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Maddox and The Vagrant Heart

Postby Maddox » February 24th, 2016, 2:47 am


Written and Interviewed by Emily Hall, Darkwaves Magazine

As a writer for Darkwaves, I've taken many a dive into the strange and obscure that flows beneath the raging rapids of top 40 tunes. Not only is it my job to be in the know, but there is some talent out there that I really enjoy. So, when I was told that Maddy Bell was coming in for an interview while The Vagrant Heart were in town for a gig, I volunteered for the opportunity on the spot.

I'm no stranger to The Vagrant Heart or their charismatic front man and vocalist. I first heard them in a friend's car and was first ensnared by the distorted guitar strumming out a funky rhythm over gentle tap of synthesized keynotes. The bass was smooth in my ear, and then Maddy Bell crooned to me, "Kid, come closer to confidence, Teach you more than the common sense, Show you how to cross the line, Teach you how to become mine." I was sold from that point on, stomping my feet and drumming my hands on the dashboard while singing along about misplaced affections in a youthful and destructive love affair.

For those not in the know, I'm talking about The Vagrant Heart's first recorded single "More". Sources say that, then, eighteen-year-old Maddy Bell wrote "More" after breaking up with a dealer upon learning that all the things he thought he felt to be love was actually the coke his beau supplied him with.

Or so the rumor goes.

Maddox James Bell, 22, doesn't look like he does lines every night before a show. In fact, barring his unique attire of a sheer black shirt with red flowers printed over it in which his tattoos are visible, skin tight black jeans, both middle and index fingers painted red, and glittering gold boots, he looks like a Disney Prince. His jawline is sharp, but doesn't detract from the soft slopes of his cheeks. He smiles with a mouth that is a shade or two shy from red, and looks at me with eyes so green I'm reminded of spring when the sun is shining bright and warm after a long and unforgiving winter. All of this is framed by a mane of curly brown hair that brushes his collar bones, which are peaking out through the top buttons he's left open, showing off the swallows flying towards each other to his sternum.

With one leg cross over the other, he pats the space next to him on the couch he's sitting on and tells me to sit with him and get comfortable. Looking directly at him is like looking at a lighthouse. It's difficult not to feel like he's spotted me on the dark waves of the night sea and is drawing me to salvation. When he looks at me his gaze settles somewhere deep inside of me and he tells me how glad he is to be here talking with me. I actually believe it.

His English cadence is slow, thoughtful, and almost lethargic as he asks me about my work and who I am. He continues to watch me at my core as I tell him about my writing career and Siberian husky. He smiles and his entire face lights up like the sun as he tells me that he really likes dogs. He says they're very friendly and I honestly don't know if he's flirting or not because it almost feels like it. Rumor has it that he's made quite a number of people swoon right out of their pants after meeting him.

Or so the rumor goes.

After refreshments arrive, I pull out my list of questions and we get started.


Image Image

DARKWAVES: What made you get into music?
MADDOX BELL: I always wanted to perform, ever since I was a child. I remember being a church mouse in a play called Barney when I was about five or six. My mum has always been supportive, so she recorded me even though I didn't have so many lines. I really put on my best performance, though. Got an applause when I was done.

DARKWAVES: So you knew you wanted to be in a band since you were a child?
MADDOX BELL: Pretty much, yeah. I used to be in a band in middle school called Summer Holiday. We really thought we were great. Competed in Battle of the Bands, but didn't win. We had fun, though.

DARKWAVES: So, how did The Vagrant Heart get its start and where did the name come from?
MADDOX BELL: I was in Year Thirteen when my friends and I formed The Vagrant Heart. We fancied ourselves romantics except none of us dated longer than a month. It was pretty bad.

DARKWAVES: And now? Anyone special in your life?
MADDOX BELL: No. Not right now. Are you offering?

DARKWAVES: I have enough sense of self-preservation to say 'no, thank you' to that one.
MADDOX BELL: Heeeeyy. I'm sure what little fans we have would understand.

DARKWAVES: They're a tad scary sometimes, I have to say.
MADDOX BELL: They're dedicated.

[We share a laugh.]

DARKWAVE: What about your first gig ever as The Vagrant Heart. What was that like?
MADDOX BELL: It was amazing. I was nervous, but excited. Phil and the others were also nervous and excited. Nearly forgot our setup and the guitar strings snapped halfway through our cover of "Friday I'm in Love". It was great, though. We played in a bar that let us have drinks. I got really pissed and my mates had to carry me back to the flat.

DARKWAVE: They say you tried to pull the bouncer.
MADDOX BELL: [He smiles knowingly.] That's what they say.

DARKWAVE: So, let's set the record straight for everyone out there who wants to know. Are you gay? Bi?
MADDOX BELL: I like to think of myself as "equal opportunity". I'll try anything at least once. Though I fancy a fit bloke who can drag my sorry arse out of trouble when needed, I just like people who like to have fun. There's no gender requirement for that.


DARKWAVE: It's very cool that you know what you want. When did you know you were "equal opportunity", as you put it?
MADDOX BELL: Pretty young. I think I've always known, actually. I like girls because they are quite soft and they fancy a chat and I can usually watch Love, Actually with them without the lip I'd get from the lads. Guys aren't so soft, if you know what I mean, and I can crash on their couch and play FIFA with them, and they can usually handle my weight when I throw it around. That's just what I've learned from exprience, but of course there are exceptions.

DARKWAVE: I didn't take you for a rom-com kind of guy, but then again, you are a romantic.
MADDOX BELL: A hopeless romantic at that. It's pretty bad. I send roses, write poetry, the whole lot, but I still can't managed to date beyond a month. I get the feeling I'm doing something wrong. [He laughs and brushes his hair back from his face and to one side. I'm surprised the rings he's wearing don't snag any of the strands.]

DARKWAVE: I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. You're young. You've got time.
MADDOX BELL: Thanks for believing in me. We should go out for drinks sometime and trade dating advice.

DARKWAVE: [I blush and try to laugh it off because I'm sure he's flirting at this point.] Before we get to that and your current album, I have a few questions for you that are a little personal, if you don't mind.
MADDOX BELL: First, you're going to have to contact my publicist. I don't do 'personal' questions. [He smiles and pats my knee.] No, I'm joking. I don't even have a publicist. Ask away.

DARKWAVE: Okay, tea or coffee?
MADDOX BELL: Tea. Definitely tea.

DARKWAVE: Personal chef or personal masseuse.
MADDOX BELL: Personal masseuse. I have a bad back, plus I know my way around the kitchen.

DARKWAVE: Telekinetic or telepathic?
MADDOX BELL: [He really stops to think about this one.] Well...I think telekinetic because I can do more with that and I don't want to know what everyone thinks. There are some really nasty people out there who should keep their thoughts to themselves.

DARKWAVE: Save the Library of Alexandria from burning or know what happen to Atlantis?
MADDOX BELL: Atlantis, definitely. That keeps me up at night sometimes.

DARKWAVE: Little spoon or big spoon?
MADDOX BELL: [He grins and chuckles.] Little spoon.

DARKWAVE: Most interesting thing about you?
MADDOX BELL: I have four nipples.

MADDOX BELL: Yeah, here...[He pulls his shirt apart enough to show me where his extra two nipples are located. They're significantly smaller than his main set and look almost like freckles around the large moth tattoo on his upper torso.]

MADDOX BELL: I think I might have had a twin, but I ate them.

DARKWAVE: That really is interesting! Lastly, are you familiar with the popular Myers-Briggs personality test?
MADDOX BELL: Yeah, I think I did that once. I got...What was it? ESFP? It was called The Entertainer.

DARKWAVE: Sounds about right. You really know how to put on a show.
MADDOX BELL: [He smiles.] Thank you.

DARKWAVE: Alright, so back to the music. Last month you guys released your sophomore album, Live Fast, Die Loved. Tell me about it. What's it about? What was your inspiration behind it?
MADDOX BELL: Live Fast, Die Loved is about living life to the fullest. It's about not holding back because of, you know, rules of society or other people's expectations. You only live once, right? So, I think everyone should live life their own way. And to die loved is to have really succeeded in that. When it comes to inspiration, I write from life experience. "Oh, Alpha, My Alpha", for example, is about dating older, more experienced individuals.

DARKWAVE: Are you trying to confess that you're a sugar baby?
MADDOX BELL: You can learn a lot from your elders.

[At this point, I can't help but look at this young man like he's done it all. He's lived more than I have and I'm nearly double his age.]

DARKWAVE: What's your favorite song on the album?
MADDOX BELL: Right now it's "Cruise Control" since we're on the road.

DARKWAVE: What's it like to be on the road? This is your first time in Ravenblack City, isn't it? Must be exciting to perform for a new audience.
MADDOX BELL: I love being on the road because I love seeing new places and doing new things. I get restless if I have to stay in one place for too long or if I'm not doing something, you know? So, I'm really excited to be here. From what I've seen already, Ravenblack seems to be my kind of city. Like LA, you guys seem like you're not afraid to have fun.

DARKWAVE: Definitely, not. I can promise you that. Well, that's all I have for you. It was a pleasure to meet you. Good luck with the tour and I'll be there at The Bloody Mary to see you perform.
MADDOX BELL: Thanks. I'll save a round for you and we can talk more off the record.

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Re: Maddox and The Vagrant Heart

Postby Maddox » February 24th, 2016, 2:49 am

An English indie band known for it's unique sound that encompasses a mix of rock, pop, and experimental sounds. Some call their music "love songs for the wild and free." It's led by Maddox "Maddy" Bell on vocals, with Phil Richards on guitar, Whit Smithson on bass, Ronny Vice on drums, and Lu Wen on the keys.


More (2012)
Lyrics Available
ABOUT: Maddox thought he fell in love with a dealer,
but he actually loved his dope.

Julia (2012)
Lyrics Unavailable
ABOUT: Maddox meets a beautiful transwoman
who is hesitant about intimacy.

Trophy Room (2013)
Lyrics Unavailable
ABOUT: Maddox gets his heart broken by an MVP in the love game.

The Vagrant Heart (2014)
ABOUT: An introduction with a collection of songs that attempt
to give an impression of what The Vagrant Heart is all about.

1. Touch Me Electrified (Lyrics Unavailable)
2. Crown of Thorns and Roses (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: love and pain
3. Wonderland (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: shrooms
4. Lords and Ladies (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: LGBT anthem
5. Free Admission (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: bar hopping, heart hopping
6. Romeo (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: a super fit guy he really liked
7. The Ring (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: a really bad breakup
8. Celestial Bound (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: a love lost in death
9. Marina (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: a girl who liked him because he isn't straight
10. Until the Dawn (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: dancing, partying, having fun
11. The Sound (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: hallucinogens and love
12. The Vagrant Heart (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: loving deeply but failing to love for long

Live Fast, Die Loved (2016)
ABOUT: Love, sex, drugs, freedom, and living everyday like it's the last.
1. Live Fast (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: living life and not holding back
2. Uniform (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: uniforms of all kind, do what pleases you
3. Bring Your Party Friends (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: party drugs
4. Five (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: five times Maddox broke up with the same person
5. Revolver (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: revolving doors, being in and out of love
6. Peony (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: a really sweet girl he loved
7. Your Couch, My Home (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: crashing at people's places, trust, and friendship
8. Oh, Alpha, My Alpha (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: that one time Maddox had a Daddy
9. Sweat it Out (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: when the others made Maddox get clean
10. Cruise Control (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: sex on the road
11. Love, Poly (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: polyamourism
12. Once and Again (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: going back to a bad relationship/drugs
13. Die Loved (Lyrics Unavailable)
ABOUT: loving and not holding back

Only You (2016)
Lyrics Available
ABOUT: A song dedicated to Ryan.
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Re: Maddox and The Vagrant Heart

Postby Maddox » December 22nd, 2016, 5:40 pm


Name: Maddox James Bell
DOB: February 1st (23 yo)
DOD: March 8th, 2016
Grew Up: Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England
Living Family: Katherine Bell (mother), Natalie Bell (older sister), Colin Henshawe (nephew - 5 months old as of October "16)
Maker: Lyn de Draak
Species: Vampire
Jungian Type: ESFP
Relationship Status: Dating Ryan McKenzie Jr - open
Kinsey: 3
Position: Versatile (both dominant and submissive, never just either/or regardless of the relationship)

- x - x - x - x - x - x - x -

01. Live at the Bloody Mary (siring thread)
02. Song Book (journal)
03. Missing in Action (starring Ryan) & He Holds His Breath

- x - x - x - x - x - x - x -

IGN: MadHeart
SIRE: None
POWERS: (24/25)
  • Celerity [1] [2] [3]
  • Charisma [1] [2] [3]
  • Locate [1] [2] [x]
  • Perception
  • Second-Sight
  • Shadows [1] [2] [3]
  • Stamina [1] [2] [3]
  • Suction
  • Surprise
  • Telepathy [1] [2] [3]
  • Thievery [1] [2] [3]
HIGHEST STATUS: Ancient (2500+ BP)

- x - x - x - x - x - x - x -

February 22nd, 2016: The Vagrant Heart goes to Ravenblack City to play at The Bloody Mary
March 8th, 2016: Lyn de Draak turns Maddox Bell
March 10th, 2016: The Vagrant Heart is officially on hiatus until further notice
March 10th, 2016: Maddox gets "The Talk" from Ezra and Anders
March 18th, 2016: Maddox is given a tarantula by Vulture. He names it Ranch.
March 18th, 2016: Maddox is given a blue teddy bear by Shiro. He names it Nightcrawler.
March 20th, 2016: Maddox is given a pink teddy bear by Shiro. He names it Kirby.
March 20th, 2016: Maddox finally found a hunter and gained Perception after 10 long nights.
March 20th, 2016: Maddox goes home with Ryan JR for a bite and a little something extra to get him to sleep. Humans are so delicious.
March 23rd, 2016: Maddox meets Donnis and Valiant for the first time. His siblings-to-be.
April 2nd, 2016: Maddox asks Ryan, "Can I be your boyfriend?" Ryan says 'yes'. Maddy is on the moon. Ryan would probably think he got kidnapped by aliens if he said that. They make-out like teenagers.
April 9th, 2016: Valiant tells Maddox that she loves him. It's a glorious moment between siblings.
April 18th, 2016: Donnis severs from Lyn.
May 6th, 2016: Ryan gives Maddy two bears. A carebear with fangs like him and a teddy bear in a straight jacket like Ryan. He names them Mini Mads and Ryan Jr Jr.
May 18th, 2016: Maddy takes Ryan with him to London where he meets up with the band to end their hiatus. He also visits Cheshire to tell his mother and sister about his vampirism, introduce Ryan, and to meet his nephew for the first time. Maddy and Ryan also ride the London Eye together.
June 1st, 2016: Maddy and Ryan return to Ravenblack and Maddy decides to organize a Pride Week for the city.
June 12th, 2016: Ryan goes missing.
June 12th, 2016: Pride Week starts and Maddy misses the first night looking for Ryan.
June 16th, 2016: Maddy is gifted a goblet from Raz and Markise.
June 17th, 2016: The Vagrant Heart officially end their hiatus.
June 23th, 2016: Maddy posts a missing persons and struggles with sobriety.
July 1st, 2016: Maddy gains 2 powers: Charisma 1 and 2.
July 5th, 2016: Maddy finds Ryan at Creedemore County Hospital and brings him home.
    >From July to October, his main focus is gaining his powers. He doesn't do much outside of that.
October 14th, 2016: Orion shoots him through the palm. Maddy spends the following weeks thinking about it. He still feels the burn of the bullet.
December 22nd, 2016: Maddy completes his powers.
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