Broken Records

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Broken Records

Postby Vespertine » May 30th, 2015, 4:08 pm


September 7th, 2006
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*Vespertine walks into the first floor of the building and heads
directly over to a wall behind the bar and pins up an old, crummy
scroll, which reads in black calligraphy*

'If you're interested in getting paid to steal from anyone or kill
anyone or deliver any various items while having loads of fun, track
down or contact that kid, Vespertine...

*He then adjusts his sunglasses further up onto his nose after getting
a good look around the place before proceeds out into the nite*

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Re: Broken Records

Postby Vespertine » May 30th, 2015, 4:14 pm


Message 1 of 20 , Sep 23, 2006
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*tv's flare into life all over the city. when the snow clears, two
figures stand looking at the camera.*

We, the official wayward sons of Capadocious make the following
It has come to our attention that Capadocious has left the city-thus
leaving a hole in the power structure of this city-namely an active
We, Satori and Vermathrax, do feel that at this time-leaving this
vital post open may lead to all sorts of problems within the system
of government active in this city.
So we make the following proclomations.
That the title of 'prince' shall be shared in two halves between us.
Sartori shall rule as prince of the parts of the city more familiar
to the influence and power of Capadocious while Vermathrax shall be
prince of the outer reaches who have been in the past more resitant
to Cap's authority.
Two rulers-two halves of the city. Finally united under joint
We don the crowns and shake hands in a visual sign of co-operation
and unity. Let all who oppose this action be ignored.
(we did it first-you jealous cause you didn't think of it. so there!

as proclaimed by

Sartori- Prince of the Inner Reaches


Vermathrax- Prince of the Outer Reaches

*tvs fuzz back out and become silent again*

Message 2 of 20 , Sep 23, 2006
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Reaching the contents of his stomach upon the ground Sade heard the proclamation
the mirth of such a thought made him weep
"Oh my you two are funny, still such a lofty idea can only be good"
wiping his mouth and smiling
"here's to the twin reaching princes"

Sade (Shadowsshade)
Ward of the Wolf Etain
Hesus now and forever

Message 3 of 20 , Sep 24, 2006
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*TV fuzzes back into life*

I do not think it is the issue of ruling here. While the rest of the
city laughed or wept-all saying 'I am sooooo gonna miss you, Cap!'.
We acted. We saw a hole in the power base, dove for it and grabbed at
the prize. I think Cap himself would have been proud of us-
considering it is a move he would have done himself. The rest of you
were asleep at the switch-we weren't. The debate begins, but-we were
here first.

*TV fuzzes off*


art lascaux
Message 4 of 20 , Sep 25, 2006
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*TV fuzzes back into life*

So it is! We now have 2 Princes of RBC. We also have
Ravenblack who holds the position of God. It has
occurred to me that the position of King of RBC has
never been claimed. In the spirit of adverse
possession over that domain and title, a King has
taken that position. Let us all bow to the new king,
Mr Strappy.

Although he hides in shadows now to avoid the
paparazzi, he promises that no amount of holy water or
garlic spray will make him abdicate his throne.

Some might say, "He is nothing but a red herring."
Though you may think that something smells fishy, it
is as stated. You may think of him as just a
substitute for the one who is holding the strings, or
straps or w/e.

I for one am glad to see that he has made himself
available to the city and in time I am sure he will
find his way into the hearts of well over half its

This is just a warning for those that refuse to accept
him. Don't turn your back on him. You may be in for
a very big surprise.

*TV fuzzes off*

Art Lascaux

Leilani G.
Message 5 of 20 , Sep 25, 2006
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Passing by a local appliance store, Enid spots the multiple television broadcasts in which princes and a king are proclaimed rulers of RavenBlack. Remembering nothing of the past, she scoffs at how rediculous they look. [i]How can one RULE an entire city?How can you control every beings movements and thoughts? You cannot possible think you can rule and be loved by everyone. Idle threats,[/i] she thinks and crushes dead leaves under her boots as she walks away.

Hesu Shade
Message 6 of 20 , Sep 26, 2006
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How can someone have so little a sense of humour?


art lascaux
Message 9 of 20 , Sep 26, 2006
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*TV fuzzes back into life*

A rather tall and slender figure stands erect behind
the microphone. "Please excuse my interruption. I
certainly know how this can spoil a mood, so for those
of you who were in the middle of something I am very
sorry. It has been brought to my attention that there
has been too many angry people speaking out trying to
hurt each other. This has to stop. I am making a new
law. It's called ' The Mr. Strappy Law of Happy'.
It carries with it some stiff consequences for

He shuffles to the next 3 by 5 card. "I am not an
accomplished pubic speaker." he pauses a moment and
reexamines his card. "Oh, sorry, that should be
public speaker. Please bare with me. This is just
the first of my appearances. I hope there will be a
lot more coming. Thank you."

*TV fuzzes off*

Art Lascaux

Message 19 of 20 , Sep 28, 2006
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Walking west on 40th street, on his way to the hall of severance,
Vespertine's attention is caught by a flickering Television set inside
a glass window of some restaurant. He recognizes Sartori standing with
someone else he can't quite recall and they're both proclaiming to be
the new active princes of RavenBlack City. They deliver a message
about how Sartori's prevailing over one half of the City, while
Vermathrax will prevail over the other side.

Standing there in the dark, cold, unchanging night.. Vespertine spits
on the damp pavement, curling his lips into a smirk.

"What the hell does saying anything change?" The young-vamp can't help
but think to himself aloud in the midst of the cold, tranquil night.

~`Vespertine Who?
That kid that stole
from you last night

Spookie Lokason - de Furie
Message 20 of 20 , Sep 28, 2006
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Spookie sits on a couch in her bedroom at the Chateau DeFurie -
staring blankly at the television going through the channels when a
familiar face suddenly appears on the screen.. followed by another
even more familiar face.

Spookie grins mischeviously at them both..

"Better not dissappoint me.." She smiles and leans back on the couch
twirling the remote in her hand. "If you're going to do this.. you
need to shock the system." She grins wide.. "Now.. shock the system,
or fail like Cap did." She concentrates and speaks to both princes at
the same time.

"I am waiting.." She says.. then closes the TV.

-Spookie Lokason - DeFurie
The Black Widow
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Re: Broken Records

Postby Vespertine » May 30th, 2015, 4:16 pm


Above Zestless and 1st

April 23rd, 2007
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At the edge of the City, there isn't much to keep anyone from falling
off. Staring into the blue, Vespertine realizes he could be suffering
from deep thought again. Looking down at the crumbled corner of
asphalt that breaks away into the cliff face that constitues the end
of RavenBlack City and the beginning of nothing, one can't help but
think of what it means to them. The City.

Looking back up into the sky, the clouds slowly drift to the east. The
moon is so serene. A perfect crescent. It's very bright and, oddly
enough, it brings a certain warmth to such a cold place as this.

There isn't much up here, at the corner above Zestless and 1st street.
It's like, one slab of black asphalt that's crumbling away, like the
cliff is eating it away. Beneath that, coming out of the side of the
cliff is a single Weeping Willow that seems to hold all the sorrow of
the City within it's sap. There's some rocks, broken glass...

Pretty much everything you'd never need for anything. Aside from the
two other Vampires currently residing within the block, the location
is very scarce. Right away, three questions ring into Vespertine's
head. 'Who are they? Why are they here? What are they like?' ... What
are they all about, where are they on their separate paths through
this world? Ves' gaze focuses on the stronger of the two, he can see
the mark of Stamina on ... AllyAmour.

All his deep thinking and bordem take the backseat as he finds
something new to play with. Thoughts of 'The Next Big Adventure' and
finding a cure to being bored fade away.

The name comes to him after focusing on her for mere seconds. She has
Second-Sight and hasn't finished learning Theivery. All signs of a
young age. She's got a long lineage connecting her to Dark Mooncalf,
Xeneri and finally, RavenBlack, eventhough they were all three
generations from her Sire, xandra.

'What could she be doing here?' Vespertine thinks to himself as he
studies her from the outside. "The same thing as me?" he asks her
sleeping vessel. Looking at her like a mystery, Ves has to know the
truth. It'll keep his mind busy, trying to solve her, figuring it out.

Besides, what else is there to do?

~`Vespertine Lokason
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Re: Broken Records

Postby Vespertine » May 30th, 2015, 4:19 pm

Obsidian and 1st

April 26th, 2007
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After speaking with AllyAmour, it was clear her mystery had been
solved. She's just an ordinary, average, every-night Vampire. She was
still questing and told Ves that she wasn't really interested in
anything else. It all made sense and added up.

Vespertine wrote it off as 'nothing special' and went on scowering the
edge of the City for adventure. He noticed that there were really
weird Vampires hanging out on the edge. Almost like Sunset Boulevard.

It didn't take long to reach Obsidian and 1st. He'd been admiring the
castle's towers and spires from afar without realizing what they were.
Gothic architecture speaks volumes to a kid like Vespertine.

The moat of lava was a little intimidating, but then Ves remembered,
"You can die but you're never dead. Spiderweb." So, he says 'Fuck it',
downs a sprint potion and takes a huge leap of faith. The potion works
way better than it should have and he ends up right where he aimed, at
the top of that imposing front wall.

It's a really great view up there, ontop of that wall. You can see the
whole shire, the garden, down into the maze... As Vespertine turns
around to get a look at the city from this height, something catches
his eye. On the other side of the shire, there is a little cottage
like thing eminating all hues of light.

Focusing on it makes his curiosity burn as bright as the lights
flicker but the stench of sulfur permeates through the wonder and
warns of danger. Searching the sky for a dragon, Vespertine never
would have thought it was flying IN to the castle, from behind him.

The winged reptilian's large wingspan creates such a force of wind as
it flies over it blows Ves off the wall and sends him sailing toward
the grounds of Warwick. After embedding the floor with his shape, Ves
lays there. Dead. Dreams start to take hold as the world fades away.

~`Vespertine Lokason
Knocked the fuck out!
The Shire's nice though
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Re: Broken Records

Postby Vespertine » May 30th, 2015, 4:21 pm

Tryss gave you 63 coins.

April 30th, 2007
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Your body feels pretty heavy after getting up from a long drop,
Vespertine learned immediately after waking up in Obsidian's Castle
Shire with coins all over him. The only thing imbedded into Vesp's
frail memory was a big black dragon, bright lights, then like...
Flying? There was only little bit of the dream that wasn't completely
forgotten. An old man with a long white beard, gave him a message.

Tryss was the one that woke him up. He sits himself up in the feild,
thinking to himself, "What the hell was she doing throwing coins at a
vampire like that? Didn't I look like was sleeping?" Thinking on the
matter at hand for a good while, the lad comes to a good conclusion.
One of his sprint potions was missing! He remembered downing one a few
nights ago. "I knew those things were no good..." He tells himself.

Leaving Obsidian's Castle, the face of that... Alchemist flashes in
his mind. Disoriented from the past few nights, Vespertine decides he
must concentrate on his inner-Zen. He darts across the rest of the
grounds, all the way to the bank at Fear and 15th. Checking his
balance, there was only one thing on that vampire's mind. Theiving.

~`Vespertine Lokason
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Re: Broken Records

Postby Vespertine » May 30th, 2015, 4:22 pm

Lost in Shadows

May 10th, 2007
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After waking up and remembering that he promised to meet Porny
tonight, the first thing Ves did was Second-Sight her, getting a clear
view of her surroundings. Once mastered, the power of locate never
lies. The tricky part was figuring out which train station to take.

Biting tasty humans was becoming more and more of a distraction
recently... Have two or twelve in a night was overlooked. Going from
thieving more to drinking more wasn't all that smart but, it was
irresistable. Passing Carter's Tavern, Vespertine has to stop and
think about buying a blood.

Getting off at Euterpe Station and heading west, Vespertine finds
himself at Pazuzu's graveyard, faced with the grim reality of death.
Immeditely the quote, "You can die but you're never dead." reminds
Vesp of the infinite possibilites of existance alongside the infinite
plateaus of it. "But," Ves thinks, "Perhaps it's a comfort thing."

Taking a bite from everyone in the graveyard, he's onto the next
place. The COVE looks great, eventhough all the vampires with weird
names asleep out front. Vesp thinks names are extraordinary. Names
like... Yvael, or Oshiruko, or Parabellum. He takes a bite of each and
tries not to let his thoughts hold him up too long.

There are mucho vampires out tonight, doing their dirty deeds of a dim
day. Some big, some small, some yellow blue and pink. Vespertine
ignores them all, only paying mind to the tasty humans inbetween.
Arriving at Eagle and 63rd, Porny is nowhere to be found.

What went wrong? This was the very place that Ves saw when he
Second-Sighted her. Just then he realized she was lost in shadows...
"Porny!" he cried out into the night, "Porny! I'm here! Wake up and
come out!"

After calling out, the only thing he could do was wait. Sit and wait
there until she wakes up. Finding himself a comfortable spot on the
corner of Eagle and 63rd, Vespertine closes one eye and goes to sleep.

~`Vespertine Lokason
~ Y

Dawn (PurpleUnicorn)
May 10th, 2007
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Porny, speaking with her papa telepathically, hears her beloved
calling to her. She finishes with her sire and returns to where she
had fallen into shadows. Opening her eyes, she sees Vespers starting
to fall asleep, and quietly goes over to where he is waiting for her,
bends down and lightly kisses him. *Hello beloved. I am here and
awake. I was just talking with papa about us. Now, wake up and tell me
what you would like to do from here.*

She smiles at him awaiting his answer.

Antons Childer

The Scroll of Accounting (was Lost in Shadows)

May 14th, 2007
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Just as Ves wakes up, a piece of newspaper clobbers his face... It
headlines a new item in the city having the ability to keep track of a
citizen's bank statement. Thinking of how great an idea that is, he
moves to purchase one immediately. The smell of human flesh is never
far away when you're near Melpomene so, it doesn't take long for Ves
to shake a shop location out of one of his victims.

When Vespertine arrives at Discount Magic, it's packed. The shop isn't
full but, he knew it would be soon. Checking a map, the nearest bank
was only seven moves away. Taking note of the item's price, he darts
to the bank to get the cash and when he gets back, pow. Discount Magic
is full.

It's okay though because aside from having Surprise, Vespertine knew
some of the Vampires inside the shop very well... A couple were family
members. After a few short chats and a telepathic message to Callisto,
he decides to step outside the shop and take a rest in the comfort of
night. Little did he know that when he woke up, the shop would be gone.

Callisto, SlickChick, Lady What The and persephone had all bitten him
while he slept. Anton Dameon, Porny's Sire, would be sitting with him
and Rose Bliven would be across the street on her skates. Satisfied
with the fact that it wasn't anything bad or weird, Ves convinces
himself to go on a final prowl for the night, in search of blood.

~`Vespertine Lokason
~ Porny's Lost Boy
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Re: Broken Records

Postby Vespertine » May 30th, 2015, 4:24 pm

Elvenbane! Nightingale and 52nd...

July 16th, 2007
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pertine's cell phone cries out, howling away like a siren in the
dark, damp alleyway. The caller ID reads 'kaio999' and Ves answers
only to hear Kaio, all excited, "Wana kill something? It's an easy
kill." Interested, Vespers asks, "What'll I get?" Kaio replies,
"Amusement." Ves, "That doesn't pay the bills." Kaio, "By the way, if
you became a teacher, what would you want to teach?" Ves grins and
says, "Thievery."

After thinking a moment, Kaio responds, "Cool." Vesp continues with
the matter at hand, "I'm not going to hit until I get paid to do so...
You see, I'm still waiting for that coin from The Mafia." then,
realizing this is a laughing matter, Ves says, "I'm trying to make the
shit, not spend it." A seemingly carefree Kaio reassures him, "I'll
give you a couple K."

Standing up and stretching, Vespertine asks, "Who's the target?"
Kaio - "Elvenbane. She's down to 1-thirty-2."
Ves  - "Location?"
Kaio - "Nightingale and 52nd."
Ves  - "Where can I meet you for the coin?"
Kaio - "Tomarrow, since I'm limited for time. Just kill her. Tomorrow
I'll give it you."

Then, Vesper asks lastly, "What clan's she in?"
Kaio assures him, "No clan." Ves responds, smiling, "Three K." and
hangs up the phone.

Urania was the closest station to him, and Euterpe was the closest
station to her. Getting to Urania was nice, lots of humans on the way.
Getting off at Euterpe was creepy. Ves could see the Graveyard across
the street. It was filled with really weird looking creatures, like
always. Getting to Elvenbane was no problem, as she was only 3 blocks
from the station. Arriving in her square, Ves noticed she had no shoes
on, just some ragged jeans and a messy tank top.

Two sprays of garlic and a few scrolls later, she was dead. Vespertine
stands over her for more than a few moments, taking in her eternal
beauty and her undying essence, something no Vampire can ever lose. He
thinks to himself, 'This is not death for her, eventhough she looks
it, feels it. Ves stands over her thinking about, not what she did to
get here but, where she'll go because of it. Eventhough she's dead,
every possibility lay before her.'

Then, it occurs to him that the end is not the end that people assume
it to be. It's not the closed door that everyone shuts on themselves.
The end is only another beginning. It is only then that Vespertine
kneels down and removes an old, black Kitsune mask from his bag and
gently places it onto Rena's face.

"Sonno con questa mascherina."

brave men tell the truth. the wise man's tools are analogies and puzzles
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Re: Broken Records

Postby Vespertine » May 30th, 2015, 4:31 pm


Social Experiment... The Closing

Message 1 of 8 , Jan 22, 2008
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She was curled up in the corner of the booth Dil had found, her eyes
flicking quickly between the occupants of the hall and her note book.
The time frame for the experiment was drawing to a close and she
wanted to make sure she had everything down before it finished.
Underlining a specific passage and nodding in satisfaction, she tucked
the pencil in the loose bundle of hair at the back of her head and
slid out of the booth. One last thing left to do...

Picking up her half empty wine glass she took a sip before tapping her
ringed finger against the clear surface, hoping the sound would rise
above the noises in the hall and catch the attention of the pires
gathered within. A few heads turned her way, which was a good enough
sign for her to begin.

"I wanted to thank all of you for coming to RBC. I don't think any of
you will quite understand what it means to me that you have decided to
join here and help bring a little life back to the city halls. I'm
amazed that so many showed up, and it makes me hopeful for the future
of the city. No one here wants to see our home stagnate, and many of
you here now understand why I asked for us to gather here."

"Hopefully this has been the first of many gatherings. The idea
started out small, but I do think we can turn it into something
larger, something that will involve more and more pires as time goes
on, including the young ones."

"I do wish to stress though that this could not have really happened
if you all hadn't been willing to come. Thank you to all the clans who
came, even if it was a single member. Thank you to the bloodlines who
attended and brought you childer and grandchilder. Thank you also to
the rouge pires and assorted..." Smiles at the Shambler. "Other beings
who came. I'd be very honored if I could call upon your support again
in the next attempt to revive the city center."

Raising her glass to the room, she made a small bow a took another sip
of wine. "So again, thank you all, and I do hope you had a good time.
Enjoy the rest of your evening."


Message 2 of 8 , Jan 22, 2008
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This was organised
i just came here cause i love pie
and food fights
didnt realise we was doing something special
sides which i guiess we could turn it to holy water with out much trouble
beer pie and holy water the trinity


Dilectus Gregory
Message 3 of 8 , Jan 23, 2008
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Dilectus's attention turned away from much of the room over time,
as he enjoyed sipping his drink and watching many of his clan mates
enjoy themselves, despite having to pick a few pieces of pie from
his hair.
Two things caught the curious vampire's attention. First was Jean
and Damari, appearing there had been some perhaps upheaval or issues
in the past that lead to what appeared to be a new beginning, a
continuation, or maybe it was nothing. Finishing his drink he nods,
and whispers, "Not my business, but I wish them both well."
The second thing that Dilectus was focused on was Mandolin, sitting
there taking notes. He loved it, it reminded him of himself, back
when he was human, traveling the countryside visiting those dark
corners taking notes on a world he was now a part of. Could he love
and appreciate her even more then he does now? Perhaps it was a bit
symbolic the city finding a new life and Dilectus all the same time,
with thanks to one wonderful pire.
Dilectus was brought another drink just in time for Mandolin's
toast. He was proud of her, and happily joined in the toast. AS
she spoke, he knew he would be around the city for a while now, many
of the task he had in the past have been settled, enemies defeated,
but if trouble should rise again...he knew as he took a sip at the
end of her toast, he had friends who loved him and he would never
again fight alone.

Shi's kid
Coal's Caretaker
Scion Galore

Message 4 of 8 , Jan 24, 2008
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Boomer leaned back and shook what she could of the lemon meringue pie
out of her wavy locks. She grabbed her long hair into a ponytail and
bounced it up and down to remove any stray pieces. The rest she'd
have to wash out. She looked around and realized Sade had slipped
away, perhaps to find a new victim.

She licked the rest of the sticky mixture of lemon meringue and
cherry pie filling from her fingers as she listened to Mandolin's
speech of gratitude. She clapped when it was done, because, well...
one was supposed to clap at inspirational speeches. But inspired to
stay she was not. A hot shower called to her as did cuddling in
Torch's strong arms. It was time to get back to the Ivory Tower.

Using a chair for balance, Boomer righted herself yet again and
looked out over the crowd. She knew many if not most of the vampires
there, and was pleased to see their state of cleanliness was no
better than her own. There was comfort in common chaos. She smiled to
think of vampires and pies. How many of the kindred were old enough
to know that early English pies were meat and bready concoctions
known as 'coffyns' or that pies used to be made in long trough-like
pans and that the pans were soon named coffins. Yes, vampires, pies
and coffinsÂ… somehow it all fit together. Either that or she was
still really stoned and over-thinking it all in one of those
classic "everything is related" sort of ways.

A few intact pies still remained on the pie cart. She eyed them all
with malicious intent to extract her revenge on Sade. Then she
realized she'd rather just take one home with her. Why waste a pie
on someone already coated in crust when she and Torch could make each
other "personal sweetie pies?" She was sure no one would say anything
as she grabbed a cream pie and headed out the door of the hall. She
giggled as she thought, "It's high time for pie time."

Boomerangele del Sol
The Sun Clan
Torch's Sweetie Pie

((OOC: According to the American Pie Council, January 23rd is
National Pie Day! Happpy Pie Day!!))

Lord Louis BubbleKnight
Message 5 of 8 , Jan 24, 2008
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From a corner of the room, recently arrived but staying in the
shadows, a lone vampire in a dark robe, wrapped in a travel cape,
watched the gathering. Having arrived late to the meeting called by
the beautiful vampiress he once was friends with, he didn't want to
disturb but kept following with his coal eyes the events that
developed during the late hours of the evening.

He felt he didn't have the right to join them, being absent for so
long from these halls. Away? Yes, in a way. He was guilty of having
abandoned many people, including his own, while he traveled abroad to
discover more about himself, his own powers and his path upon the
darkness. He did, indeed, but he couldn't say he was satisfied with
the results. He had discovered he had lost most of his time trying to
fill others' desires, others' dreams, and he had put his own aside.
He didn't even recognize himself when he examined his latest deeds,
but one...

A image of a chess room filled his mind and the mage couldn't help
but smiled, recalling a small silhouette dressed in green, a great
frame for the indigo eyes looking at him, slowly swaying at the
rhythm of the music. "Lilac", he thought, and his smile vanished. It
was long ago since he last saw her and his heart jumped in... He
didn't know how could he say it properly... it was more than
longing... "Saudade", he muttered, recalling a word he learned while
in Portugal. It was saudade, it was 'nostos', as a Greek could have
said. It was feeling away while being there.

Looking back to the gathering, he heard the ending words of the
hostess. It had been a great idea, he agreed. The hall was full,
alive as it wasn't since the last great wars of ages gone. Louis
smiled and, drawing a silver bottle filled with a hand-made
concoction of vodka and blood, raised it in silence from his
corner. "For you, Mandolin, and for all the friends and foes I have
met on this city in all these years", he whispered to himself, and
emptied the contents of the bottle.

Smiling again, the mage felt a missed warmth inside him. Yes, no
matter as a shadow, it was good to be back in here.

~ Lord Louis BubbleKnight
The Wanderer
Still hers...

January 25th, 2008
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Knowing he was quite late, Vespertine went through extra lengths to
ensure a ridiculous entrance. Leaning his pink uni-cycle against a
streetlight, pie in each hand, full on clown suit, shoes and nose. The
shoes go without mentioning, as does the flower that squirts out blood.
A big red afro and badly drawn face paint help disguise the young
looking vampire so his appearance at the door is even all the more

On his way in, he spots some vampires he hasn't seen for a long while.
So, instead of making a scene just yet, Ves decides to kick back at the
bar and get drunk, look around the room like a stupid human looking for
the wrong thing. 'I wonder if anyone is going to notice me...' he
thinks, draining a glass of alcohol and tapping the bartop for the next

~`Depraedor Vespertine Aquilos Pravitas
Soul Seeker

Message 7 of 8 , Jan 25, 2008
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<Wandering into Damari's Cafe, Deacon Blood finds his eyes blood
shot and blurry, whilst his pockets light and furlowed after the
nightly deposit. All he cares for is a quick shot of espresso, and
maybe a canolli...

<Approaching the counter Deacon nearly flops onto the counter all
the while making no apparent review of those that surrounded him.
Quickly ordering his beverage of choice he imbibes the liquid in a
timely manner, feeling a bit refreshed, somewhat replenished, and a
might focused for...>

<Turning to meet the clown next to him at the bar, Deacon begins
to wonder if he missed a theme night, or what the secret ingredient
might have been in his espresso...

<After a few beats of the heart with both parties just staring at
each other all that Deacon can muster:

"So Ronald, When will the Big Mac be on the Dollar Menu?"

<With that he waves off the barkeep from removing coin from
the 'colorful vampyr' he is sitting next to and purchases the gent
his round. Nodding in delirious recant, Deacon ponders if now he
has 'truly seen it all...'>

Deacon Blood
The Lion of the North
Shadows of the RoR

Message 8 of 8 , Jan 26, 2008
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Jocelyn sauntered about the halls, saying her goodbye's and avoiding the last few pie flingers. She was well and truly ready to return home to her husband, perhaps she would offer him some dessert. Unable to control herself she let out a delightful little laugh, smirking as she made her way towards the doors. Before she even reached them, they swung open, revealing an oddly familiar clown. The makeup rather messy, though the outfit had clearly had a lot of effort put into it, gave off the impression that this clown would be rather demented. "It can't be." She grumbled to herself, shaking her head at the thought. She would ask the young man later if he had happened to make an appearance, but for now, she wanted to just get home and certainly did not want to be noticed by the clown if it really was who she thought. Oh boy, she couldn't wait to tell Janus and see his face when she walked in covered in cream and pie filling. "Good night, Ravenblack City!" She called, waving once more to the room before slipping into the night, moving swiftly through the dark, empty streets.

- Jocelyn Dux Domina Pravitas,
The Lady of Corruption.

Tea for Two

June 22nd, 2008
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Arriving back at The Angel's Wing, his friend hadn't arrived just yet and that last hunter gave
him the run-around so much that he just fell asleep right when he sat down. After waking up
and seeing that Gallagher had arrived, giving him two dandelions to announce her presence;
He thought that the fading black orchid would be the perfect gift to give in return.

And this became apparent when Gallagher turns the flower between her thumb and
forefinger, admiring the beauty in destruction, "Truly, it's the thought that counts, dear..."

Before he got there, green tea was the only thing Vespertine could think of having. Although,
black tea was sounding pretty good by this point.

Dweller of Wishing Wells
Hall of Rogues

Jun 23rd, 2008

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Everything happened for a reason. Whether or not the oft-repeated adage was true, it was one to which she adhered.

Something had compelled her to look up when he walked into the room, and that same something had compelled her to engage him in conversation.

Never had they been close, though always on good terms as far as she could remember. In that moment, however, she had made a conscious effort to get to know him for the first time in their history.

He was skeptical of her motivations.

Why now?

Why not?

The upshot? A date later that week at The Angel's Wing Tavern.

He departed, and she couldn't shake the strange sensation of excitement. She was finally making good on her goal to put herself out there, showing her face around RavenBlack City again.

* * *

She hadn't stayed long after him.

Downing Sprint Potions to expedite her exit from the unseemly side of town, she wandered the streets until just before dawn, accompanied by the music playing in her mind. She made several stops before returning home for the day, delivering two Perfect Dandelions to a revered former Ferryman leader she had finally met earlier that night, a forgotten SIE warrior and teacher she had encountered serendipitously the night previous, and the Rogue who had just set her plan in motion.

After all, her siress was the Mistress of the Dandelions.

Another melody interrupted her mind's rendition of "'Round Midnight."

Her cell phone was ringing.

"Finally made it to Angel's Wing," he said confidently. "But you aren't there!"

She thought she heard disappointment in his voice. "I am headed there," she offered, silently cursing herself for taking the long way. "I might burn a SoTel to meet you then."

His answer was self-effacing. "Oh, don't do that. Conversations with me aren't worth that much."

"Oh stop that!" she chastised him. She was saddened by his offhand comments devaluing himself. "I just didn't think you'd be there for a few days," she explained with a sigh.

"No big deal," he reassured her.

She bit her lip, not knowing what else to say, and not wanting to ruin his positive impression of her. "Still, I am sorry."


She knew she wouldn't be able to get there unless...

"So you aren't going to be there for...?" He trailed off.

She didn't waste another moment. Luckily she had stocked up on Sprint Potions.


Oppression and 45th was her destination. The Angel's Wing Tavern was only a few blocks from her usual haunt, The Broken Lover, on the southeast corner of Qualms and 43rd.

Arriving at the entrance, she glanced at the brass plaque before passing through the doors. She grasped the brass railing as she treaded down the stairs, her heels clicking conspicuously against the hardwood surface. She surveyed the room. He had already taken the liberty of claiming a place at the bar. She waved as she approached, her expression alight as a smile formed upon her lips. Sliding onto the red leather barstool next to him, she reached into her purse, producing two Dandelions. She looked down as she presented the flowers to him, embarrassed that the tips of its petals were stained with the faintest tint of brown.

Wordlessly, he gave her a Fading Black Orchid, its stamen, just beginning to brown, crushed against the purple petals. She hadn't expected reciprocity.

She turned the flower between her thumb and forefinger, admiring the fragile beauty in its gradual destruction. "Truly, it's the thought that counts, dear..." She pulled the flower through the topmost buttonhole of her blouse, tying its stem securely. Considering her handiwork, she nodded contentedly. Then she looked up to him, catching his eye. "What's your fancy?"


June 23rd, 2008
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As her eye caught his the only thing he could do was smirk.


He replied quickly and with a bit of humor, staring her straight in
the eye.

"Although, I think we came here for tea, and that being the case I'd
fancy some hot green-tea."

Looking around the Angel's Wing, it wasn't hard to tell it was a nice
place, but his eyes fell back on Gallagher, searching her for some
type of explanation for wanting this reception. Reasons soon became
worthless and enjoying himself was the only thing worth giving reason
to. Gallagher was an interesting girl, what with her dandelion giving
and conversation starting. There must be something he could say...

"So, I've taken down three hunters so far. There's only nine left to
go. I haven't received one flower above a dandelion and I don't think
anyone is going to be handing them out anytime soon. My only hope is
nabbing those hunters by next week."

What a sod. Ves rolled his eyes at his own statements and huffed at
his lack of imagination. What happened to that kid he used to know? So
wild and adventurous. Spontaneous and deep. He must have got trapped
under that storm drain, or run-over by the world. As his mind wanders
to the dark corners of the past, Ves snaps out of it and looks to
Gallagher again, trying to think of something else to say.

Caster of Spells
Dreamer of Dreams
Dweller of Wishing Wells
Hearer of Church Bells
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Re: Broken Records

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For Your Sake

June 4th, 2010
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Walking down Nightingale st; The sign on the corner of 69th street is bent to oneside, crooked on purpose even though nothing proved it was done by any living creature. Industrial steel doesn't bend on it's own but, the overgrown pine tree became the main culprit when two blue eyes settled upon their roots and traced them back to their over-sized stump, which peeled the sidewalk off of the earth and got under the very skin of the city. This is what threw off his whole night, and if it weren't this, it'd be something else.

Vespertine knelt down to the spot where the tree's roots clawed their way underneath the concrete surface. Reaching out with his right arm, he places his hand on a chunk of the crumbling concrete and mutter something about 'letting the damn thing breathe' as he tugs the molten rock off of the old tree. A huge piece comes off all at once, and Ves looks around to see if anyone had seen him deface all that public property or not; Thankfully no one had so, he placed the slab just out of the way.

"There." Vesper said proudly, standing back in street-light of his achievement. "No; Here..." a voice crowed from the shadows, retched and raspy, just over his shoulder. As he turns around, there is nothing to be seen but a bare alley, some barrels of trash and a couple of rats, scampering between them. The same dark blue eyes that victimized that tree now hunt the darkness for ... Whatever the hell that was...

One foot in front of the other, one street lamp fades out and darkness wraps it's loving arms around Vespertine before they release him to yet another one of the endless lamps that adorn this dim city. Down the alleyway he goes, pursuing a voice, perhaps... in his own mind. Those eyes soak up the glow of the eve, the rats are tearing apart what appears to have been a black cat, a homeless man lay asleep, halfway inside a tin can.

Further down the alleyway music cannot be mistaken alongside the sounds of laughter and frolic as the eyes peer into a narrow slit of light radiating out of a cracked tavern back-door. A man with a badge of some sort could be seen spilling his guts all over the floor, shattering his mug on a table, then proceeding to pass out on the ground. Three bar-maidens clean out his pockets before picking him up to toss him through the backdoor and into the alleyway where they dust off their hands and have a look around to be sure no one has seen them earn their week's pay in one night.

No time to stand around for theatrics; Ves is halfway down the boulevard, whistling into the breeze before stopping cold in his tracks to stare at a flower ...

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Re: Broken Records

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For Our Sake

December 6th, 2010
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A single voice had led him here but it was the collection of voices that kept him. Some were saying a lot and it's not like they were just 'anybody'; These were some you'd know just by the sound of their names.

Vespertine leaned against a stone pillar, listening intently and watching closely all the mingling vampires congregate, all the while reading a newspaper. The RBB, printed black on gray, from recycled paper. As he stood there, a new section was filled in by the ink. The names in the article are what caught his eyes because they were names he knew. As he read on, it became clear that he had to do -something- about this. It never hurts to ask, right?

Rawnie was slicing her wrist open, which made him thirsty. After she hopped down from the table, Ves thought twice about doing the same on account of the last time he was on a table, instead of at one. Stepping forward, he crumbled the paper and threw it over his shoulder, into the fireplace.

"So, it appears we've been challenged. Mushi has admitted to helping zero ophelia as well as making his plan 'public' to kill 12 ancients of the city or what he refers to as 'The 12 Pillars'; Capadocious, ophelia and even you, D, belong to the list of 6 that he named." Ves nodded to Vermathrax-rex in acknowledgement, a look of stern intent upon his pale young face.

"Galamushi hopes to gain control of the city by the end of next year. By means of all-out war he plans on demolishing any clan that opposes him. I say, we give him what he wants. Give him what we're all here for! War."

Vespertine snickers, feeling like he's stating the obvious, delightful truth. "Kill the entire Dawn family, for -all- our sake."

~`Vespertine Lokason
~Killer of Killers
~Drinker of Bloods
~War Child

Message 2 of 4 , Dec 6, 2010
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Yeah, what he said. *points at Ves* By the way, hi Ves, how are things with you?

Serena Moon
The Legacy

Minda Blake
Message 3 of 4 , Dec 6, 2010
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Blood rushed to her ears at Rawnie's words, anger in the back of her mind, pushing its' way forward to show quite plainly on her face. She knew Rawnie was angry, and had every right to be... this was her FAMILY!     *breathe Minda* she reminded herself...

Before Vespertine began to speak, Minda knew what she had to do - for her family. Collecting herself she backed into the shadows, escapeing into the night to find the nearest store and stock-up, drinking the blood and stealing the purse of any vamp or human that stood in her way.....

-Minda Blake
Loyal daughter to Capadocious
Seriously pissed off red-head....
brave men tell the truth. the wise man's tools are analogies and puzzles
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Re: Broken Records

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December 18th, 2010
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Vespertine's heart sank into his coffin despite being a few thousand pints lighter. Every time he closed his eyes to sleep, images of familiar faces taunted his mind. First he sees Jauk, his Sire, smiling bright and clear as day walking slowly toward him. The sight of her is comforting to him and Ves smiles back, but as he does, Jauk cants her head to the side before her face turns to a look of hatred and she screams "DIE!" as a vial of Holy Water flies from her hands and breaks against his chest.

Suddenly, Ves imagines himself surrounded by every member of Ygg and RoR. They're all circling around him, hissing like cats and pouring their Holy Water at his feet. His blood curdled and he could feel his veins rejecting the very liquid coursing through them. Opening his eyes, the darkness inside his coffin washed away the confusion lingering within.

The Halls never seemed more ominous to him than they did now, a storm brewing overhead and rain falling like tears from the heavens. The priest was faceless and silent. His blade was divine and holy. Vespertine presented the coins without explanation, they spoke for themselves on nights like these. The ritual was quick yet painful and after his blood had been spilt, he knew it was what had to be done.

Alexdoh was already waiting across the street, holding some coin and wearing a grin. As the next priest performed the binding ritual, Ves takes it upon himself to latch his fangs onto Alex's neck and sate his thirst. xxsacrificexx was the only witness they'd invited to the ceremony and it seemed like she enjoyed watching them enough to stay for the whole thing.

Ves' smile fades as thoughts of Sam and Mushi cross his mind on the way home but, it's the sight of his coffin that sparks the memory of the nightmare he had. Taking the phone from his pocket, Vesper dials NN and tells himself to speak in the most polite tone possible.

"Yes?" she asked.
"See, I just didn't feel right hitting my Sire's clan so, I got a new Sire! You can put me back on your list, now."
"oooooooooookay ... so you are back in the legacy?"
"Yes. See you soon."
"Yep, you shall." she told him, and he knew she wasn't fucking joking.

Blood in
Blood out
The Legacy
brave men tell the truth. the wise man's tools are analogies and puzzles
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