These Damned Squatters [X-Post]

These Damned Squatters [X-Post]

Postby Xedanis » December 20th, 2016, 10:24 pm

Originally posted elsewhere... yay updated character list.

Hi! My name's Adam, and I am a brain for rent.

Well I am if you ask any of this lot. Allow me to introduce the assorted ruffians, rabble-rousers and outright ridiculous people that currently occupy most of my brain-space:

The Pirate: Xedanis

You all know this rum-soaked melodramatic brewmaster, blacksmith and general pain in the arse. He's what qualifies as a "main character" to use the WoW parlance. His hobbies include constantly making fun of me in front of a live audience on Fridays, complaining about Hades and making pointy things (when he isn't sailing, making rum or pretending to be a lion that is.) Joking aside, he suffers heavily under the influence of the Hadrun Seals, three (four?) devices made by Hades to continue Xed's punishment after Melanctha brokered the pirate's release from Hell. Xedanis constantly seeks to redeem himself of the sins of his past and start afresh. The Seals he usually keeps a close secret, passing them off in public as some sort of wierd scars acquired while hunting. The truth is that they are the only thing holding his hellforged body together, and only Melanctha has any power over their release (though that power is time limited at best.)

Current Status: Active
RP Status: Yes Please
Powers: Complete
Relationship: In a relationship with Moondreamer
Bloodline: Demarchis
Clan: Unaffiliated
Theme Song: Linkin Park - Numb

The Snob: Brucetoffer

Hilarious, Pedantic, Hirsuite and damn-near always right; these are qualities that best describe the man who gave himself the title, "His Royal Hairiness". When Brucetoffer isn't debunking people's points with his headwear alone, this bombastic Brit is usually to be found practicing big words, confusing people with his endless curiosity, or following Lyra around like a lost kitten (for some bizarre reason, when she turned him he found himself incapable of staying away from her side). Prior to his recently-given gift of vampirism, Brucetoffer enjoyed nothing more than sitting naked in his cozy manor home drinking tea and shouting at his butler, Jenkins. By a curious quirk of genetics, Brucetoffer was rendered functionally immortal (think Vandal Savage) and has actually been wandering over the face of the earth like some sort of tea-addicted Marius De Romanus for almost 140 years.

Brucetoffer is generally a friendly and curious presence to anyone who greets him, though his tendency to make light of damned near any situation can be very irritating to some. He is also my first serious attempt at playing a gay character, and he is modelled on (and by) one of my personal heroes, Sir Stephen Fry.

Current Status: Inactive (unless requested)
RP Status: If requested
Powers: Not fully powered
Relationship: None
Bloodline: Drekinar
Clan: Unaffiliated
Theme Song: Merv Griffin - I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts

The Last Atlantean: Corvun

"Taciturn" is too light a word to apply in any description of Corvun. Originally his "character bible" consisted of three words which defined him: "Sardonic. Tattooed. Bald." He is the archetypical "sole survivor" of an entire race of enlightened intellectuals, and is as poncy and steeped in dogma as you'd expect from such a background. Originally a master artisan with the title of "Shas'Riga" (roughly translated, Stone Singer) he has changed much, becoming somewhat of an enigmatic fleshsmith. This has been reflected in him changing models every six to nine months as a result of his sustainment by the Elixir of Youth.

Corvun met his tragic demise at the hands of the Tyrant King Silvas during Silvernus: Fall of Atlantis. His return has been attempted many times but ultimately didn't work out, currently he is the focus of my first attempt at a radio serial for KRKN, "The Last Atlantean." His essence currently resides in the spirit sword Silvernus, and his body has gone mysteriously missing.

Current Status: Dead
RP Status: If requested, past-tense only
Powers: Not fully powered
Relationship: None
Bloodline: None
Clan: Unaffiliated

The Sulk: Krais

Krais, like the Dinosaurs, the Book of Revelations and the population of Pripyat, has had a hell of a time. He was a devout catholic in life, firm and staunch in his belief in God and the Trinity and the power of the divine to protect the living. He grew up in a hamlet town that was famous for burning people at the stake at the slightest whisper of satanic taint; even as a youth, this sallow and reserved individual only ever let his emotions flare at the prospect of judgement on the unclean. It was no surprise that he threw himself into the Order of the Argent Flame - a cadre of vampire hunters - and followed the cadre into RBC when rumors of vampiric presence first emerged.

Krais' kill count was impressive as a hunter, earning him the nickname "Bane of Death" amongst his brethren. He remained dour and impenetrable in personality, hiding his wife and children from even his Order for their protection. None of these precautions saved them however, when Xedanis came hunting. In the middle of the vicious phase of his existence since called the "V Phase", Xedanis hunted and tormented Krais night after night, almost driving the hunter insane. This culminated with Xed killing Krais' family entirely out of spite, and then turning the hunter as a final insult.

Since then, Krais has been excommunicated from his order and roams the city as a vigilante of sorts, hunting vampires and constantly searching for a means to punish Xedanis for the dual sins of killing his family AND keeping Krais from joining them in heaven.

Current Status: Active
RP Status: By request
Powers: Not fully powered
Relationship: None
Bloodline: None (Turned by Xedanis, but severed immediately).
Clan: Unaffiliated
Theme Song: Waterproof Blonde - Just Close Your Eyes

Other Characters ( Non-grid and / or Undeveloped)

Graywalker - "The Enigma", inherited from his original player and currently suffering MASSIVE amnesia
Anieka - "The Silent", a former journalist who was turned artificially and struggles with her own identity and abilities
Desmond - "The Dispensary of Random Indiscriminate Justice", Xed's pet Rhinoceros who roams the Port Luna arboretum with the primary job role of looking adorable.
Hades - Lord of the Underworld, a Greek God too powerful for use in-game and only sparingly used in RP. Unless he's bothering Xedanis of course.
Rodargo - Dahlia - Kee - Amora - Jessi - Max - Evie
Banner-low job by Adan <3
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