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Vala Liante Redraven

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Vala Liante Redraven

Alias: Vala Liante, Vala, V, Valaluff
Date of Birth: December 12, 1891
Age: 23
Immortal Age: She was changed in 1914.
Nationality: Armenian
Race: Armenian
Gender: Female
Lineage: Redraven

Appearance: Vala stands at a height of 5'7.5", weighing a light 168 lbs. She has one blue eye
and one brown eye. She has fair skin covered in tattoos, mainly upon her back, arms, and legs. She also has piercings that she proudly dons. Her figure is curvy and long, much like an hourglass. Her muscles are fairly toned, but not too much.

Vala’s hair is curly and thick, falling to her waist. Her nails are usually painted black or a deep blood red color. Her eyes are slightly slanted, protected by long eyelashes. Her left eye is blue, the right one is a dark brown. Her fingers are long and slender, perfect for bass playing.

Physical Attributes: Vala is highly agile and rapid with her movements. Though she does have a great amount of strength for her size, she more relies on her movements than force. She does have a great amount of dexterity, but her endurance is likely to die down if she is trapped; metaphorically speaking.

Height: 5'7.5"
Hair Color: Jet black with thin strands of bleach white and silver hairs that are far and few between
Hair Style: Typically unrestrained, natural curls cascading to her waist
Eye Color: Heterochromic; right: brown, left: pale blue with a hazel lining
Skin Color: Pale tan
Weight: 168 lbs.
Measurements: 48-38-46
Tattoos: There is a slew of ink on her body depicting flowers, music, quotes, pictures of varying degrees; and in various places, the names of those who ever mattered to her deeply.
Piercings: snake bites, snake eyes, sub-lingual frenulum, septum (which usually is flipped up), monroe, dermal sternum, and navel

What styles of clothing: Her wardrobe consists of anything she fancies wearing. Ranging from ball gown dresses to men’s pinstripe suits to jeans and t-shirts, she’s liable to wear her pajamas out of the house. She has an extensive collection of trench coats that range in style and length; but not color, as most of them are black. She also has an extensive collection of robes and cloaks. She can usually be spotted sporting stilettos or combat boots.

Mental Description: Vala is kind and loving, but doesn't open up to just anyone. She insists on helping those who need it, whether they want it or not. Not thinking twice about the next day, she'll do as she pleases. She prefers living like she won't see the next hour so she never grows bored with her daily activities, though she ends the day the same way: In a bar or club of some sort.

She doesn’t fear much of anything and always has a reason to misbehave during a situation. She believes that the act of taking chances is the greatest accomplishment someone could have. She avoids judging people before actually getting to know them. This allows her to be able to walk up to a stranger and talk to them pleasantly without much hesitation.

Magical Abilities: Vala is rather educated in Witchcraft. She has the power to summon objects, sprites and fairies. She never really recites spells, but merely thinks them. Spells that do take more effort are of course, recited. An example would be an incantation that calls for binding or an evoking. She uses witchcraft to manipulate and summon fire. She is unable to shoot fire balls from her hands or anything like that, but she is able to summon a host of flames from the air or ground. She only summons fire sprites and fairies, in which a source of fire must be around in order for her to do so.
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