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Aziza Laredo {WIP}

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Full Name: Aziza Nen* Laredo
Name Used: Aziza Laredo
In-Game Name: Aziza Laredo
Nicknames: Al, Az, Azavia*, Azi, Aziz, Azizi, Mami [Larmica], Z-Wifey [Dank], Zi, ZiZi, Zizzlerz [Kyra Niteblade].
Birth Name: Katherine Marie Johns

City Stats:

Blood Rank
Ruler of the Night
Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(2) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)
Aralyn, Gabriel Damon, Hiram, Larmica, Lupus Major, Rasha, Roque, Vandevil.
Arnav Rishi, Gizmo, Oormi, Qing Yuan, Ry, Xiuhcoatl, Zephrine.
Amrien Flore, SilverFang.

* - Disconnection of some sort.


Personality: Hot-headed. Stubborn. Violent. Angry. Loving and protective of her family and close friends (which are few and far between). She's very volatile. One second she could be carefree and enjoying a drink, and then next she could be stuffing someone's face with HW. Just because she feels like it. Discipline and Aziza do not go hand in hand, and she's given up trying to force it. She continues to live for and exist for her family and her family alone. She prefers to stay home or travel than to be around anyone in the city.

Basic Description: Aziza stands at nearly six feet tall on barefeet, has midnight-colored straight hair that ends just an inch or two before it meets the floor, with eyes of the same color, and skin as pale as the moon, seeming to reflect light more than it absorbs, if at all. {The hair and eyes are not the same as her model, obviously. But Sharon makes a damn good representation :D}

One would be hard-pressed to find Aziza wearing bright colors. Her signature item of clothing is the black Stetson cowboy hat that is usually sitting on top of her head. Common clothing preferences include plain black t-shirts, black steel-toe boots, black pants - one pair in particular she wears that has over twenty-five pockets - and a black leather belt.

On each hip is a dagger with an emerald handle, her intials A. L. carved elegantly into each and then filled with gold. The daggers themselves come to a razor-point that Aziza takes great care to insure it stays useful. Also on her right hip, hooked just below the dagger sheath, is her favorite toy: a nine-tail whip with metal, barbed tips. It's full length is measured at a good nine feet, nine inches. These are the only man-made weapons the vampiress possesses other than the common vials of Holy Water and cans of Garlic Spray and scrolls.

Abilities: In addition to the powers she gained from her time in the city, Aziza Laredo already had gifts that were bestowed upon her in the most peculiar manner. Aziza has the power of ice and, in fact, inherited the title of 'Ice Queen', passed from the being that granted her the gifts. She can also survive a little bit of sunlight and continues training herself to withstand longer durations of sunlight.


Pets: Aziza has a few creatures that are kind of like pets, but most definitely not found in your local pet shop.

Xavier & Aries: Twin Silver dragons that were given to her as a gift from one of her servants. She walked into her bedroom and on the comforter of the bed were the tiniest creatures she'd ever laid eyes on, but they didn't stay that way for long. In the span of one year they grew into full-sized adults, with a wingspan of about two-hundred feet and a height of eighty feet. Their bodies are incredibly muscular, but more long than they are wide and when in flight it moves with the gracefulness of a snake in water. They are never apart from each other, or from Aziza usually. They had guarded her self-dug grave, becoming stone statues while their Mistress was in the ground. As soon as she regained her strength enough, she went back and brought them out of their solitude, allowing them to live again as she had been allowed to.

Malris: A black panther whose origins are unknown. Malris has the ability to speak telepathically to Aziza, but only her, and although Aziza has telepathy also, it doesn't seem to work when directed at the large feline, so she must speak aloud to the creature if she has anything to say. Malris' age is unknown, but Aziza thinks the big cat was a person at one time who is now caught on the wrong side of a vengeance spell of some sort. Aziza's magical knowledge isn't extensive enough to allow her to find out; she just knows mostly about protection charms and violence inhibiting enchantments thanks to the same being that gave her the ice. Malris began following Aziza around and so she just brought it home and introduced Malris to the Twins. Malris remains beside Aziza as her familiar.

Floppy: Floppy is a rabbit who's fur is permanently and irreversibly dyed a bright pink color. She'd received the animal as a gift a long time ago, around her beginning time in the city, and was surprised to see it still alive two years after leaving. The rabbit enjoys jumping onto one the Twins and taking to the sky because if he falls he knows that the dragon he's not riding on with catch him. The rabbit will die one day, but hopefully not for a long while. Aziza will not make the creature into a vampy-bunny. She thinks it's even too creepy to think about.



9 years old: A fire rages outside the window as pale blue eyes gaze upon the brightening flames. “Get away from there!” yelled a familiar, yet distant voice. The child turns in time to see her mother get swept away by her father. Human… her father was more monster than human, or so he acted this night. The two struggling figures race outside, one after the other, and both collapse just before the blaze catches them. “Momma!” she hears herself scream, but she is stuck in place, unable to move. Smoke fills her mouth and her lungs, it burns, but she keeps breathing deeply. Her lids grow heavy and the child falls to her knees. Nearing unconsciousness, she feels herself being picked up and carried somewhere. She tries to view who holds her, but she is too weak and everything goes black…

Memories are so unreliable, even for a vampire. Perhaps especially for a vampire. One that tries to recall events that happened so long ago. Back then Aziza was known as Katherine, and she had a loving, mostly stable family. She had a mother that cared for her and three older sisters that spoiled her rotten. Her father was the only wild card in the whole mix and it was by his hand that Katherine's family met their demise.

When she was born, Katherine was strong enough that she was barely ever sick even when everyone else in the house was nearly bedridden. It was probably this innate fierceness that allowed the woman to survive and continue on despite all the surprises and horrors she was forced to witness and partake in. On her ninth birthday, Katherine's present from her father was to be alone and unloved. This is not meant to evoke pity, it is simply how his mind then worked. He had gone away for almost three months and when he returned he beat Katherine's mother nearly to death, degrading her with words and forced actions all before the eyes of their youngest daughter. The three elder girls were sleeping soundly through it all for their father had slipped them some sleeping mixture he'd gotten on his travels. Katherine's father was a vampire now and found it easy to overtake his own home. The feeling of power must not've been enough for him because after subjecting his wife and discarding her to the floor, he stole up Katherine and left the house with her.

What her father had done didn't quite affect her until it was too late. She hadn't known what was going on at first, but she would later. And she'd make him pay for it. For now though, she was still human and only nine years old, so she was stuck with her psychotic father. Katherine hadn't seen the torches, or the carefully placed piles of hay and sticks when they first got outside, but when her father set her on her own two feet again and she righted herself to stare down at her home, she saw them. She also saw the fire eating greedily at the fuel, catching onto the house because the debris outside just wasn't enough for it to consume. She heard a scream and didn't know it was her until her father backhanded her across the face. With the child whimpering quietly, he forced her head up and toward the house as the blaze engulfed the entire building. The shrieks of her sisters and mother catching and burning alive rose in intensity for a few minutes until they started to fade. Katherine could hardly see through the tears spilling from her eyes, but she made out the form of her mother at one of the windows, reaching out, and then it was gone.

There were no sounds other than roaring of the flames as they devoured every last bit of her family and home. She wanted to ask where they were going to sleep, but she was scared, now, of her father and refused to risk another hard smack to her head. She'd rather be awake than unconscious around the man. Her father grabbed her by her neck from behind and lifted her from the ground and carried her like that for a long while. It hurt; his fingers bruised the little girl's flesh, but he didn't care. She would soon be none of his concern - for a long time anyway, though he didn't know that. When his arm got tired from carrying his daughter in such a painful and rude manner, he dropped her to the ground and grabbed a fistful of her shirt and dragged her the rest of the way to the meeting place. He was going to be rid of her and he would be happy. Wearing a smile as they neared the destination, he made a grumbled comment to Katherine about being on her best behavior or he'd cut her head off. She believed him and very much wanted to keep her head attached to her body. Later, she might wish she'd have thrown a fit and gotten killed rather than go through what she was about to.

After her father had left her in a room with two strange men, Katherine knew that things were not about to get better. In fact, for her, they were going to get much, much worse. The two men were dealers, but instead of objects and regular property, they paid, sold, and rented people. Katherine was the newest initiate of an underground sex slave trade specifically recruiting for those with a taste for the younger ages of males and females. Without going into the more derelict details of what she went through, let it just be known that she spent seventeen years straight in that environment, had gotten pregnant five times, was forced through excruciating abortions each time, and finally was unable to conceive anymore due to the sever amount of damage. That would be one of a few minuscule blessings Katherine would count during that whole time. She would not want to bring a child into her world, not now, not ever - or so she believed. And things would get worse before they got any better.

A few weeks after her twenty-sixth birthday, Katherine had the perfect opportunity to escape the life she was trapped in. Someone had purchased her for a certain amount of time, but was requiring that she go there for the entire duration. The woman figured this person to be incredibly rich. In her many years there, Katherine had at least made herself the most expensive commodity they could offer. That meant that she took care of the more disturbing fantasies people had - to put it nicely - but it made her more money than the rest of the slaves and made the dealers the richest in the trade. Katherine had grown from a scared, little girl into an icy, dark woman. She could act any way that was asked of her, but her personality had shifted so dramatically that even she knew she could have murdered any of the clients without even blinking. It was her anger and thirst for revenge that drove her so hard, and it would be the same ingredients that would help her survive for almost another two-hundred years. She, of course, didn't know that yet, but it would become apparent later.

On her trip to the obnoxiously rich buyer, Katherine mentally mapped out the road. She wasn't allowed windows, or even a door that opened from the inside, on the journey, but no one accounted for her mind. They had not schooled her until later on, when she was in her teens and she showed signs of being quite useful. She thought she knew where they were headed, and that the duke she was off to go see was actually a member of the royal family currently ruling her country. It turned out that she was right, though she had figured for the wrong member. The buyer was female, for one - not the first, but still a surprise for this run - and was the daughter of the ruling couple. After the guard had left Katherine with the other woman and she played out the wicked deal that had been made for the first night, she slipped some stolen sleeping powder into the other's tea she would have before bed. The powder was strong enough so that Katherine wouldn't have to be too worried about making too much noise and waking her. She had done this only after heavy consideration on the option of murder. She would never be free if she had to run from the royal guard, so she had chosen this less deadly method. Too much powder, and the woman might not wake up for a few days, but too little and she'd wake up too soon. Katherine didn't care if she used too much, really, because she had used the it before on others for different reasons. She had only a moment to mix the powder, but was able to do so and get rid of any trace she'd put it in the liquid before the client returned to the bedroom.

That night, Katherine made her escape. All that needs be known is she hadn't needed to kill anyone and that she was never seen or heard from again in that circle of people, and humans. For Katherine did die that night, in a sense, and someone new and far worse took root within the body that had belonged to a woman on the edge. Something hunted in the woods that night; something that had no clue to what it was doing left monsters in its wake. After working so hard to be free, Katherine was now free, but she would not be able to enjoy her freedom for she was soon taken down and turned into one of those straggling creatures. She awoke in darkness but with a fire in her veins. It would be years before Katherine would be somewhat comfortable with this new way of life, or death depending on your perspective, and another five years before she finally dropped what she thought was every last shred of her human life. Including her birth name. Aziza Laredo was born in that time, and rules in Katherine's over-two-hundred-year-old body now. Between then and now, Aziza tracked down the man that had been a father, the man that was as much monster as she now was, and she sliced his head off much like he had promised to do to her so long ago if she'd spoke out of place. There's more to this story of Aziza's past, and it's all a bit complicated to some extent or more. Most of it unnecessary information, though one bit explains her power over ice. She'll gladly explain that bit about her past, though the rest of it she'll usually try to avoid.

Written In Rage used to be more than just a phrase. It was her slogan, her stamp. It was Aziza's way of life. It had been her way of life for over a hundred and eighty years and continued to be her way of life far longer than necessary. Anger was her determination and used to be what motivated her, but she'd since abandoned that path since it paid her back in nothing but heartbreak and loneliness. It's a part of her past, no doubt, but also a part of her present and her future. She tried to leave it behind, but anger drives her like no other.

Sig Banner By: Aimee

Aziza's model is Sharon Den Adel. Lead singer of the band Within Temptation.
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