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Michiru Mandruleanu

Postby Michiru » March 29th, 2017, 11:48 am

This will be an OOC Based sire profile, as I, being Michiru's writer feel it is more important to get all the facts, and Michiru doesn't care to speak about herself.

Full birth given name: Michiru Mandruleanu
IGN: Michiru
Taken Names: Lokason '07 to current
St. John: Early 08 through Binding.- *No Longer Used*

Michiru is known for being one of the olds. ICly, She is currently 471 years old and originates from the northern provinces of Romania. She came to the City of Raven Black in late 02 early 03, shortly after Lord Raven put the city streets down. She was a horrid fledgling when arrived, even as an aged vampiress, she possessed a bad attitude and a worse mouth. One of her first interactions was insulting Heimdag and Shikon Af'Gyllesternia verbally, she had stated something along the lines of being a 'Old asshat with smelly clothes'. Lady Bondage at that time took a very keen interest in wanted her dead.

So, she sired her. Michiru was one of the greatest challenges in breaking a Fledgling.

B was Michiru's first of only two sires. She was shown nothing but tough love. She was forced by fear of holy water to watch her mouth and if she stepped out of line, her sire was the first to give a blow. It taught her that in order to be respected one must give respect. It is an equal playing field in such things. Regardless of where one falls in their line, respect but given to be earned in full. She had such a bond with B over it.

After her breaking, she was built back up from the ground. Taught when to use that sharp tongue and when to allow holywater do the talking for her. She eventually severed from B, when she left ophelia's line and rebound to ophelia herself. She placed both women upon a pedestal. She remains with opehlia still.

In additional to being a Lokason, as she had earned such a last name. She is head of her own immediate one. She has become well renowned as one of the greats, though not by her own choice. She not longer feels that violence is needed to break a fledgling to begin their work on growth, but she is also not above it. When she enters a room it is known. When she speaks, it is heard. She is one of few who started with nothing, and then lost that and gained everything in return.

Michiru now believes that siring is broken down in three categories: A bond, Growth, and a business arrangement.

Her tie with her sire is one of a Bond, shared because they love one another. Not in a romantic way, not even really in a way of needed exponential growth but merely because at least now they do not wish to be apart. And have been that way for a very very long time.

A siring through Growth is something more along the lines of "breaking". though there are many variations of what a breaking can be. It can be physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual. Sometimes violent if that is what the particular childe is in need of to wake up to what must be done to grow. Often though, a breaking to her is more of a mindset shift. Taking someone from one place with a set mentality, to "breaking" that closed mind and opening them to something far more great.

A business arrangement is something that Michiru does not often do. This is a siring that is much more along the lines, a need for war, a form or protection- even though Michiru will let a childe fall on their face if they need it. Or as a means to get them elsewhere. This is the type of sire that is seen very much like a stepping stone socially. Something Michiru does not usually ever allow herself to become.

Regardless of the option or the way the siring is done, respect would have to be earned, by it being given with her. Though if she sees passion, she will be heavily intrigued. And challenges are usually always accepted.

For those who play alternate toons: Unless is it seen that You the player are able to differentiate between your characters well, don't even think about it.

** What a fledgling gets with Michiru as their sire **

First and foremost, guidance. She will help with powering as she thinks that siring a vampire only after they are fully powered is ridiculous. That is growth that both sire and childe need at the same time. It is important. Do not let your character's powers or lack there of be a defining reason you do not approach Michi with a want of her as their sire. She will teach them how to grow in grace, and to become respected. She will push, hard, and when they feel they can do no more, she will push even harder. Though should they fall, she will also be there to pick them back up again.

She does have stipulations when binding to her a sire.

[b]Bindings:[/b] are to be respected, before her sleep, to bind to someone was a big deal. Nowadays it seems to be over shadowed by all the frivolous "Take me to the church" style of "gogo, get hitched". That isnt what it is. It is something meant to be cherished and respected as much as one would respect themselves. She views it as joining bloodlines. It is meant to be discussed, openly, from all sides.

Childer siring: Until a vampire has become fully powered, and earn her -stamp of approval-, Siring childer under oneself is not allowed. For a few reasons:
If you are not fully powered, you are the blind leading the blind.
If you have not earned her approval, you are not ready in her eyes for the responsibility of siring childer.
It isnt playing house. Dont treat it that way.

Clans: Michiru has always believed clan before family. However until you are fully powered you shouldn't be joining a clan. It is not their job to power you. It is their job to prep you for war.

All in all she is a no shit sire. She has been labeled by many as(This is not her choosing) "The Proverbial Daughter" "Unanimously wished to return"(While she was sleeping) "Vicious, but equally kind and even loving". "Classy and Respectable"
In addition Her childer are her children. Her boys often refer to her as "Ma" and they are her "Sons", but that is dependent on the bond struck. It is not a necessary term.

If you want someone to help grow and transform your character, she is the one who can as long as you put forth the effort she does.

If you are looking for a sire that will help you grow into your own further or simply want a bond that will be driven on mutual respect she is also one who will do more than suffice.

Feel free to drop her a line. :D


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