Looking for New.....

A place to build structured roleplays with other members of the forum. Instead of the natural go with the flow RP.

Looking for New.....

Postby Azerri » November 6th, 2016, 12:59 pm

Roleplay opportunities!

I would like to practice/work on my long-form writing. Its been a long time since I've truly put attention and focus into an RP. I would also like to try and branch out of my normal 'rp-comfort zone' which means I'd love to have Azerri RP with people she never has before!

To the point:
Az is suffering PTSD, moderate insomnia, and by circumstances a conscious awareness of her dual/split personality, Irezza, who is much more abrasive than she is.
Beyond all this, Azerri is trying to not fall into seclusion (ooc reasons she had for a bit) and wants to meet new people. Have new experiences, etc.

I have no specific "wants" for an RP, nor do I want to control any specific scenarios and am open to suggestions. One of my favorite parts of RP is the plotting, so I always enjoy multiple ideas!

Hope to hear from you lovely people!

Edited: less fluff >.>
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