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RP Rules/Guidelines

Postby Malkavian » April 25th, 2013, 4:37 pm

Roleplay Rules and Guidelines on The Necropolis

Welcome to The Necropolis, a website designed to bring the RavenBlack community together through roleplay. While writing on The Necropolis, please, have fun, be creative, and meet new players and characters through interacting with each other via roleplay. This environment is meant to bring the players (both the more experienced and the new) together so that we can see our community flourish even more.

While we appreciate all of the hard work writers put into their pieces, be advised that you may NOT write any explicit sexual content on this website; this includes, but is not limited to: outright sexual behavior, any sexual content that is forced regardless of its appropriateness, and any sexual content that has to do with animals or children. Any posters in violation of the terms set above, as well as anything that may be too explicit, will be issued a warning to review their post. Graphic language is permitted, as well as graphic horror scenes within reason.

As a courtesy, please try to avoid posts that are only one or two lines. Please feel free to contact any of the roleplay moderators if you have any concerns regarding questionable content or anything else concerning roleplay.

Thank you,
The Necropolis Team
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