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Moondreamer - WIP

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Name: Moondreamer

IGN: Moondremaer
Nicknames: Moon, Moonpie, lovely, Moons, darkling (once upon a time)
Age: 26 at turning, currently 40
Occupation: Warrior
Religion: Pagan
Likes: Her family, warring, causing trouble, learning, and making her loved ones proud
Dislikes: Almost everything else


Eye color: Green or Blue, depending on her mood
Hair color: Black
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 120
Tattoos: One on her ankle – We're all mad here
One on her shoulder – Reminds her of her human life
Face Claim: Anna Kendrick/Jessica Heap


Strengths: Persistence, Fortitude, Resilience,
Weaknesses: Insecurities, Quick Temper, Stubbornness, Shyness
Phobias: Spiders and assorted creepy crawly things… but not all
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Evil (closely followed by Chaotic good, neutral evil, & neutral good)
Skills: Breaking rules, pissing people off, used to be a pretty decent thief, was decent with a vial and scroll, but she's working on sharpening those skills again.
Hobbies: Breaking rules, pissing people off, baking,
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

A brief history:
I arrived in the city in late 2002 but I can't remember exactly so I celebrate my anniversary of when I RavenBlack Blood, in January of 03. My first memories were listening to a man by the name of BloodGod speak about his badass warriors in his clan, the Church of Blood. I knew that moment that I was hooked and that *I* wanted to be a warrior for his clan. By October of that same year, I had joined the Capadocian Dynasty, followed my house when Shadow Court was founded, and was embraced by WanderingFool who took me as his blood daughter. Everything happened very fast from that moment on. My father taught me and guided me. My goal was to become a warrior but WanderingFool has other plans. By November I was part of a triumvirate leading The Empire of Darkness which was a merging of Army of Darkness and The Empire. Long story short, the merger fell apart and I followed my then companion, creperum, back to The Empire as her 2ic. I was then zeroed by Clan Capadocious at the behest of WanderingFool, Leyland, and Sephiroth on January 18, 2004 for trying to overthrow my father which was not how the situation went down at all.

I left The Empire in April of that same year when EvilBill came in, married creperum, overthrew The Empire, and exposed that I had slept with him. By May I had rejoined Shadow Court and became a Ferryman. By Lucius' Light and the Lady's Words... And by October I had severed my original sire, WhatThe, and ophelia took me under her wing as her childe. Unfortunately, by the end of the year, I had left Ferrymen, predicted that the entire city would see what a ****** blackdragon was even as they *all* defended him and tore me apart, which led to my second zeroing, this time by the Church of Blood and the House of Harlots... er... I mean... House of Heorot.

It was a relatively quiet beginning to 2005. By mid-year, I had married Dilectus, but that didn't last, and became a part of the af Gyllenstierna line when opie sired under Maverick'sChild. I had even taken on my first childre, Valorian. At some point, but I don't remember dates and haven't found evidence in my research yet, I had rejoined and left The Empire and rejoined Shadow Court, this time as a warrior in Valhalla. This was the big break I had been wanting and waiting for.

In 2006, I stole Jauk's tutu, became engaged to creperum, and was eventually offered a spot in The Orthodox, a learning offshoot of The Church of Blood led by Moirai della Spada. I was zeroed for the third time and shortly thereafter severed from ophelia and left the city for a few months in search of my grandpa Smilner who I'd become very attached to while in the af Gyllensteirna lineage. When I came back, a long time friend, epona, took me in and sired me.
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