Within the city lies a black lake, a large castle can be seen in the horizon, large towers scraping the skies, wolves howling in the distance. How did you end up here?..


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After entering in the city, Alestiar started exploring, roaming on the boulevard. He looks around the city and finds a bar. ‘Now that’s a place’ his mind recited and he walked toward the bar. Suddenly the bar’s door blasted open and a juicehead walked out. His breathe smelled whiskey-Hudson Baby Bourbon; shades of a bartender. The juicehead took a fall flat on his face. Alestair helped the man up and entered the bar. The bar was pretty well built and had a very few public. He carried on and ordered a whiskey. Sat drinking and trying to forget the past. It was near closing time when he realized it was about time. He got up, paid and tipped and left the bar continuing his exploration.
Alestair heard from the people about the lake and decided to head towards it.
It started to drizzle; luckily he had his hoody on, so he put on his hoody and continued walking. He reached the out-skirts of the city and then in the eerie silence his mind started the flashback. He could remember the day as if it had happened a minutes ago. The screaming of his bestie – Anna; the only close person he had. Finding her body in a pool of blood and no sign of culprits. His hands formed fists as he said to himself-‘I will find and kill those bastards.’ His eyes moistened as he remembered all the good and bad times he had with Anna.
He could hear wolves howling in the background, he realized has nearly reached the lake. All of a sudden out of nowhere something pounced on him. He felt sharp teeth tearing holes in his neck. Screaming in pain he tried to push off the beast. Suddenly a figure appeared outta nowhere and fought the beast. Alestair by then got semi-conscious. The person who saved him lifted him up and started carrying him. He was telling something to Alestair but he couldn’t get it all, all he got was – WEREWOLF. Hearing the word werewolf he realized that he was bitten by a werewolf. He thought 'Was it my fate all along?’ referring to the tattoos on his body. And then he passed out.
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Re: Rebirth(Cosmo)

Postby cosmo » July 8th, 2017, 12:32 am

The dark-watered lake that miraculously existed within the city's walls was a place that Cosmo had found himself frequently quite often as of late. While he usually preferred more or less exile from the chaotic city in favor of the calm quiet of the forest, he was in desperate need of a change of scenery. And if he were honest, there was another reason as well. He was trying to make a serious effort on increasing his presence within the city. Not his importance, for he had little interest in the whirlwind that was the city's politics, but rather the frequency of him being actually present. He wanted to show that he could follow through with his promises, and while there was still more than he desired to be doing, Cosmo still felt that he was treading water, at least for the time being.

He had not planned to come here tonight, but the scent of bloodshed had lured him from several blocks over. The scent had been an interesting one. When Cosmo had first captured it, the scent had clearly been human. Yet, as he had begun to follow the scent, it had also begun to change. By the time the scent had led him to the other, he found the man on the ground, with canine-like bite marks on his neck. As the man's scent remained unclear, Cosmo was greeted by a new scent now, though the bite marks on the man's neck had been indication enough of what had caused blood to be split here tonight. A werewolf.

Without a moment's pause, Cosmo leapt into action. His stormy blue eyes, which bore a thin silver lining, transformed to pure, piercing silver. A faint crackling sound could be heard, as the air began to gust wildly about them. His eyes narrowed, and Cosmo lifted his hand to send a lightning bolt to the werewolf's feet. The creature yelped, blinking as it took a half-step back, now uncertain. Cosmo lowered his hands, and now bore his fangs at the werewolf instead. Cosmo had a pair of fangs, just like a vampire, though it was also clear that Cosmo was not just an ordinary creature of the night. He moved to stand in front of the man, all the while eying the creature down. When it tried to step forward again, Cosmo sent another bolt of lightning, this time the bolt scorched the side of the werewolf. A final warning.

The werewolf did not risk it again. The creature shrank away, disappearing into the shadow. A faint groan escaped the man, bringing Cosmo's attention back to the human. As he turned to face the man, his scent hit him, once again changed. He understood now. Instead of the werewolf just killing the man, the creature had also inflicted the man with its venom, and the transformation would soon begin. There was still a good chance for the man to simply bleed out. Depending on how fast the transformation took would ultimately decide whether or not the man lived to see tomorrow.

Cosmo considered leaving it up to fate. But he also knew what 'fate' truly was, and as much as he disliked those three wicked women, he also knew that there was no trying to alter the course that was chosen. Deep down, he felt the natural pull to aid the man, and so he did not fight it when the time to decide what to do came. Cosmo knelt down, and picked up the man, and carried him in his arms back towards where he had parked his car. But he did not get very far before the man passed out. "Damn that bloody werewolf." He muttered to himself in slight annoyance, having hoped to try to speak to him before he fell unconscious. Now there would be no warning for what the man would discover upon regaining consciousness.

In the end, Cosmo was able to carry the man to his car. He had kept one hand over the wound the entire time, to prevent him from bleeding out. Once the man was secure within his car, Cosmo tore his shirt to form a temporary bandage for the man. Were it not for the transformation that would soon occur, or rather, were the werewolf mutation not in his system, Cosmo likely would have simply dropped him off at the nearest hospital. But he could not do that now unless he wished everyone within that ER to die. No, there was only one place to take him. His home.

He drove back to his home, and carried the man inside. In no time, he had the man laying down on the couch in the library, beside the fireplace. Cosmo had properly bandaged the man's neck and stopped the bleeding, though the man was still quite pale. Cosmo sat in the chair, beside the couch and the fire, watching as the red and orange flames danced within it, waiting for the stranger to wake up and silently dreading informing the man of what 'fate' has chosen his path to be.
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Re: Rebirth(Cosmo)

Postby AlestairBlack » August 3rd, 2017, 7:58 am

ANNA NOOOOO........ Alestair wakes up panting heavily. He sees around wondering where he was. He senses something strange; he felt strange. And as he walks towards the mirror, he remembers the attack. And as he looks around he realizes he is in a manor. He wanders around and finds his savior sitting near the fireplace on a couch. Alestair thanks the man and gets introduced. He comes to know that his savior Cosmo is a cursed demigod. And that Alestair was bitten by a werewolf. And that Alestair is going to be one on the next full moon and that’s tomorrow.
Alestair says that he heard that during the first transformation of werewolf happens he goes berserk and kills everyone in his path. He adds that he doesn’t want to hurt the innocent and asks Cosmo to help him and guide him. SIRE HIM.
Suddenly he sees a picture on a table beside the couch. He recognized that face. It was an old friend. He wonders if it is her. He asks Cosmo that if the woman in the pic was Tessa....
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