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The Basics

Name: Orgasmerilla
Lineage: D’Dary
Nickname: Gaz
Occupation: Marijuana grower and dealer, Chop shop operator
Apparent Age: 19
Hair color: Bright red
Eye color: Green
Height: 5’ 3”
Born: April 30, 1954
Died: Fall/Winter 1973


Born Mary Margaret Crowley to first generation Irish Americans in South Boston, she was supposed to be the first of many children. But after a difficult labor and delivery her mother was unable to carry anymore children to term after her. Due to the inability to produce sons for her alcoholic husband, Mary Margaret’s mother became a dour religious fanatic. This forced the girl to hide materials that interested her from her parents for fear of repercussions from her oft violent father.
At age fifteen, after having fallen pregnant by a neighbor boy, of whom her mother had dubbed “bad” because of his deceased father's ties with the IRA, she ran away from home with the intention to start a life with him and their baby.
Unfortunately, neither the boy nor the baby survived.
Mary Margaret lived the life of a hippie for several years, learning from the streets and moving from place to place, until one cold night in 1973 she tried to steal a coat from the wrong (or right as the case may be) vampiress.
The rest is history.

Emergence in Ravenblack and Clan Life

After the suicide of her Creator, Rhane3, Orgasmerilla followed Rhane’s final advice and went to the Church of Blood Sanctuary, where she went on to their training facility, The Rectory, to finish the training that Rhane had begun with her. She graduated from there and went on to join the CoB.
While at the Church, Orgasmerilla was sired by UnicornDream, who had been both mentor and leader to her.
Unable to keep her wanderlust at bay after so many years of traveling on her own, Orgasmerilla hopped on a passing tour bus and left the city for a few years to return in the spring of 2007 to find the Church as she knew it disbanded and burned to the ground. Her family was now rallied under the banner of the clan Yggdrasil, run by her brother and sister-in-law, NiFlhEiM and ophelia. After taking a little time to reacquaint herself with the city, she applied and was granted a place within Yggdrasil where she remained until 2012.

Changes (2011-Present)

Taking a partner-bound for the first time just prior to the Legacy War of 2010-2011, Orgasmerilla severed him just after the war, finding him unsuitable as a succour point.
A day later, she asks a sleeping UnicornDream to severe their six year tie so that she can sire under King Lestat, a member of the opposing force from the recent war.
During the war, Orgasmerilla had picked up a few tricks from having the D’dary lineage stomp all over her on more than one occasion and she is intrigued by not only their fighting prowess, but by the way they seem to be so tight knit. Only ophelia and Valens of Yggdrasil seem to accept her choice. She feels shunned by everyone else in Yggdrasil and in their allied clan, The Republic of Ravenblack, for her decision to sire under King Lestat. She leaves Yggdrasil one year later when ophelia tells her it”s ok to go be with her family, essentially allowing her to leave the clan without feeling like she is being disloyal. Afterward, only ophelia speaks to her until the Fairymont war. Orgasmerilla is crushed as she thought of them as her family for so long.
During the Fairymont war, her feelings toward the Yggdrasil/Ror machine take an even bigger hit as her wife makes a play for her attention by having an affair with a high profile member of Yggdrasil of whom Orgasmerilla had considered a friend. When the war is over and ophelia doesn’t even so much as say, I’m sorry that happened to you, Orgasmerilla’s pain turns to loathing directed at her former leader and anyone associated with either clan, save for a small handful of folk who did actually reach out to her. She flees to Boston for some retail therapy until Sheyrena and KIIA of the D’dary come to collect her.
Upon her return to Ravenblack, she severs King Lestat. A month later, she sires under Tifereth, though she never really left the family.
After learning of the death of her closest friend and sibling, KIIA, Orgasmerilla fell into a deep sleep for several months from which she awoke different. Somewhat broken.

It Doesn’t Exist
(Selective memory)

Always having been good at pretending people that she’s angry with aren’t there, Orgasmerilla’s mind has now made this a defense mechanism for anything and everything that she doesn’t like. Someone she loves has Buried themselves? No, they’re just sleeping! Someone pisses in her tequila? Well, she’ll just smoke another one and smile like it never happened.


Concert T-shirts, jeans and mini-dresses have all been pushed to the back of the closet in favor of floor-length, dark-colored vintage gowns. She still retains her ever-present black leather 70’s style trench coat, both for it’s endless pockets and for the sentimentality of it. (It’s the coat she tried to steal from Rhane and was later bequeathed upon her death.)
She wears her hair down and flowing about her shoulders now instead of up in a pony-tail.
May revert to mini-dresses and pony-tails for fighting.

On a cloud of sound I drift in the night. Anyplace it goes is right. Goes far, flies near. To the stars away from here.
Well you don't know what we can find. Why don't you come with me on a magic carpet ride.
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