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Basic Information

Name: Leon “Wolfram” Heart
Alias: Wolfram
Sex: Male
Birth Date: 28th November 1905
Siring Date: 31st January 1926
Nationality: Unknown
RavenBlack Civilian Since: November 2005
Spoken Languages: English [fluent], German [Basic]
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Dark Star Sign: Aquarius
Faith: Agnostic
Alignment: Neutral
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Asexual

Height: 6’00” [1.83m]
Weight: 158lbs [71kg]
Build: A light and agile frame combined with lean muscles and a toned physique
Shape of Face: Diamond – soft masculine features
Hair Colour: Silver-white
Hair Style: Long and straight - falls either side of his face, just past the shoulders
Eye Colour: Aquamarine
Skin Colour: Pastel and ashen, with soft shades of peach
Scent: Earl Grey Tea & Vanilla
Voice: Melodic - a baritone range
Accent: Proud British accent
Attire: Dresses in conservative, formal clothing – black, silver and white

About the man

Wolfram lives very much in the past and on his own time line. While the world speeds ahead, as whole generations of people love and live and eventually die, Wolfram persists in a blink of his existence. Wolfram is a relic of the past, a dinosaur that has yet to become extinct, and holds little ties to the current world.

As a spiritualist who has lost his labelled faith and does not know which way to turn, Wolfram finds peace in art, music and philosophy. He considers himself a student of the world, secrets himself away from interacting with others unless necessity demands, and focuses on improving his own knowledge and skills.

For a creature that spends a lot of his time in retrospect, even when requested, Wolfram chooses not to share much about himself. He is guarded and close-lipped, but likewise respects the privacy of others. And, although he spends much of his life in reflection, he keeps his emotions to himself and does not inflict them upon others.

Socially, Wolfram is a ghost. He has few attachments to the outside world and generally likes to keep it that way. For his nature to drift in and out of the time line, Wolfram finds it easier simply to restrict his impact on the lives of others. The last thing he would like to do is make a friend and have them feel rejected or abandoned because of his fleeting presence.

Nevertheless, Wolfram has lived for long enough to know that he has a place in this world, for the history of man – and even Vampire – should not be forgotten. He persists as a testament to traditional values, honour, respect and generosity. Whenever someone might need a helping hand, the white-haired angel will appear.

The Vampire

Blood: 80,000+
Powers: Fully Powered – no neutrality, uncloaked
Bloodline: None – Master Vampire
Childer: Eddilisa
Clan: None

RP Traits:

Natural Digestion – capable of digesting normal food and liquids.
Telekinesis – the ability to manipulate objects with the mind.
Electrokinesis – the ability to manipulate energies, electrical currents, and generate electricity with the mind.
Telekinetic Shield – the ability to create a field of energy that inhibits the majority of a victim's body movement.
Beating Heart – the cardiovascular system functions more efficiently than before.

RP Curses:

Toxicity – a weakness to toxins and drugs.
Torpor – falls into a comatose state upon ‘death’, can last weeks.
Empathic -the power to interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others, sometimes without wanting to.
Garlic Burn – creates an irritating reaction upon contact.
Holy Acid – blessed items have a burning effect upon contact.
Photosensitivity – an abnormally high sensitivity to sunlight.
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