Genevieve Bonnet

A list of Humans looking for available sires, a little bit about them and what they have to offer anyone that takes them under their wing.

Genevieve Bonnet

Postby GenevieveBonnet » August 7th, 2017, 11:29 pm


Name: Genevieve Bonnet
Nicknames: Evie

Age: 28
Nationality: French
Heritage: French
Languages: French, English, German, Dutch, Danish, Italian

Occupation: Bartender
Status: Illegal Immigrant

What to offer a sire?: Loyalty, Snark, Vodka

What you want from a Sire?: Genevieve needs a Sire who will put up with her shit (to a degree). She's blunt and often mean (but not malicious), has a twisted sense of humor and serious trust issues when it comes to parental figures. She is also in desperate need of a family, she's been alone for much too long.

Play-by model: Michelle Pfeiffer (unofficial until siring)
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