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Lily Zar (WIP)

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Lily Zār

Alias: Lily Zar, Lily
Birth Name: Lily Anne Greenwood
Date of Birth: 10/1/1990
Age: 27
Date turned: 5/26/2017
Nationality: British (London)
Race: Immortal
Gender: Female
Lineage: n/a

Name: known to human Lily as Ava
Actual name: Ávila "Hexe" Dreher
Date of Birth: 512 AD
Date of death: 572 AD (60 years old)
"Age": has inhabited earth for 1,445 years
Nationality: Germanic, Black Forest
Race during life: Human
Gender: Female

Appearance & Other Info
Height: 5' 6"
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Long
Eye Color: Gray
Skin Color: Porcelain White
Weight: 120 lbs
Tattoos: a few
Style: romantic goth/witchy
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Residence: loft apartment on North Ruby St.
Favorite Colors: royal purples & blues
Occupation: Owner of "Lost Shadows" occult supplies

Raised by a palm & tarot reader, Lily has dabbled
in the occult since she was a child. Years ago she attracted the likes
of a spirit of an old witch from the 6th century which she first began
communicating with by various forms of divination, and in the last
several years of her humanity telepathically (can even see her
through meditation). Gaining her trust for some time, this spirit
dazzled Lily with the promise of discovering hidden knowledge
and old power upon relocating to Ravenblack City, claiming it the
location the source of an ancient power. What Lily was unaware
of is that the spirit had lured her to the city in knowledge of its
Vampire population, for Lily's turning gave the old witch the chance
to fully possess her body and once again exist in corporeal form.
Lily owns and runs the occult/esoteric supply shop known as
'Lost Shadows'.

Zār/Zar is the surname taken by Lily post possession and
being turned in somewhat jest since Zār/Zar is a term for
spirit possession in certain parts of Africa and the Middle East
as well as a mental disorder defined by the belief that one
is possessed.

"Black Book"


model credit: Katrin Lanfire

Lost Shadows



Page Under Construction
"Deep into that darkness peering..."

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