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Bobbie Kitten

Postby Bobbiekitten » March 17th, 2014, 1:46 am

Name: Bobbie Kitten

Alias: Bob, Bobbie, Kit, Kat

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 20

Favorite Color: Yellow

Appearance: Shorter; about 4'9". Smaller Build; 97lbs Soaking weat. Long brown hair sweeping mid thigh hight but is almost pulled up into a braded style; bun, poney ect. hates the length but refuses to cut it. she has a small nose and large cat like eyes.(Not "CAT EYES" but Cat like in size.) They are Crystal Blue with flecks of dark goldish yellow. her eyes always catch attention. Not always good. she is very youthful in apperance so she does what she can to make herself look older. she wares alot of makeup but tries her hardestt to not look trashy.

Rank/Occupation: Is Seeking a Job as a Waitress. Has No Experiance in the feild.

Weapons: because of her youthful apperance she has offten been in the eye of preditory sick-os and carries with her a small blade for protection. she knows how to use it. but its nothing major.

Personality: Bobbie is youngh and fisty. she has offten loved too easily so is trying to keep her guard up. She is kind and gentale to everyone she knows but can be shy at first. shes kinder to males than females as she has been hurt by many women in her past.

Brief Bio: Bobbies Mother; a women she never knew enough to know as anythign other than mama, was kind and loving towards her. Bobbie Trusted her, put faith into her, but htings turned sour. Mama found a new man sortly after her fathers death and he never wanted children. At the age of 9 Bobbie was turned out into the world with nothing but the cloths on her back and a few words from her mother. "Find a good man and hold on to him, Never let go" she said smiling brightly to the man who had replaced her father and shut the door in her face as she chuckeled. From that day on she never could trust anyone that reminded her of her mother, it took her a while to trust anyone. Becoming an orphan on the streets for a while, she did make a few "friends" but no one stuck around long. everyone was just drifting from place to place. town to town, bridge to bridge. One early morning just as the sun was rising, Bobbie decided to follow one of the young boys she met under the tunnel. shed like to call him a friend but cant even recall his true name. just the name he went by. Mut. he called himself this because he said his mom was a Bi**H and his dad was a Dog. This made him a mut he said. Mut helped her learn how to use her knife and tought her how to get food and live on her own. he was older and said as soon as he could he was going to find work in the city. And soon that day came and she was alone again... but this left her thinking. she too could find work in the city when she was old enough. the day she turned 15 she had a small "party" for herself and marched her way to the city. every place she knocked on she was turned away. no one beleved her age as she was so small. soon she came across a trashy dressed women who helped her do her makeup as neatly as possable and brought her to her "friend" said he would be her new daddy.... Luckly she had her knife and was able to get away from the man once things went south. This brings us to today. she was finally able to prove her age do to alot of hard work from a social worker and some other former street kids. Bobbie Kitten; a name she dubbed herself with(the kitten part atleast) was now a Card Holding ID'd Member of Socity and could get a job as a waitress.
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