Maddy's Big Adventure

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Maddy's Big Adventure

Postby Maddox » March 1st, 2016, 6:19 pm

That's what turning is, right? An adventure? Well, Maddox would think so.

He's the front man of an indie band and is open to life's experiences. He's currently in town for a gig and is unaware of the dangers that lurk in the shadows of Ravenblack City, which means he's primed for the taking. If RBC is a trap, then he's caught.

For Maddox, becoming a vampire would first be a sensational experience before it becomes a moral one. The morality of vampirism won't be far off, however. He's also a romantic, so it might all be quite Anne Rice for a while until he gets his footing. In the end, he might be a very effective, but empathetic hunter. He might also wear his vampirism quite dramatically where he flings himself into a bed of rose petals and bemoans the cold ache in his heart. "Hold me for the ice in my veins cause my soul to shiver."

Anyone to sire Maddox would have to first and foremost be equipped to handle his affection. He's a tactile person and he loves love like people love chocolate. He throws the sentiment around almost carelessly, but it is always genuine. "I love you," because he does. He loves his friends and band mates. He loves the people who enjoy his music. He loves the people who come out to see him perform. He loves the barista who always gets his tea order just right.

Said sire would also have to put up with how nice he is. He's quite considerate of others and can be very empathetic. As cliche as it is, he's a lover, not a fighter. He's also very sensitive, but he tends to show how he feels through action rather than words. Even through action does he come to really understand how he feels about something. This process usually results in a new song, a new experience to share.

He's friendly, active, affectionate, dramatic, tactile, empathetic, and a tad reckless.

He could make an interesting and devoted childe and addition to the city's residence if any would have him.

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