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Malkavian wrote:9. Banner and Avatars
Banners may be a Maximum of 550 pixels wide x 200 pixels tall.
Avatars may be a maximum of 125 pixels wide x 200 pixels tall.
Standard Post Images may be a maximum of 550 pixels wide x 550 pixels tall.
Banners must be kept within the site’s PG-13 limitations according to the RP Rules/Guidelines.
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Dial up isn’t really an issue anymore, but please keep banners around 200kbs.

Re: bannerssss

Postby Caelyn » March 21st, 2016, 10:12 pm

Your work is truly amazing!

I was actually attempting to make one for Caelyn today, and just...can't.

That being said, I would love any attempts you have at making one, and would be willing to pay for them how you see fit. :)

Character Name: Caelyn
Face Claim: Nathalie Edenburg
Text: Caelyn; The light both defines the darkness, and defies it
Theme: I really would love a banner that plays off the the light vs. dark idea, but that isn't required. She is formal, elegant. Nothing too dark.

To be totally honest, you could come up with just about anything that isn't "bloody" and it would work with her character.

Any attempts, I would totally appreciate and wouldn't be able to thank you enough for! Good luck!

ETA: When looking for images, I would avoid the google searches. They tend to be outdated. If you want a very serious variety for Nathalie, definitely go to There is a good 2500+ to choose from.
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Re: bannerssss

Postby Cassie » March 24th, 2016, 2:31 am

Omg amazing! I'd like one, if you are still doing them.

Character Name: Cassie
Face Claim: Zara Axeronias
Text: Cassie, or The Wolf in me will always crave the Sheep in you
Theme: Artistic Freedom, Cass isn't picky and neither am I. (Note: Zara's eyes are usually a gold color, Cassie's are a jade green, if you can do that. If not, PM me; I have edited pics of her. :) )
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