Useful Writing Apps, Programs & Utilities

Useful Writing Apps, Programs & Utilities

Postby Nemesis » April 18th, 2015, 1:41 pm

Some of these are free to download and use, some you can get a free skinny version of, some are used directly online on their site. Some are pay only.

Each has their own merit. Some are really fun. Some really keep you focused.

Enjoy. - Grammar and Spelling tool - Grammar and Spelling too. I LOVE this one. You can have it as a plug in straight into MSWord. - Commit you to your writing time and goal. Block out distractions and keep on goal in writing. - Commit you to your writing time and goal...LOADS OF FUN, too. Its kind of joyfully evil. - a simple checker - line by line reports on longer projects - VERY useful. - Commit you to your writing time and goal....nice settings and keeps you relaxed and focused. You can block out everything with a timer to keep you writing. - tracks your time. Too much time on one site that is counterproductive? Logs writing time as just tracks everything you do while sitting at the computer. You can customize what is what for your taste in what is considered productive and what is counterproductive. There's both a free and paid version. You can block those distracting sites to work on only productive ones, or writing time.

ETA: There are loads more, but this listing is of the ones I actually use, and have found to be the best. If you'd like to see what more is out there, let me know, I'll gather another list from my browser favs.
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