Picture to Poem game.

Picture to Poem game.

Postby Aki » April 8th, 2015, 12:08 pm

Ok, so this is something I have done before and I really enjoyed it. We all know how art effects us differently and how inspirational it can be...so why not use it in our writing?

The game is simple - pick a piece of art (It doesn't matter what type) and write a poem about how it makes you feel, or even about the story inside the art - here is an example.



All around us the winds howl, and crashing thunder rings out so loud it almost deafens me, the only sound that seems immune to its horrific effects is that of the dripping rain so powerful that it muffles my voice as I cry out, begging you to listen to me before it is too late, pleading with the gods I never believed in to let you come to me…to make you fly down and hold me as you use to.

“My love, you will perish if you stay.” I am screaming by now, my throat dry and lips cracked as I try to get through to you…but nothing works, it’s as if my words simply drift over you like the beating rain. Is there nothing I can do to save you? Is there nothing I say that will make you listen?

In the darkness I stand, cold and shaking, I count between each clap of thunder…and then I see it, cutting through the darkness with such precision I am almost shocked it missed you.

I know you can see it too, I can see it in those golden eyes but you are too proud to fly down to me, too stubborn to listen to the one you profess to love so much…too arrogant to save yourself.

“I’ll be fine; even if the fire takes me I’ll rise from the ashes for I am a phoenix.” How can you be so foolish, you who have seen so much and been through more…how can you think that you are safe there? Do you not see the danger you are in? Can’t you see what this is doing to me…but of course you can, I see it now…it’s in that mocking smile and in the teasing way you tip your head as if telling me I am the idiot. How did it come to this? I use to see only joy in those eyes of yours, and when you smiled it was as if the sun itself were smiling at me…but now those perfect features are twisted and that face that I cherished and shall always cherish is being burnt away by your own passion.

The storm draws ever closer, the gaps between each clap of thunder become shorter and with it your death. There is nothing I can do to stop this…I know that inside but that does not mean I understand, weren’t you the one who said we would be forever? Weren’t you the one who said that life was meaningless without each other? All I can do is watch and pray to any gods that are listening that they have mercy on me…because if you die this day then my life is forfeit.

My cries fall on deaf ears, my pain doesn’t seem to affect you how it once did…standing upon your high rock above the rest of us, you are in the perfect position to stop it all and yet you do nothing. You let me cry, you let me suffer and even though you can see it coming you do not even try to save yourself…did I really hurt you that badly? Do you hate me so much?

You use to talk about creating out own heaven, you use to talk about flying away together…have you forgotten all of that? In your pursuit of perfection did you let our dreams wither and die?

Like the rain from above my tears fall, but I don’t feel them…I only know they are there because the mountain tells me, she tells me to flee, begs me to leave you…but I can’t. Even if it means death for me I cannot leave you, today may well be the day I take my last breath…and if so then I do it with your name on my lips and love in my heart…you are my everything, even in death.

At last the end draws closer, I watch as the last strike of electric hits the rocks above and with bated breath I wait for them to fall…it will be over soon, closing my eyes I push my body into action and fly up to you…and in the last moments push you to safety…in your place I die, for your life I give mine and now you are free to fly into the sun…forever the phoenix of my dreams.
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