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Name: Amaya Shannis O'Reilly
Screenname: Amaya_Shannis
Nicknames: May, Maya, Mischief
Current Location: Ravenblack City
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts Colony
Born: April 10, 1687
Age: 330
Apparent Age: 21
Western Zodiac: Aries
Eastern Zodiac: Rabbit
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Pre-race: Human (empath)
Blood type: O+

City Life:

City Arrival Date: Exact date unknown, but estimated to be circa Fall 2007
Years In The City: approx. 10, though five were spent in exile/asleep
Current Sire: None
Previous Sire: VAMP (Desiderio)
Current Childe(r): None
Previous Childe(r): None
Bound to: None
Previously Bound to: None
Job: Artisan (Seamstress)
Past Jobs: Nurse (Revolutionary, Civil, and both Great Wars)
Powers: Second-sight, Suction, Perception, Celerity(1), Stamina(2), Shadows(3), Thievery(3), Telepathy(2), Charisma(2)


Hair: A deep, rich chocolate brown. Normally worn in either a braid or ponytail, but has been seen falling down her back in loose curls.
Eyes: Dark brown/black, wears glasses
Tattoos: Two.... A small white-ink tattoo on her wrist of a heartbeat and a dreamcatcher on her right shoulder.
Piercings: Her earlobes and one in her upper ear for cuff earrings.
Scars: Numerous, largely on her abdomen and chest
Height: 5'9” (1.75m)
Weight: around 165 lbs (74.8 kg/11.78 stone)
Complexion: Pale to the point that her veins show a bright blue in her wrists
Body type: Curvy and softly rounded, but fit.
Attire: Normally a mix of jeans, boots, and a band t-shirt, but she has been known to mix it up with skirts or the rare sundress
Favorite things: Mischief, the smell of vanilla, anything chocolate, the feel of velvet against her skin, Evelyn (her coffee mug), coffee, reading, shoes
Scent: The scent of clean laundry hanging in the summer sun, citrus, and leather.


Amaya is the embodiment of controlled chaos. She loves laughing and making others laugh. She can be selfless in her compassion and generosity, but harsh in her revenge for being wronged. She prides herself on her wit and intelligence, often taking time to consider her responses before speaking. When she doesn't, she is known to be a bit cutting with her wit, but rarely cruel.
She is open-minded, loyal, observant, respectful, and kind, but she can also be stubborn, petulant, forgetful, and inappropriate.

Amaya's Rules:

1.) Trust no one until you can trust them... And even then, don't
2.) A friend will provide an alibi without question.... A best friend will help hide the body.... The very best put a bullet in the other person's skull to make sure they don't come back.
3.) Don't make promises you can't/won't keep... Or threats you lack the power to back up.
4.) Information is currency... Never be broke.
5.) Nothing is free. There is always a price to be paid
6.) Look pretty because while your enemy is focused on your looks, you can slide the knife in his heart.
7.) Do NOT fuck with Jauk. The woman is insane.
8.) Be a lady until it is no longer an option. If you act crude first, no one will ever believe the lady.
9.) Knowledge is power. Never be helpless.
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