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Melanctha Demarchis (WIP)

PostPosted: April 9th, 2015, 7:10 pm
by Melanctha

NAME: Melanctha Nike Demarchis
NICKNAMES/KNOWN ALIASES: Mel, Melon, Melmoo, Hecate
DATE of BIRTH: October 20, 1786 (age 230)
PLACE of BIRTH: Eleytheria, Larissa Prefecture, Greece
DATE of DEATH: August 1808 (age 21)
PLACE of DEATH: Eleytheria, Greece
LANGUAGES: Arabic (limited listening comprehension), English (fluent, verbal and written), Greek (fluent, verbal and written), Italian (fluent speaker, intermediate reading/writing), Spanish (moderate listening/verbal, limited reading comprehension)

SUPERNATURAL SPECIES: Vampire and undetermined witch/sorcerer
As a vampire, melanctha most closely resembles those of Malkav’s blood due to her extremely sharp senses and descent into paranoid schizophrenia. There appears to be some level of blood inherited casting ability from her biological mother that is reminiscent of a sorcerer or a witch but is still somewhat unexplored.

GENDER: Cisgender female
ORIENTATION: Pansexual / Demisexual
MARITAL STATUS: Married (Whitefang St. John 02/11/18)

TRILLIAN: sapphiredusk
Y!M: melanctha.demarchis
Discord: SapphireDusk#2396

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PostPosted: April 9th, 2015, 7:15 pm
by Melanctha

HEIGHT: 5'2"
WEIGHT: about 115 lbs
BODY BUILD: Mesomorph

SKIN TONE: Ivory with a bit of olive undertone
HAIR COLOUR: Jet black, but dyed red, auburn, or with silver highlights to match her mood
HAIR LENGTH/STYLE: Wavy and grown out to mid-back length; often worn in a long French braid, left to hang, free, and occasionally pinned up into an updo.
Note: When melanctha is experiencing a psychotic episode, her eye colour will transition towards midnight blue.
SCENT: Anise; fresh snow, coffee.
VOICE: Rich, warm, lively, bright.
ACCENT: Prominent Mediterranean accent but hard to pinpoint to a specific country. click me

  • Double bow of Artemis across right shoulder blade. This is her oldest piece of art that was done circa 1995 as she rededicated herself to the service of the Goddess.
  • Cherry blossom above right ankle with petals making two loops around the calf and ankle towards the top of foot. This memorial piece was completed in 2009 for melanctha’s first husband after moving to Ravenblack, Maxwell Stanton (IGN maxwellsdeamon), who fell asleep unexpectedly and has never woken.
  • M in Gothic script on her left wrist, shared with Hessian. This was in honor of their shared lineage (Monaghan). As she has severed out, it now serves as a tangible reminder of her bond with her sibling of heart/ex-husband, Hessian Monaghan (IGN Hessian).
  • Chain charm bracelet around right wrist with charms representing important people in her life such as her childer. The charms are about the size of a dime and hang off the chain, which is meant to resemble a 3 mm wide sterling silver cable chain. The charms include a compass (Xedanis), crossbow (Sam), dream catcher (Hok'ee), globe (Dilectus), hellebore blossom (Reyna), and pentagram (Raine) charms.

SCARS: Three
  • A thin line from a crossbow bolt half way down her neck (poisoned hunter bolt, July 2005)
  • Several vertical pencil thin lines down her lower back towards her hips that look like claw marks (Hessian, circa 2011)
  • Right cornea resulting in significant peripheral vision loss (death by grenade, 26 July 2015)

Melanctha typically does not scar unless the wound is particularly grievous or was obtained from a weapon or method she is particularly vulnerable to.

  • Earlobes (usually studs)
  • Left and right pinna (studs)
  • Lower navel (barbell)
  • Vertical right eyebrow (barbell)
  • Septum (stainless infinity ring)

STYLE: Sophisticated, gothic, chic
ATTIRE: Dark wash blue jeans, dress slacks, knee length pencil skirts, maxi or structured dresses, button down shirts. Boots, sandals, closed toed pumps. Prefers blacks and jewel tones. Avoids pastels.
MAKE UP: Translucent powder, blush, black eyeshadow, black eyeliner, mascara, bold lipsticks, black or bold nail polish

PLAY-BY: Cristina Scabbia / Manda Ophius
OTHER INSPIRATIONS: Amy Lee / Anette Olzon

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PostPosted: April 24th, 2015, 10:31 am
by Melanctha

ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral
Melanctha believes in personal order and acts as personal code directs her. Order and organization are paramount to her, but she does not favor a centralized government or eliminating individuality. She has previously and will continue to fight for and support efforts that allow people to make their own path and live by their own rules, so long as it does not harm others quest for truth and happiness.

She is respectful to those around her as per their station in life with respect to her, which can lead to her coming off as a bit brown nosey to superiors and domineering to subordinates. She prefers to work with others and will honor written contracts and agreements.

Lawful neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you are reliable and honorable without being a zealot. Those of this alignment view regulation as all-important, taking a middle ground betwixt evil and good.

    VARIANT: Turbulent (60%)
    OTHER TRAITS: Judging (41%), Extroverted (20%), Observant (7%), Thinking (1%)
    ROLE: Sentinel
    STRATEGY: Social Engagement

JUNG ARCHETYPE: Explorer (dominant) / Sage (secondary)
ENNEAGRAM: Type 2 (Helper) with a type 8 (Challenger) wing
POLITICS: Neutral – Melanctha prefers to stay out of the city’s pissing contest unless it will negatively impact her or her family/clan.
RELIGION: Hellenism (Devout)

POSITIVE TRAITS: Analytical, determined, honest, honorable, intelligent, organized, reliable, tenacious
NEGATIVE TRAITS: Aggressive, brash, impatient, indecisive, insecure, prideful, ridgid, stubborn
DESIRES: Acceptance, family, knowledge, love, peace, success
FEARS: Abandonment, failure, rejection
REGRETS: None – she does not believe in regrets. She sees situations like these as mistakes that shape how she might have done things differently.

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PostPosted: August 9th, 2015, 8:09 pm
by Melanctha


  • Four bedroom house south of the main castle at the Cuan homestead (gifted by Lannair Cuan). Shared with her progeny Duo and Dises Demarchis-Stanton
  • Four bedroom villa located on the Demarchis homestead in Eleytheria, Greece.
  • Penthouse suite of the Sanctuary Hotel at Port Luna (loaned by Xedanis Sykonra).
  • Studio apartment in the Residential Quarters of the Republic of Ravenblack.

  • Achlys (melanistic African Leopard)
  • Devlin (African Leopard)
  • Loki (Bengal Tiger)
  • Selene (white Bengal Tiger)

  • Composite longbow (hand-carved and strung by Mel)
  • Falcata (forged and gifted by Xedanis Sykonra)
  • Ferrymen issued Scythe with her name and title engraved on a plate affixed to the handle (presented by Jean deVenn)
  • Leather wrapped wooden quarterstaff
  • Sghian Dubh, engraved with the Cuan crest (gifted by Lannair Cuan)

  • Beat up canvas jacket and messenger bag that has permanent sparkle due to embedded glass
  • Blue framed wraparound sunglasses
  • Darksteel chain necklace with embedded bullet fragments (gift from Hessian Monaghan)
  • Deed to her family property in Greece
  • Jet black Cooper Mini (stolen by Hessian Monaghan, given as a gift)
  • Mother Demeter pendant (gift from shining St. John)
  • Sapphire solitare tungsten carbide and titanium ring, worn on left ring finger (wedding gift from Reyna Agrippa)
  • Spell and ritual book (inherited from Zenia Demarchis)
  • Traditional kimono (gift from Maxwell Stanton)
  • Work laptop enclosed in a shoulder bag emblazoned with the Republic logo

HOBBIES: event planning, listening to music, playing piano, reading, singing, target practice
LIKES: Animals, anthropology, archery, coffee, consistency, flowers, history, nature, ouzo, puzzles, red wine, religious studies, rock music, teaching, war theory.
DISLIKES: Arrogance, broken contracts/promises, cowardice, guns, hypocrisy, impulsiveness, mathematics, promiscuity, stagnation.
STRENGTHS: Cold, darkness, moonlight
WEAKNESSES: Decapitation, fire, garlic spray, holy water, sunlight, UV light
VICES: Alcohol, occasional cigars

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PostPosted: November 14th, 2015, 1:23 am
by Melanctha

Cryokinesis: Over the last five or so years, Mel’s ability to control ice and frost has dramatically grown. What started as the ability to freeze things she could touch grew into creating ice out of nothingness and project it to where ever she likes. She is still adjusting to this, and sometimes she cannot control the ice being created around her. As she gets better at control, she will be able to manipulate and shape ice to her will. Colder conditions help her thrive, and give her strength greater than what would be expected for a vampire of her age and size.

Durability (Stamina 3): Her turning also granted Melanctha strength greater than that of typical humans. She can exert herself longer without fatigue, resist injury from falling or blunt force trauma and overall do physical feats that might not be expected of a petite woman. She is by no means extraordinarily strong, and many other vampires have previously exploited this. In conjunction with her cryokinesis, her skin also becomes more durable as temperatures plummet. This permits her to resist damage from weapons or blunt force trauma. In return, she is susceptible to heat exhaustion in warmer climes, and would take more damage than what is expected from fire based damage.

Elemental Manipulation: Melanctha was taught by her mother how to attune to the corners and the elements from the time she was a child. She channeled this into her archery, allowing her to imbue arrows and other objects with flame, frost, and wind. For all non-ice elements, she must have contact with an object to get the spell to transfer. As she aged, she has honed her skills to include lightning, shockwaves, and poison.

Enhanced Senses (Locate 2 + Perception + Second Sight + Surprise): After her embrace, Melanctha gained super human hearing, smell, and vision. Her sense of taste has also dramatically changes as well, allowing her to pick out notes in blood as if it were a fine red wine. If she concentrates hard enough she can sometimes discern details regarding a vampire’s strength or lineage by studying them, and can also determine their rough location relative to her own.

Grace of the Deer (Celerity 3): Mel’s embrace greatly enhanced her natural dexterity. She can move very quickly over land, and can likewise maneuver in a phone booth’s worth of space. She is still learning to channel this productively into her fighting style, as much of her weapons and combat training is not useful in slinging vials.

Healing Factor (Stamina 3): Provided she is feeding regularly, Melanctha can repair wounds and injuries relatively easily. She can heal from most holy water and garlic burns in a matter of two nights, crossbow bolts, bullets, and other weapon injuries usually only take her a night to recover from. UV light rendered her blind for a time after she was killed with grenades, but her sight has mostly returned. She bruises somewhat easily, a relic of her humanity, but dissipates within 12-24 hours.

Moonlight Walker (Shadows 3 + Blessing of Artemis): Melanctha’s devotion to Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and the moon, has manifested via her predisposition to prefer the night and darkness. She can manipulate shadows to hide her presence from humans and vampires alike. Even if they sense her presence, it may be challenging to pinpoint where exactly she is. She can also walk, or teleport using them like a dimensional door, if she knows the location she is intending to end up in. She cannot do this easily over long distances (greater than 10 miles) and will become fatigued if she does it too much. She also has exceptional dark vision.

Pathfinder (Locate 2 + Perception + Blessing of Artemis): Melanctha has an innate ability to track and follow her quarry, both human and vampire, due to her training as a huntress. She excels at finding targets hiding in shadows, as she can see through them relatively easily.

Sharpshooter (Perception + Archery training): After having trained as a combat archer for most of her human life, Mel can accurately hit targets with her bow. The distance she has been able to reach with a precise shot has increased with advancing age, due to better eyesight and stronger muscles. She can also shoot from astride a horse and shoot two arrows at once.

Sleight of Hand (Thievery 3): While travelling Europe with her first coven, Melanctha learned how to pickpocket distracted humans as a means to help supplement legitimate income streams intended to outfit the group with basic needs. While it’s not her best trick, it’s not her worst either.

Siren’s Song (Charisma 3 + vocal performance): Melanctha is a skilled mezzo-soprano, and sang to pay her bills for many years. When she focuses on a target, or a small handful of targets, she can attempt to charm the individuals and put them into a hypnotic like trance. She almost only does this on humans so she made eat them for dinner or rob them blind. She’s not tried this much on vampires in many years, and previously it only worked on the injured and fledglings.

Telepathy (Telepathy 3): Melanctha has learned to use her mind to deliver messages into the minds of other kindred. As a matter of professional courtesy, she prefers to do this with only vampires she knows.

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PostPosted: December 26th, 2017, 1:31 am
by Melanctha

Melanctha Nike Demarchis was born as the youngest of five children, and only daughter of a councilman and priestess in the fall of 1786 in a small town north of the Pinos river in central Greece. It was the height of the Turkish occupation of Greece, and times were hard for this village of people who had fled toward the foothills of Mount Olympus from Larissa in an attempt to further build the resistance that was brewing against the Ottoman Empire.

It was seen early on, however, that Mel was not like the other girls in the village. Instead of playing with others her age, she much rather spent her time playing and sparring with her older brothers. At age four, she picked up archery without formal training to the surprise of her parents. As the town had reverted partially to some of its ancient Grecian roots, they viewed her precocious gifts as a blessing from Artemis herself. As a priestess of Demeter, Zenia, was inclined to agree, and urged her husband to pursue training for their daughter in addition to the regular compulsory reading writing and basic math that was common to all children in the village.

From the age of twelve on, Melanctha trained and lived at the barracks with the rest of the young warriors. Over the years, she honed her skills in archery to a deadly precision, learned how to ride a horse, analyze intelligence, use battle strategy, and craft her own weapons. She picked up a few additional proficiencies with thrown knives and a quarterstaff, but her small size and gender caused her to be prohibited from swordplay and hand to hand classes. They also taught her how to read and write in Greek, and some basic words in the dialect that the Turks spoke so she could better overhear important information. It was also in school at the academy here where she first started learning how to read others and the fine art of observation, tools which seemed to come up time and again the rest of her life.

By the time she was twenty, she had graduated from the military school and was awaiting to undergo final examinations for field preparedness to certify that she was ready for combat. In the meantime, she was working at the local tavern, which happened to have a lot of Turkish frequenters as well as the townspeople. Her job was to work as an intelligence agent through the role of a barmaid through any means possible, and given Mel's unusually dark hair and pristine features it wasn't hard for her to weasel information out of male patrons. The course of her life would however change on one warm summer evening when a fight broke out in the bar and spilled into the alley. Mel ran outside as she would normally do to break outside the fight, but it quickly turned ugly, with one of the instigators attacking her instead and leaving her broken, bloodied, and unconscious on the ground.

After the attack in the alley, she awoke alone after dusk in the temple of Demeter in the outskirts of town. All that remained with her that gave her any indicator of the person who had embraced her to her new life was a several page letter written in Greek explaining what had happened and what sort of creature she had become. Mel initially shunned her new life, and elected to only feed on the animals in the forest. But as the revolution grew closer in the next few years she found her new abilities useful to intercept Turkish scouts who encroached near the temple. During these years, she also took up an active role as a priestess-servant of her patroness Artemis. She was convinced that the goddess herself had set her on this path to better serve her people, and so she took up the mantle of the huntress. Men were not safe passing through her territory, and many a Turk met their death at her hands or enchanted arrows. Greeks from the surrounding villages in the foot hills would leave offerings to “Hecate” at the Temple of Demeter as they were convinced that the witch goddess was moving among them, rather then just a vampire.

Melanctha and her mother maintained a close bond right up until the revolution broke out, and the two would visit when Zenia would come out to the temple to bring offerings to her goddess and maintain the grounds. She brought Mel many of her treasured belongings and took letters back and forth between her and her brothers, many of which included detailed accounts of her encounters with the Turks moving closer to the town. Aridaios sent his wife north into the mountains when the fighting began, and Mel never saw her or the rest of the family again after the fighting intensified close to home. She continued to battle against the encroaching Turks, sniping them in their camps by night and hiding in the temple by day.

Mel moved southwest after the family's disappearance slowly to confront the masses directly at Meteora, but instead of finding solitude in the cliffs, she found a whole group of vampires just like herself helping the revolution. Out of this common goal of helping their countrymen, a coven was formed, and they were extremely troublesome for passing units of the Turkish army between their fangs and their weapons. After near twenty years of isolation, Mel welcomed the camaraderie of others, not to mention she had so much to learn from about her gifts that she never could've learned. She was grateful for her second chance to have a family of sorts, and pledged to be a part of the coven permanently in the late 1830s.

After the Greeks had won their independence from the Ottoman Empire, the newly formed coven moved south to Athens and settled in a decent size house in town. The group numbered four women and six men now, and their pick pocketing and charms weren’t able to sustain them alone much longer. So after the hunt each night, Mel and the others would each set out into the early evening as street performers or craftsmen selling wares at market. The Gift had been kind to her, and seemed to give her voice an almost haunting nature that could control the very humans she was trying to get money off of, winning her favor with the coven leader, so much so that she became his chosen partner in the early 1900s.

Every twenty to forty years the troupe would migrate to keep their members from being discovered, heading to a different town in the Mediterranean. From Athens, they journeyed to Sicily, then, Milan, then to Barcelona, on to Alexandria, Cyprus, and finally Beruit. As they moved, they attempted to blend in with the locals as best they could. Melanctha learned Italian and later English. She learned mathematics, leatherworking, cooking skills, and other trades as they traversed the Mediterranean basin, emulating the locals as best they could by sewing new garments and taking clothing from their victims, learning the dialects, and mimicking the mannerisms of the locals the best they were able. This typically worked exceedingly well and allowed them to live in peace within their communities. Sometimes they even managed to make quite the small fortune for themselves and rise to a place of prominence without suspicion, which never ceased to amaze Mel.

The last stop however was not a fortuitous choice for the coven to reside in. The country of Lebanon was already in a state of upheaval and discord between different groups that would result in civil war some ten years later. Their detachment from the political climates made them the proverbial odd men out. They were quickly discovered by the locals, and the coven of almost twenty five was virtually hunted to death in a mere matter of six months. Mel returned solo to Milan in 1962 and remained for a few months while she got her life together before departing by boat to the new World in the west.

Mel arrived in the Port of New York in early 1963, and was adopted by a new coven based out of Brooklyn. As she had barely managed the entire boat ride without going undiscovered, she was glad to have them help her get back on her feet and get her bloodlust back under control and adjusted to a much more modern and larger city. Her love for music only deepened as she came into the rock and roll underground and the nightclubs the covens frequented. She however was unable to really work as a street performer all too regularly, so she worked in the coffee houses on the evening shift in Greenwich Village, playing some open mic nights in as well. She loved the hustle and bustle of the city, and the vibrant coven that was always changing, but it was a much more political group then she was used to. Constant posturing and elections wore on her nerves, so one evening in the spring of 2002 she simply just left the city and set off with a backpack of her possessions and her bow and went out into the countryside. She wandered many of the great park lands and open places of the United States for the next two years, bringing herself back to her natural roots. It wasn’t until late 2004 when she felt the pull to return to civilization again. She arrived in a small town called Ravenblack in December 2004, just as the snow was starting to fall. Within her first two days, she could tell she wasn’t alone, and she just never left.

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PostPosted: January 11th, 2018, 5:28 pm
by Melanctha

Do you know what your post entails? Do you serve a purpose, or purposefully serve?
(Stone Sour - Omega)

Melanctha believes strongly in the power of the collective good. She is not selfish with her time and resources when she deems those wishing to use them worthy. She prefers to work behind the scenes and to let her actions speak for her. Respect is earned by the weight of ones actions rather than the eloquence of words.

Greek Rebel Army (1802 - 1832)
  • Rank: Lokgagos
  • Specializations: Scouting, cavalry, intelligence

Prior to her death, Mel had obtained the rank of lokhagos, or captain, in the Grecian Rebel Army. It was intended for her to take command of a cavalry unit that specialized in scouting, after she completed her exams. Mel was turned while she was working her intelligence post at a local tavern in between stages two and three of her final exams. While originally bitter about being robbed of completing her program, Mel later embraced the slight change of plans as a more efficient, calculated way for her to do her work. Many a Turkish scout went missing near where she called home, and she used the cover of the shadows to gain vital information on the Ottoman Empire’s travels through the region. She did not feel able to relinquish her duty to her people until after battles she participated in and around central Greece during the Greek Revolution of the 1825-1832.

Luna Nera (1830s - 1961)
  • Acolyte, Resources Coordinator
Nocturna – New York City (1965 - 2002)
  • Initiate, Security Officer

Between the war and the wanderings that led Mel to Ravenblack City, she was an associate of two different covens. Luna Nera came across Mel as they were coming south through Greece heading to Athens from Sofia, Bulgaria. They were a collection of vampires from mostly Mediterranean countries, though they had fled north to avoid the Turks. So once the Greeks toppled the Ottomans in that region, Mel left with the group of about 30 or so vampires she had been fighting alongside with in Meteora. Mel worked with a few of the other women to fundraise for the coven, with mel’s chunk mainly coming through street corner performances. She was also entrusted with ensuring they always had ample weapons, clothing, and shelter at their disposal. The elders of the group helped tame the young Greeks insanity to a dull roar, and assisted her in understanding how to use the gifts her maker gave her. She traveled with them for the next 130 years until they were hunted to near extinction in Beirut circa 1960. Mel and her last compatriot fled to Milan, Italy to regroup before they went their separate ways.

The Grecian stowed away with her things on a boat to the Americas, arriving in the Port of New York about 1963. She set up shop in Greenwich Village, working as an accompanist in a jazz club. Mel was eventually approached by Nocturna because of her ability to move without trace among the human populace. This was one of a handful of supernatural covens in NYC, each with a myriad of different species as members. Mel helped with defense while continuing to play piano for odd jobs. However the constant warfare and politics wore on her after a few decades, so Mel left the city that never slept after a few decades to wander the countryside.

Clan Capadocious (Jan 2005 – June 2006)
  • Foot Soldier, Inferno House
  • Lackey, Thieving and Intel Houses
The Ferrymen (July 2006 – November 2007)
  • Magister of the Corridor
  • Warrior, Order of Scythe
Republic of Ravenblack (November 2007 – present)
  • Director, Shadows Academy and Department of Education
    • June 1, 2008 – present
    • Two Time Awardee of the Bite’s Accreditation Award for best school
  • Praetor
    • July 16, 2015 - Present
  • Ass-Kicker, Republican Legionary
Port Luna (Oct 2015 – present)
  • General Manager and Creative Director, Port Luna Live
    • August 2016 - Present

After coming to Ravenblack in December 2004, she was quickly taken in by Clan Capadocious. She was placed into a house called Wrath of the Crimson Curse, allowing her to bypass the Dojo. She later served in the Info House, and Thieves House before receiving a transfer to the Inferno Warrior House to serve alongside her partner bound, maxwellsdeamon, the second in command at the time. She left with max in 2006, but credits her time here to a strong foundation in a variety of skills. In the early summer of 2006, Mel and max left together rather than participate in a skirmish they didn’t agree with. She still holds Willhelm and Brutus in the highest of regard for giving her good a good foundation as a warrior.

From mid-2006 until November of 2007, mel was a member of the Ferrymen. She spent the summer of 2006 in the Corridor as a student, but joined the full group in July. She earned her Scythe as a warrior and fought in a few skirmishes both as a Ferrymen and a member of Enforcers of Enlightenment. She was originally promoted to Navigatus of the Scythe. However, upon Jean DeVenn’s urging she moved to Navigatus of the Corridor. She learned many lessons here from Lanois (ign: VampireLanois) and learned to love teaching others. She saw it as a challenge, and took it as an opportunity to learn more about the rich history of the city and herself. When Lanois retired to professor emeritus, melanctha was promoted to Magister, and served happily with Kenosha at her side. She held this position until November 2007 upon her resignation from the clan, which she felt was becoming too much about the bloodline in charge and less about the collective. Despite the less then pleasant ending to her tenure, Mel has remained extremely grateful for the guidance and lessons in leadership she gained from working closely with Jean, Vella, Cerriwden, and ladypeacek.

She has been at the Republic of Ravenblack ever since. Mel took the reins as the Education Director in June 2008 and has taught or mentored several dozens of vampires during her tenure. She is most proud of her two Accreditation Awards for Best clan school, awarded by the Ravenblack Bite. Mel ascended to the Praetor position in July 2015, providing her with newfound opportunities to refine her leadership skills. It has also reinvigorated her love of teaching as well; causing her to look for ways to guide and mentor others like so many others had done for her over all her years.

In addition to her work in a variety of the city’s clans, melanctha took over some of the day to day operations at Port Luna after Xedanis died in October 2015. At first, she worked with Moon Girl, Amora, Jessi, among others to keep the brewery going. Since Xedanis’ return from the Underworld, Port Luna Holdings has expanded past its brewing roots to have two additional brands: KRKN Radio and Port Luna Live. While initially conceived as a way for both melanctha and Xedanis to play to their strengths to boos the Port’s reach, KRKN and PLL are now fully separate and thriving enterprises. However, the two arms share staff and work together to bring entertainment to the masses in the form of events and shows. Mel has loved her role as the manager and creative director, allowing her opportunity to meet new people and explore her creative side.