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k o t a

PostPosted: May 26th, 2017, 8:33 pm
by Kota
d a k o t a | b e a t r i x | r e y no l d s

HEIGHT : 5'5"
WEIGHT : 125 lbs
BODY TYPE : Echtomorph
BLOOD TYPE : A Positive
ALLERGIES : Dander [dog, cat], dust, peanuts, penicillin

EYES : Green
HAIR : Brown, wavy, past shoulders
GAIT : Bobs when walking, leads with right big toe
POSTURE : Slouches, hands in pockets

ACCENT : American South-West
TONE : Low alto, mumbles
LAUGH : Slaps knees, snorts; infectious
DISPOSITION : Cheery, laid back, easy-going
SCENT : Lotus incense, eucalyptus, basil

ATTIRE : Generic-brand 13 year-old boy
VEHICLE : Skateboard, painting of sharks with torpedos on face
ADDRESS : 5602 S Juniper St, Apt 2F
OCCUPATION : Grocery clerk
HABITS : Nail-biter, toe-wiggler, tongue-chewer
HOBBIES : Ice cream, guitar, coloring books