RP-Words Appreciation

RP-Words Appreciation

Postby Herron » April 12th, 2016, 7:12 pm

I asked Aimee if she liked this idea, and she did, so here's a go:

We have an RP Appreciation thread, so this is like a side-note of that thread. Instead of appreciating an RP-at-whole (even though we definitely do), here we're quoting specific segments or lines from the RP that we were like "Wow!" at.

I'll start with a few —

Melanctha wrote:
FROM: "Afterlife":

The only thing that put the fires of rage out in her soul was the hopelessness she could feel in the pirate’s words. He didn’t want to leave all of them. He just felt it necessary to atone for his mistakes. “Silly childe,” She murmured as she got up from the chair. “You punish us all, not yourself, with your choice to die..."

Toki wrote:
FROM: "Toke Tales":

Once upon a time in a city of vampires, they tried to kill each other. Toki tasted it. She tasted her former lovers and partners, she tasted the family line she stood next to — the ONLY loyalty she had offered to a group in her dead or living life. She tasted him and her and them and it was becoming intoxicating. She tasted her enemies. She tasted their hate and passions and fears. Toki tasted the life she left when she crawled under the dirt.
Toki tasted time
Toki tasted horror and glory
Toki tasted

And Toki liked it.

Sheyrena wrote:
FROM: "A Curse is a Gift Ignored":

That was what set them apart. That was the beautiful, painful, mutually addictive drug of being in this bloodline. This was family in the truest sense of the word, not the water of the womb but the blood of the covenant. The family you chose. The family you could not live without.

This would end, one way or another, eventually. All things must end. But for now, for these few endless, too-short nights?

They were the D’dary of old again.
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Re: RP-Words Appreciation

Postby Toki » April 13th, 2016, 10:57 am

yas! Fun! I like this!
And thank you! <3
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Re: RP-Words Appreciation

Postby Nowlin » May 26th, 2016, 6:11 pm

Decora wrote:
FROM: "Out of Nowhere."

As vampires — as otherworldly things — we become that child in the backyard with the magnifying glass, towering over an ant hill. That child that plucks the wings off of moths. We are born again with an infantile curiosity, experimenting to see what this new world is really like.
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