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LF Artist to Make a Steam/Discord Avatar

PostPosted: February 22nd, 2017, 1:04 am
by Deylin
Hey guys!

I'm looking for you talented artists to make me some avatars. I'd like for it to be something among the lines of what this artist does.


So basically an abstract art or image with the name 'Mira' placed in it.


The name 'Mira'
184 px maximum that must be good and semi-readable at 32 px.

Little tidbits:
- I like astronomy
- I like purple, grey, black, blue, white; however any color will do aside green or orange please.
- I play League of Legends most frequently as a Support or Mid lane. Lux is my best mid champion. But this doesn't need to be in it at all.
- I love animals, dogs/cats/big felines(any)/owls would be my favorite
- If you can make me a dank abstract background with the name Mira in it I'd probably love it very much. An image is not necessary.