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PostPosted: March 7th, 2016, 1:53 pm
by Inu

NAME: Catherine Nouet Ailios
NICKNAMES: Inu, Shiba Inu, Princess, Sibnu, InYou, Injoo, various others
SEX: Female
GENDER: Cisgender female
SPECIES: Lycanthrope-vampire hybrid[/s]
BIRTHPLACE: Vichy, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Ravenblack City, U.S.A.
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, French, Latin
LANGUAGES WRITTEN: All of the above as well as Elder Futhark (Runes) for magic
DATE OF BIRTH: February 25, 1689
RELIGION: Catholic
TOP/BOTTOM: Bottom with men, top with women
ROMANTIC INCLINATION: Bisexual, preference towards men

HAIR TYPE: Long, loose waves
HAIR COLOUR: Light brown with purple peek-a-boo highlights beneath
HEIGHT: 5’5”
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
TATTOOS: Crescent moon on her hip
SCARS: Notable - scarring over her heart where she cut off a tattoo
HABITS: Rubbing her face when nervous/upset
ADDICTIONS: Alcohol, sex
ACCENT: American with slight touches of old European every now and then

OCCUPATION: CEO, A+ Image (Public Relations Firm)
Past – Ailios Designs (Fashion Label, still a 60% shareholder)
INCOME STATUS: Upper upper class
HOUSING: Ailios Asylum

PLAY-BY: Jessica Biel
Y!M: the_vampire_inu
WRITER: Candace

CS Code provided by: Micah (Ezra)

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PostPosted: March 7th, 2016, 6:50 pm
by Inu

ALIGNMENT: Neutral good
    A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. She is devoted to helping others. She works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. To a neutral good being, life and the assurance of other creatures' rights take precedence over all else. This is not to say that this character will have an aversion to taking another's life when faced with a choice between an attacker's and his own, however. Neutral good beings also believe that law and chaos are merely tools to use in bringing life, prosperity, and happiness to all deserving creatures. Neither numbers nor individual concerns have any bearing on decisions regarding the needs and rights of any given creature. In other words, in the view of a neutral good being, rarely will either the needs of the many or the personal desires of an individual outweigh the needs of any other creature.

MBTI: INFJ - The Advocate
    The INFJ personality type is very rare, making up less than one percent of the population, but they nonetheless leave their mark on the world. As Diplomats (NF), they have an inborn sense of idealism and morality, but what sets them apart is the accompanying Judging (J) trait – INFJs are not idle dreamers, but people capable of taking concrete steps to realize their goals and make a lasting positive impact.


    Vulnerable to criticism

    Candy (Skittles mostly)
    Sappy romantic comedies
    Acoustic Guitar

    Being alone
    Crossed arms
    The silent treatment
    Obnoxious people

    Autophobia - Fear of abandonment
    Atychiphobia - Fear of failure
    Agateophobia – Fear of insanity
    Arsonphobia – Fear of fire
    Catagelophobia – Fear of being ridiculed

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PostPosted: March 7th, 2016, 7:37 pm
by Inu

    Catherine Nouet was born February 25th, 1689.

    She was the daughter of a merchant in Vichy, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France. The region was controlled by a sadistic duke by the name of Stefan Dubois, who prowled the countryside looking for young, pretty girls to work in his home. Catherine was selected when Dubois spotted her playing outside her family’s home and was sold by her father amid the heartbroken protests of her mother. At 11 years of age, Catherine moved into the Dubois mansion and was quickly and harshly trained in domestic duties. Dubois took a good deal of pleasure in watching her work about the house and, as she grew over and developed into a young woman, his pleasure turned carnal. It began with sneers and comments to his male guests – ’Assez vieux pour saigner, assez vieux pour boucher…’ – and within time the touching started. That graduated to full-scale sexual assault and confinement. For two years, Catherine could not leave the man’s room, but then her miracle came. Dubois’ wife gave birth to a child and died as a result, and Dubois changed Catherine with single-handedly raising the girl, Violette. Eventually, the decline of the family's power and aristocracy drove Stefan DuBois to alcoholism which lead to the abuse of his child as well as Catherine, once again. Driven to extremes and fiercely protective of the girl, Catherine kidnapped Violette in order to save her life, but was caught by the DuBois and sentenced to death. Winning over the prison guards with her charm, Catherine was set free and told to run, which she did. She arrived in Paris in 1709 at the age of 22, having nothing and knowing no one.

    Paris was not kind to women, especially single women, in the 1700’s. Catherine was forced to work the streets to keep herself alive, and in the end it brought about her death. One night whilst shopping in an alley market, Catherine was cornered by a disgusting leech of a vampire, a rogue who drained her and left her to die. New, confused and overwhelmed, Catherine woke as a vampire and was left with no knowledge, but with powers strong enough to make something of herself and manipulate her way into good standing. Forgetting her past, she strove forward to hone her new abilities and learn the realm of the vampire. Her only semblance of the time before was her name, Inu, which is what the young Violette had called her since she couldn't yet pronounce Catherine Nouet.

    From 1713 onward Inu was a rogue vampire who lived in solitude, and focused on bettering herself. She enlisted in many universities, such as Cambridge, Oxford, the Ivy Leagues. Inu holds degrees in many subjects, from BioChemistry to Classics, Law to Economics. She has 11 Masters Degrees in total, taking advantage of her century’s worth of living. She kept to herself until hearing of RavenBlack in October 2004.


PostPosted: March 7th, 2016, 11:24 pm
by Inu

    For the first four months of her time in RavenBlack, Inu kept to herself, feeding and stealing from vampires and humans alike. She made no effort to speak to her kind as she hadn’t seen the need to in the past. Then the taverns opened in December. Curiosity got the best of her and she went in, a decision which gave Inu the chance to meet vampires that would stick with her for the remainder of her unlife. Most notably were Count Tuna, Annabelle, Jean DeVenn, Narcisssa, and others. Inu took Count Tuna as her first sire, and was his childe for a year. She severed him due to his increasing absences from the City, at a time when the newcomer to the city needed guidance the most. The two remained close, with Tuna always being a father figure to her.

    It was through those vampires (Annabelle and Jean DeVenn mostly) that Inu came to the Corridor of the Ferrymen for the first time in January 2005. She participated in her first war against the Church of Blood, and therein experienced her first zeroing. After her first torpor, Inu took Annabelle as her sire. Inu also gained many strong friendships within the Ferrymen, became fully-powered while studying in the Corridor, and even experienced her first binding – to xxfairenoughxx, her then sibling. It was a playful binding more than a romantic one, and Inu severed him after months of his being in Shadow, and pawned the ring he gave her for weaponry – something he refused to let her live down while he remained in the city.

    Through Annabelle, Inu came to be acquainted with Lucius, WanderingFool, and other members of the Temple of Lies. She went through the Corridor and came out to be a member of Scythe, the warriors, eventually taking over position as Magistra after Annabelle left the clan. Inu went with the Ferrymen to the Dreaming when the clan was called there, spent those months driving around the Dreaming in a flashy sports car with Damari, and generally partying until they were called back to reality.

    Soon after that, Polux destroyed the Temple of Lies, casting all vampires out. It would take over a year, but with the help of her sire Annabelle Inu would rebuild the Temple from the ground up and extend an invitation for the old Priests and Priestesses to rejoin. This newly built Temple still stands, though it is dormant, despite threats of destruction from Pollux.

    Eventually Inu left the Ferrymen, seeing the clan begin to crumble around her as most of the members she joined with left. She followed her partner, MORPHYUS, into the Scions of the Phoenix under the guidance of MORPHYUS’ sire, Arsanga. Inu continued on in the Scions, becoming a member of their war party and a teacher in their schools. She left the clan after she lost MORPHYUS to the Shadows and severed him. She bound shortly thereafter to long-time friend Promethius, though it did not work out for various reasons.

    Inu took some time away from the City, and then returned to join the House of Heorot with her sire Annabelle. Her stay in HoH as a Sword Thane was short-lived, as both Annabelle and Inu soon resigned from the clan in favour of zeroing the vampires Cerridwen. They brought Cerridwen down in blood significantly, but the vampiress decided to take her own life with the crossbow of a hunter. Annabelle was severed from Pandrora for leaving the HoH, and soon took On-d-ag as her sire, bringing the Adaires and D’darys together – something Inu at the time loathed, which would tax on their relationship.

    Inu rejoined the Scions shortly after her departure from the House of Heorot. It was there, in the Scions, that she met King Lestat and shortly after bound to him. When first Arsanga and then Murrz Ramirez left the clan, Inu worked to keep the clan together and rose to the role of 2IC, eventually taking over when Lestat left the clan, taking its entire bank balance with him. Not long after, the Scions were attacked by the D’dary bloodline, and Inu was zeroed once more after a solo battle with a dozen D’dary, slowly bringing her down to zero blood. After her torpor, Inu resigned from the Scions, as did most other members, leaving the clan basically disbanded. Following her departure from the Scions, Inu severed King Lestat in October, after rumours that he’d been unfaithful – rumours which would soon prove to be truths.

    After severing Lestat, Inu met the vampire Lameth. She bound to him a few months later in February, and remained bound to him for two and a half years. Their relationship was complicated, filled with good days and bad. They joined the Ferrymen together, and Inu returned to her post as Magistra of the Corridor, eventually rising to become Arbiter. Though she loved the Ferrymen, Lameth was far less compatible. He often caused fights with the leadership, fights which he’d then bring home. It got to the point where Inu was simply exhausted with him, and with the clan – so when Annabelle once again approached her with a clan idea, Inu broke her Oath and left the Ferrymen. The clan prospect with Annabelle would inevitably fail when Annabelle returned to Shadows, and Inu soon after severed her sire of more than four years. She joined the Conclave of Lith Da’yor for a short period, attempting to help Moon Shadow lead the clan. Its members were disinterested, however, and soon the clan would be disbanded.

    Inu resired to Count Tuna (now CT Serafini) in October 2010. She joined the Dumont line, lead by her siblings Ace and Moon_Shadow. A few months later, April 2011, she severed Lameth after a period of separation. During the rough times with Lameth her then-childe Liander was her rock and soon the bond formed into something stronger. Liander would eventually become the partner she’d been searching for, the other half of her soul. They bound in June 2011.

    Her time in the Dumont lineage was loving, fulfilling, and gave her a sense of belonging she’d not had since before Annabelle drew the Adaire and D’dary together. It, as nearly all things do in RavenBlack, came to what was at the time a heartbreaking and disappointing end, after Ace and Moon_Shadow vanished during a war with the D’dary, leaving their lineage in the shoddy leadership of Damacus which would eventually frustrate Inu to the point of no return. She disassociated herself with the Dumont after being zeroed alongside her husband and warring childer, and shortly after asked Tuna for a severance. He granted that and gave her his blessing to sire again, and she was eventually dragged kicking and screaming to the Hall of Binding by Tifereth, a long-time friend and confidant, in November of 2013.

    Since siring under Tifereth Inu has participated in several skirmishes, D’dary attacks and mini-wars. She was zeroed in late 2014 during a conflict with Liander’s ex-sire Elizabeth, when Inu and Liander switched sides after unforgivable incompetence during a skirmish with D’dary on the part of the de Bouillon family. Since then she has also been working to overcome insecurity and distrust of family after the mistreatment dealt her by Ace and Moon_Shadow. Months of sleep, multiple disappointments by friends, now ex-childer, ex-family members and the like had plagued her. She spent a good deal of 2015 asleep and waking for a few months at a time before disappearing again. Liander stuck beside her through all of this, as did her sire, several members of D’dary and the childer who weren’t lost to shadows. Inu began 2016 by severing sleeping or dead childer to let go, get a fresh start and remove the influence of the shadows. For the past two months she’d been fortifying relationships with those close to her, working on bettering herself and having a good deal of fun along the way. For the first time in a long time she feels like her true self again, accepting faults and insecurities, accepting weaknesses, and moving onward at last.

    Among this history of clans, partners, and sires, Inu also sired 13 vampires, 10 of which remain with her at present. Her first childe was Deylin. Then, Deylin’s ex-childe Frozen Nova sired under her, becoming Inu’s eldest childe at present. Inu sired MasterVamp a few years later, then Trig who she’d lose to the Shadows. After siring MasterVamp in 2009, Inu began a small siring spree. In the same year she sired Saressa, Sereno, Tohru-Chan. In 2010 she sired long-time friend Uriah, as well as Liander, who would sever to sire under Moon_Shadow when the two bound as partners. The year 2011 brought four more childer, first TooL, then Godric, ex-sibling Zuri Petteri and finally long-time friend Nikki-Doll. Nikki-Doll would leave soon after to resire under Master Dracula, something Inu accepts. She would also sire Amberlin, Edan, Caden and Scotlyn_Cuan. Saressa would sever in 2015 as well as Eli (MasterVamp), and later Inu would sever all but Nova, Edan, Godric, Caden and Scotlyn.

    In October 2016, Inu took her own life along with her husband Liander, in search of something immortality couldn't grant her - a child. Throughout years of mounting depression caused by insecurities and an inability to handle her own faults, the child became the only light in her life and drowned out everything else. On the 'other side', she and Liander got what they were searching for, a daughter named Sylvie, and with her lifelong dream finally achieved she began to see what she had given up. Before Inu could reach out to Liander to discuss returning to their previous life, something the gods would grant them, he was drawn back to it by Wind. Liander's sudden departure was the catalyst that finally brought her back to present time RavenBlack, with a newly acquired clarity and acceptance of herself, a confidence and calm that she had not possessed before. Having risen, on April 7, 2017, Inu is now focused on bettering herself and providing for her lineage.

    On June 12, 2017 Liander severed Inu, and Inu severed Tifereth, breaking her ties with the D'dary lineage. She is currently a Master Vampire.

    On June 13, Inu returned to Valhalla with the support of Freya and claimed a wolf on a journey with her daughter. [RP to follow]

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