Award Season is Coming... And we need your help!

Award Season is Coming... And we need your help!

Postby Xedanis » September 29th, 2018, 12:35 am

Hello there boys and girls!

As you may know from sneaky easter eggs given away during our broadcasts, KRKN and Port Luna are gearing up for our next Annual Awards ceremony. This year we're proud to announce that we're starting from scratch. New categories, new prizes and for the first time ever, 4th-Wall Awards. More on those later.

But we have hit a snag. We've often had mixed feedback for categories in the past so we thought, why not turn it over to you, the folks who will be winning them? And yes, it's early, the ceremony and voting arent due to wrap up until January after our birthday shindig, but still, we want to give time to think and be ready!

So, in short, we want your Suggestions. What should we hand out award for this year? Please visit us at to leave your ideas in delicious, cozy anonymity.

Also please note, this isn't Voting so don't include any nominees. Right now we are just curious what you would like to win awards for, or what sort of awards should be up for grabs! Best fart-noise orchestra? .... Maybe not.

I suppose I have the Best Arms championship to defend..... or maybe its time for yet another body part....

Your ideas give us life, so visit today and help us!


Xed (on behalf of Your KRKN / PLL Team ;) )
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