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Bad Dreams - OOC

Postby Liander » June 5th, 2014, 5:28 pm

This is where people can ask me questions or make comments/critiques.

The most recent post, seen here, won't be explained in any IC way. What Liander is experiencing is the Method of Loci.

'the method of loci', an imaginal technique known to the ancient Greeks and Romans and described by Yates (1966) in her book The Art of Memory as well as by Luria (1969). In this technique the subject memorizes the layout of some building, or the arrangement of shops on a street, or any geographical entity which is composed of a number of discrete loci. When desiring to remember a set of items the subject literally 'walks' through these loci and commits an item to each one by forming an image between the item and any distinguishing feature of that locus. Retrieval of items is achieved by 'walking' through the loci, allowing the latter to activate the desired items. The efficacy of this technique has been well established (Ross and Lawrence 1968, Crovitz 1969, 1971, Briggs, Hawkins and Crovitz 1970, Lea 1975), as is the minimal interference seen with its use.

Figured I should leave that here, in case anybody was curious about why there's a massive city in his head.
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