A few notes on RP etiquette

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A few notes on RP etiquette

Postby Nemesis » February 3rd, 2014, 1:50 am

Conversational RP is role-playing your character in a real time conversation. It can happen in YM, some other form of messenger, or in back and forth bantering right here on the forum.
In this form of RP, you are not expressing lavish movements, detailing the setting or the scene of your characters position, having a grand adventure or revealing an inner monologue.

You are, as your character, having a conversation with others.

Here are some examples.
The first is completely fabricated IC conversation in YM between XXX and Nemesis:

XXX: Hey Nems, I hear you like to holy water your friends sometimes for no reason.

Nemesis: ~nods~ is true…secret to happy friendships. Nothing says I love you like a few burns and puncture wounds.

XXX: ~chuckles softly~ well, I’ll have to see how well that goes over with my friends.

Nems: ~snickers~

The second example is another completely fabricated IC conversation in terms of posting to the forum in the ‘Conversational RP’ section.

Topic: Scrolling vs. Holy Watering

XXX posted:
I think the sound of breaking glass and the sizzle you hear from another vampires flesh burning at the touch just makes holy water a little more fun. Not to mention it causes a lot more damage and blood loss.

Nemesis posted:
Yes, the breaky glass sound is lovely, and while HW is more damaging, scrolls just seem more fun. You don’t have to wait for your target to move. You can toss scroll after scroll after scroll…~sighs dreamily~ oh..and its good exercise. ~snickers~

YYY posted:
I agree with XXX on HW being more fun….seeing all that blood loss just brings a smile to my face.

Nemesis posted:
Oh, XXX? Have you considered a tossing a holy water in relation to what we spoke on the ‘phone’ about? ~looks to YYY, grins cheekily and snickers deviously~

XXX posted:
Errmm…..~blushes faintly and smiles ever so sweetly to her friend~

In that last instance, I showed how a YM, MSN, AIM, etc, conversation can be relayed into the RP medium, without bringing OOC terms, such as YM, into the wording. Though YM is perfectly acceptable, because, though we play vampires, we are living in the 21st century...we have internets! :D

I’ve also shown how a characters personality and mannerism can show with subtle movement.

Pitfalls of conversational RP are things such as power playing by way of taking control of another person’s character, or bringing Out of Character terms into the IC medium.

You shouldn’t do something such as this:

XXX: Haha! Good to see you old friend! *smacks you on the shoulder hard, causing you to fall over on to the floor in a heap*.

No no.

That’s making someone else’s character take actions that the player may not have done. You cannot make someone else’s character respond how you wish them to respond.

Another pitfall is bringing OOC into the IC medium.

YYY: I would have waited until sun up for my target to come out of shadows, but my human was just too tired and begging me to let her go to bed.

No no.

That’s veiling OOC to bring it into the IC prospective, but think about it…it doesn’t work in the scheme of things. Since when are vampire’s at the beck and call of humans?

Another peeve to most RPers :

XXX: How r u today?
YYY: good. will u sire me?
XXX: yeah, will give u biter link.
YYY: k thanx

Chat speak...for the love of all....NO!...no no no no.

Conversational RP can at times be fast paced, and discussions between characters that don’t get along can become heated. Avoid reacting from the heart. Don’t take OOC personal offense to the things said In Character. Remember you are acting a part and the insults that may well be said by others in the thread are not directed at you, but at your character.

Most people, when speaking conversationally in a messenger format, will use parenthesis ( ) or brackets [ ] to speak out of character to avoid any confusion.

In most RP Forums revolving around the game Vampires: A Dark Alleyway, you will find two forms of RP. Narrative and Conversational.

Narrative is the ‘storytelling’ form of RP. Participants add to the story or tale, changing the flow and allowing for their co participants to respond to the situation. The plotline to the threads can be spontaneous responses, or it can be a series of pre-arranged events that you and the other players would discuss OOCly to form the plotline in a smooth manner.
Narrative Role-play does not even have to involve other participants. It can be written solely as a story told from whatever prospective you wish with your character, including NPC’s or supporting characters. You must never use someone else’s character in your RPs. I once thought I had permission to use a 'friends' NPC for RP purposed and was mistaken...they got butthurt. Lesson learned. Never assume, always ask.
Narrative Role-Play courtesy. At times you can see that an RP is 'closed' or private, taking place around only one or two characters without being marked as private in the title. If you are unsure whether you should join in on a thread, ask!!

Conversational RP is a more difficult medium, as it is extremely easy to cross the delicate ‘in character’ and ‘out of character’ line.
Conversational RP is more or less ‘speaking’ as our characters in a real time conversation such commenting to messages posted to the In Character discussion area of the forum. Your character however, isn’t ‘reading’. They are listening. They are there in the discussion.
Correcting spelling or grammar errors of someone else’s post is a clear cross of the in character/out of character line. Our characters are ‘speaking’ in conversational RP, so your character is not ‘reading’ what is being said, they are hearing it.
For example, if you find a post in the ‘conversational RP’ section in which someone posts an announcement or topic for discussion, please remember it is the character speaking. So your response should be in the mindset of your character.
What is hard to keep in mind are small terms that really are purely OOC. Speaking of the chat rooms, referencing to other ‘posts’, saying ‘my mun/human blahblah’, referring to the game, etc, is bringing out of character terms, into the in character medium, and should really be avoided. In Character, there is no ‘game’…our characters reside in the ‘city’.
A common slide is referencing ‘the humans’ behind the characters. For example, someone may slip into an IC conversational RP thread, ‘my human loves to sit for hours in front of a PC’ or ‘my human has business to attend, so I will be back later’. That is veiling. Its veiling the OOC to bring it into the IC medium, but it really is redundant and silly for the fact in the IC RP aspect, since when do vampires live at the beck and call of humans? They don’t. Veiling, while sometimes harmless, can quickly become ridiculous and it clutters up the flow of the In Character conversation.

Most RP forums, whether narrative or conversational, are viewed as ‘Halls’ within the IC sense of the city, meaning they are gathering places. However, not all forums are run and managed the same. Be sure to address the owners/moderators in the appropriate fashion on a matter. Out of Character is the most direct way to get to the root of an issue.

Conversational RP is also more difficult because it is a faster pace than a narrative RP. The situations rise and in character discussions can become heated very quickly. It’s hard to not take things ‘personally’, but remember it’s your character, not YOU. It’s perfectly natural to empathize and sympathize with your character. Just keep in mind, when participating in a conversational RP, you are, in all respects, ‘acting’. You are an actor, giving voice and actions to a character of your creation. If your character is insulted, there’s no reason to take it personally and retaliate with animosity to the humans behind the other characters.
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