Things in the Tavern.

Things in the Tavern.

Postby Lyra » May 21st, 2016, 4:36 pm

Ok so the last hour on the tavern has been a riot.... here's some snippets.

Freyja_Sun was taken ~.~

-Lyra- had n--Yelped.

-Lyra-: Nooooo mah Freyja....

Freyja_Sun | Lyra still loses >>

-Lyra- fell down dramatically.

HikaruTsutsumi frowned softly.

-Lyra- died on the floor.

Freyja_Sun waved cheerfully~

Persimmon: ...

Persimmon went back over to Lyra.

Persimmon stepped on her. :|

Persimmon did it very gently.

Freyja_Sun: iubvjwndslkjvk []

Freyja_Sun: lost it []

-Lyra- twitched for eff-whined loudly.

Freyja_Sun: im done []

Twizted+Jester arrived.

Persimmon stepped on her boobs next. Squishy squishy squishy.

Freyja_Sun: imdying[]

Persimmon just made them jiggle with his boot.

Freyja_Sun LAUGHED.

Freyja_Sun: Jiggle.

-Lyra- whiiiiiiined.

Freyja_Sun: She could work at the club with me.

Freyja_Sun: Lyra, do you want a job?

Persimmon: If she weren't a virgin.

Freyja_Sun: Don't matter.

Persimmon kept jiggling them.

-Lyra-: Amora, it's okay. He's my friend. Tall Guy, FaeFriend, FaeFriend, Tall Guy.

Persimmon: I've already stolen you.

Freyja_Sun got herself quite comfortable and settled for her cleaning.

-Lyra-: Omg gais, I have to go grocery shopping >.>]]

Persimmon: ..I'm gonna call you White Meat.

Persimmon grinned at Amora.

Persimmon: Nice to meet you.

Amora: ...why?

Persimmon: Cause.

Persimmon: You're all breasts and wings.

Persimmon | get it

Amora wasn't laughing

Kains+Son arrived.

Freyja_Sun wiggled.

Persimmon was a little, as he groomed his childe.

Rosa+Ozera was. Internally.

Freyja_Sun | go rosa >>
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