Larmica (Lee) Caedis

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Larmica (Lee) Caedis

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Full name: Larmica (Lee) Caedis

In-game name: Larmica

Pronunciation: Lar-mee-kuh ('Larm' rhymes with 'arm' and
'mica' rhymes with 'chica')

Nicknames: Duchess Larmington, Guinea Pig, Lala, Larm, LarMar,
Larmi, LarmLarm, Larm and a Leg, Larmcicle, Larmonica,
Mica, Rapunzel, Tochter

Birth name: Verônica Gisela Bettencourt

Age: 22 (111 actual)

Date of birth: November 7, 1905

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Curitiba, Brazil

Nationality: Brazilian

Languages: English (fluent), Italian (fluent),
Portuguese (her native language; fluent),
German (semi-fluent), Japanese (semi-
fluent), and Spanish (semi-fluent)


Skin color: Tan

Species/race: Vampire

Sexual orientation: Straight (but
casually flirts with females)

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 128 lbs

Hair color: Dark, golden brown (sometimes dyes it
different shades of brown, sandy blonde, or
even black)

Hair length & type: Curly, long

Eye color: Pale, pistachio green

Build: Feminine, slim, toned

Tattoos: None

Clothing: Mostly casual; wears and likes
all colors

Accessories: Prefers earrings and bracelets to rings
and necklaces; any/all jewelry Gavin has given her


City stats
Blood Royal
Larmica has drunk 42123 pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight, suction, surprise, perception,
celerity (3), stamina (3), shadows (3), thievery (3),
locate (3), telepathy (3), charisma (3)
She is sire to one other vampire, including: Gizmo (496).
Her lineage runs as follows: Aziza Laredo (25823).

Personality: Creative, determined, easily angered/hurt/upset,
emotional, has the ability to “light up the dark”, impulsive,
loving, often quite silly, passionate, possessive, secretive

History: Larmica has picked and chosen to remember certain parts
of her life as Verônica, referring to such a phenomenon as ‘selective
remembering’. Some might link this refusal to share information about
the childhood, teenage years, and early adulthood of her time as a human
to the obvious fact that Verônica was 9 years old when World War 1 began
and some sort of personal tragedy might have occurred.
    However, she recently has come to explain to those who ask that she
was turned by an Italian immigrant, Gastone Cavallaro, in 1927 and
immediately changed her name after relocating herself within Brazil to
spare her family. The riots within the country (lasting through the 1920’s
into the 30’s) forced her to flee to the northern countries of South
America before eventually making her way to North America. Since then,
Larmica has traveled to most corners of the world before settling in
RavenBlack City.


Interesting exploits: From 2003-2004, Larmica had a "strongwoman" act in
the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. She decided to do such
a thing out of curiosity; her want/need to find out if humans would become
overly suspicious of her supernatural strength overcame her better reasoning
and she stayed with the group for exactly three hundred and sixty-five days.
Her act consisted of her lifting and moving objects which the audience would
believe impossible for a woman her size and build to manipulate. Anvils were
also placed on her stomach and she sometimes bent metal bars into ridiculous
shapes, handing them out after the shows were over as if she was merely a
step up from a balloon-animal-maker. She enjoyed the costumes and each
audience's reactions to her performances, but the things she enjoyed the
most were the reasons people would come up with as to why she had ability
to do all that she did. Many questions were asked, but she received little to
no negative feedback about her talents on a regular basis. No one made her
undergo special testing... although the subject was jokingly brought up
several times throughout the year.

Likes: Adventures, alcohol, animals, books, coins, cuddling, dancing,
decorating, exploring, fast cars, fingernail polish, flirting, flowers,
gifts, jewelry, men in uniforms, motorcycles, movies, music,
nature, playing "dress up", pretty clothes, ribbons, roller-
blades, role-playing, sharp-dressed men (aka men in
suits), snow, snuggling, traveling, trunks/
trunk space

Dislikes: Having her coins stolen, idiots/jerks/morons, liars/lies,
people who act like they know everything when they
obviously don't, people who don't have a sense of
humor, people who think she doesn't have a
sense of humor, strangers approaching her
for no reason, war


These are a few of her (constantly changing) favorite things
Accent || English (British)
Alphabet || Hiragana (Japanese)
Animal || Red panda
Drink || Cachaca/Caipirinha
Element || Air
Flower || Brazilian Spider Flower
Holiday || Christmas
Number || 113
Physical trait (self) || Her eyes and eyebrows
Physical trait (men) || Muscular arms and sculpted back
Season || Summer
Singer || Elvis Presley
Sound || The cooing of doves

Close friends & relatives: Aralyn, Aziza Laredo, Bleeding Rose,
Gizmo, GrimreaperMoon, Gryphon Marx, Ry

Current relationship: Gryphon Marx (Dating as of July 12, 2014)

Past/only partnerbound: Yamitoko (Dating as of April 10, 2012;
engaged as of October 15, 2012; bound as of January
30, 2013; and severed as of March 24, 2014.)


}{Larmica’s model is Isabeli Fontana.}{
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Re: Larmica (Lee) Caedis

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Words that kill, would you speak them to me }{ With your breath so still, it makes me believe
Let me suffer now and never die
I'm alive
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