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Eslyn St. John

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Vampire Name: Eslyn

Full Name: Eslyn St. John

Nickname: Eszy

Physical Attributes:
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 115 lbs

Attire: Jeans a nice shirt regularly, but loves getting all fancied up for the right occasion.

Family Information:
Marital Status: Single
Sire: Seyda
Siblings: nitenurse, Kiki, Liz Summers, Josephine, Majica, Shadowsshade, Count Chocula, emo_vampire, Delphine, and Wyndcryer
Childer: None
Frequently seen with: Family

Wolf Pup named Dragoste

Special Powers:
None yet, but maybe someday soon.....
Still building, but right now: Second Sight, Thievery (3), Stamina (1)

Clan Information:
Present: Republic of Ravenblack (RoR) - Student
Former: None

Present: Shadows of the Republic – School
Former: None

Eslyn entered the city on March 7, 2013. Running late on her way home from work, she took a short cut through the city, despite all the rumors she had heard about vampires. She just wanted to get home from a long day at work (tax season). While hurrying through the city, she heard something creep up behind her and then pain. After fighting to get away, from what she thought was a vampire, she slowly made her way home. A few days later she wandered into the taverns asking for the name of the piress she had heard, Seyda. nitenurse answered the calls in the tavern and introduced her to Seyda. Presently, Eslyn is living with Seyda, working her way through the Shadows of the Republic School of RoR, and gaining her powers.

Eslyn is very eager to learn her away around the city and gain her powers and knowledge to make her a better vampire. She at times can be over zealous, but means well. She is a smart ass who is ready to kick ass. She will do whatever she can to help out anyone if she can.

Eslyn is very impatient. She wants to be able to be a part of everything, even though she isn’t strong enough. She wants to be stronger so she can help. She is also a perfectionist who is very self-critical.

What she admires in her fellow vampires:
Loyalty, honesty

What she loathes in her fellow vampires:
Liars, disrespect

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