The KRKN Library - The Lunch Pack (Crucible Edition)

The KRKN Library - The Lunch Pack (Crucible Edition)

Postby Xedanis » December 30th, 2017, 10:39 pm

Keep up with the weekly progress of Defi Des Ardents' Crucible event! Every season, every week, presented by Adam and Rod (and sometimes special guests) join us for an hour of analysis, speculation and outright tomfoolery.

Have a question to ask the panel / comment to make on the league? Submit them at the KRKN Sarahah and it may well make it onto the show!

Please note: The Lunch Pack is not a live show. It is recorded beforehand. All standings, statistics and factual information is obtained beforehand. Questions should be submitted before 11pm pacific time on Friday Nights. Episodes premiere every week on KRKN, Saturdays at 6pm prior to the Mead Hall.

Tune in for new episodes Saturdays @ 6pm on KRKN; check here for on-demand episodes after the show.

Episode 1 - First Picks - NOW AVAILABLE On Demand

Episode 2 - Premiering 01/06/2017 - Weigh in before the show!
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Re: The KRKN Library - The Lunch Pack (Crucible Edition)

Postby KainsSon » December 31st, 2017, 10:31 am

Oh my...
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