves in ideas more then stone, and some further back then that to a time when we didn't have cities, but groups who lived as a community in forests and the edge of deserts, made by those of a vampiric nature when we, the vampires, needed a place to meet. Now days it is everywhere and no where. People from across the world have found their way here from streets that don't really exist. Yet it's not a moving city, it just simply is everywhere and no where at the same time.

The inhabitants have a long past of wars fought until they could not fight anymore and rest over took them. They slept for weeks and then rose only to rise to battle once more. Abandoned by who ever created them they banded together, made other vampires, and went to war over petty things against each other not for land, money, or slaves but for slights or glory. That changed when a group of rogues who had a new view came into the light. They did not rest, they kept going, and they took their blood being drained over and over as a near religious experience. That was the start of the change, it was the start of a new way of thinking, of being. And then they were gone, extinguished and ground to dust, by those of the old way, even if their ideas didn't die.

Years later we find ourselves here. The leader of the strongest group of vampires for a long time now has run off with a man thought below her position. Those who stepped up to fill that gap have failed and fallen to shadows to hide their shame, and in the place is a new power. A group of vampires who believe in the new ways, who do not rest, who are beaten upon again and again and they do not stop. Yet they do not hold the same values as their predecessors who were not violent for their own well being. They are violent, they are blood thirsty, and they are the new order.

You, young as you are, can make or break this world. Choose your side, choose your sire, and write the future of this city in blood or peace.
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