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Erudition of LacerMoon

Segment One

Known Name: LacerMoon
Ogham Name: ᚛ᚂᚐᚉᚓᚏᚋᚑᚑᚅ ᚈᚆᚔᚏᚇ ᚇᚐᚒᚌᚆᚈᚓᚏ ᚑᚃ ᚈᚆᚓ ᚋᚑᚑᚅ᚜
IGN: LacerMoon
Nickname(s): Lacer & Third Daughter of the Moon
Title(s): Duchess of MacWalrick & Sage
Birthdate: Late of the of the Dumannos Month and beginning of the Rivros Month; according to the Coligny Celtic calendar. Present date 29 February; Midway After Imbolc and prior to Ostara; Year 1 BCE
Apparent Age: Late 20’s in appearance
Real Age: Since the beginning of the Celt Age of Awakening
Birthplace: Culiheen-by-the-Mount during the Gaul incursion; of the Celt lands which are in present day Ireland
Astrological Sign: Pisces; with nearly all planets aligned as such
Element: Water
Sigil: Crescent moon surrounded by three stars enveloped in a lotus
Status: Companion to None
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Alignment: Vampyress
Spirituality: Ancient Druid Sage
Occupations: Exotic Dancer & Vamp Congress Member

A Grand Lark

Narcissistic individuals
Fools are not suffered lightly
Rude & Disrespectful individuals are treated as common
Those without honour; and not willing to soldier on nor sacrifice for the betterment of the whole

She is capable of very powerful kip chants; considering that she is the embodiment of Hope within the council of 13;as well as an Ancient Druid.
Her skill with a blade is un-equalled.
The ability to feel all things as an Empath
She will sacrifice her all, for the betterment of the whole.

She is able to see into the hearts and souls of beings. If there remains a glimmer of Hope, she will see that best which they are capable of; oft evil will be given a chance when it should have simply been destroyed.
She will weep with despair and allow it to encompass her being; when tapping into the emotions of others.
Trickery & Malice will trigger frenzied anger from within, especially detrimental as she protects her own; For such uncontrolled flare-up of ire oft there is little thought given to consequences as such.

Colours: Amethyst, Emerald Green, Deep Sapphire Blue, & Scarlet-Garnet red
Food: Fond of Black Puddings & Ambrosia
Drink: Tork & Poitín
Day: Wednesday
Season(s): Spring & Autumn
Flower: Lotus
Outfit(s): Corset, Poufy Half-Skirts, Boots, Gloves. She eternally wears the StarFire at her throat, and will switch out bracelets and Futhark arm-bands of Platinum, Copper & Silver. She loathes Gold. She wears a rapier on her inner right thigh. Her outer cover nearly always a cloak. Fringed riding leathers her favourite types of cover, when she putts.
Mode of Transportation: 1947 Knucklehead ULH HD Hardtail, Ebony & Hoary Silver and low to the ground. Just enough chrome to flash, with studs on the seat rim and fringed saddlebags. She has been known to ride the rail, or travel by Ship, however she loathes modern flying.
Familiars: Crow & Puss
Trees: Primarily Rowan, Hazel, Alder, & Vines
Books: Leabhar Bhaile an Mhóta (The sharing of bits of this with the humans is said to have transpired during moments of frolic, when the larking LacerMoon was seducing and devouring Mortals at will. Vague historical accounts have reputed, that due to this sharing with humans; some havoc was wreaked throughout the Medieval Black Death period within Europe.
Domestic Creatures: Mabon the Crow, Riordan the Ginger Puss, The Gryphon & a stable of Heavy Horse
Language: Primarily Gailege, Ogham, & Modern English
Weapons: Rapier & Sword

Residence of Homelands: An Ceòb an ar oir Cathàire- A Castle and estate of her bloodline; preserved within time for all the inhabitants. A portal allows instant access when she places her thoughts on the StarFire, and holds the stone with a gloveless hand. This is located in present day Ireland.
Residence in RavenBlack City: The Palazzo

Nationality & Heritage: Celt by Bloodline & Birth
Hair Colour: Copper
Hair Style: Long & flowing past her bum when ready for frolic or calling a circle; Otherwise,nearly always coiffed; oft she wears a head covering of sorts.
Eyes: Emerald Green which flash to Amethyst & Sapphire-Depending on the mood
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 11.3 stone
Build: Athletic, yet buxom
Measurements: 99.3 cm , 73.5 cm, 86.5 cm
Piercing(s): Three in each ear, & one where her navel should be.
Tattoo(s): The S.F.E. upon her left breast, Her Sigil upon the right shoulder, A Celtic Triskelion upon the left shoulder at the back, A Celtic Triquerta at the top of her core.
Scars: She has deep scars which are still in the process of healing upon her left shoulder and upon both hands from the attacks of holy water, upon her, in the Dark Realm. The left hand is largely scarred upon the palm, while the right hand has much of the livid scarring upon the back of her hand. She carries a 37.5 cm scar across her abdomen, straight across and down to her hip. LacerMoon is typically left-handed; though at the odd time will favour an ambidextrous approach to hand use preference.
Jewellery: StarFire at her throat, Navel Jewell, Celtic Armbands or Bracelets, & rings on all ten fingers and three of her toes (The two middle and left wee toe.)
Accessories: Gloves and various head coverings (Always as to keep from dispelling or experiencing sentient energies without her centre of control.)
Daughter of Lucius

On the Prowl for a Childer to Indulge

Mistress of The Palazzo

Companion to None
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