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[WIP] Knox

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Alias: Knox
Full Name: Roman Bouvier
IGN Name: Knox
Nickname(s): Paris
Birth Place: France
Birth Date: Dec 3rd 1993

Sire: None
Companion: None
Siblings: None
Childer: None
Species: Human (Planned Demon Vampire)
Abilities: None
Powers: Second-sight, Celerity(1)

Hair: Long to shoulder
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Bronze
Height: 6’1”
Build: Lean
Tattoos: Three
Piercings: Two
Dress: Casual
Occupation: Student


Roman was born in Paris and moved to Raven Black City to visit a friend be ended up staying with. He has lived in the city ever since and now attends the university as an art student who enjoys classical restoration, photography and oil painting. ROman is an only child with an Irish father and a French mother. On campus he is the local track star, with two national records in running both short and long distances.
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