Nemesis (wip, cw)

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Nemesis (wip, cw)

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Welcome and Thank you for taking the time to visit. This is a Character Sheet for the vampire Nemesis from the game Vampires! The Dark Alleyway! Everything on this site is original and by me except for the images.

All information is Out of Character and should be treated as such. Your character does not ‘just know’ these things about Nemesis.

(Nemesis (c) 2003-2017, is a fictional creation for the web-based game Vampires! A Dark Alleyway. Nemesis is portrayed by several different models at any given time, and all images are the sole property of the model, artist and/or photographer.)

**Nemesis entered the game as ‘nemesis_wings’, but the name was changed to simply ‘Nemesis’ as soon as the name became available.**
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