-Interview with a doll-

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-Interview with a doll-

Postby China » March 31st, 2016, 9:04 pm

Hello, I am interested in plot ideas for my character China - all ideas are good ideas and I am willing to listen to anything. Here is a little information about the character and the genres I believe would suit him best.

    I . China is married, he and his family moved to the city in search of the woman who turned him - Vulture - though at first they only intended for this to be a short visit, Luka and Sal have decided to stay in the city and build a life here.

    II . Luka - aka China - and his partner are both serial killers.
      MO - He poses each of his victims as if they are china dolls on a shelf.
      Weapon - He never uses the same weapon, as each doll is different so too is the weapon used to kill them.
      Victim type:
        Male - Brown hair, white, 20-24, low paid job, no family.
        Female - Brown hair, white, 20-24, high paid job, single mother.
    III . China enjoys wearing dresses, it throws the police off and they look pretty. China is very vain, he likes pretty things.

    IIII . Violent. Horrifically violent.

    V . The best type of plot would be one involving torture - up to temporary death - or horror. I do not dilute China, he is a violent, sexual creature who gets off on others pain. Be sure to understand that he wants to hurt your characters and he will enjoy it in a sexual way even though I will not write erotic fiction with him.

With all that being said, Luka's actions will change depending on the way another character acts towards him, so there is chance for development of relationships and even a fondness on his part. I have a few ideas as to what I wish to see happen with him - but for right now he simply needs to become part of the community and less isolated with his family.

I look forward to coming up with rich and interesting stories with a diverse set of characters.


PS. I have dyslexia, though I try hard my grammar and spelling are below average and I rely heavily on spellchecker and the help of those around me. If for any reason you can not write with someone who's grammar and spelling have faults then please take this as a warning.
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