On the Road to Nowhere (open)

An empty highway, you find yourself stranded and have no choice but to walk to the nearest hint of civilization, will you make it there?

Re: On the Road to Nowhere (open)

Postby Romantae » May 27th, 2016, 10:22 am

She wasn't going to let him go out. And he wasn't sure he had the strength to force his way past her and downstairs — not that he really wanted to, but it was the principle of the matter. He couldn't play martyr if he couldn't even get down to the enemy for a chance. By all likelihood, he hadn't expected to live this long in the first place.

"I expect them to hurt me," Roman said. He pushed back his hair. It felt slick and greasy, desperately in need of a showering. "That's their whole reason for being here. It's not your fight, it's mine. Just help me back down and I'll handle it."

But, not wanting to admit his weaknesses, he obviously couldn't go anywhere without his prosthetic. And it was embarrassing, he thought, the vulnerability among strangers.

"If you want to tell them I'm dead, then tell them I'm dead. But it won't help nothing. They need a body of proof."

Roman gave in and laid back down.

"And I'm damn-sure the tracker in my neck will give me away."
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Re: On the Road to Nowhere (open)

Postby brandi » May 28th, 2016, 7:26 am

Brandi listened to him, not surprised he knew they'd break their word. But he still wasn't in any shape to be facing them. "Sorry. They did the stupidest thing they could have done. They brought it to my door. I know you don't think it's my fight, whatever it is, but I protect all who are in here, no matter how they came to be here." Her voice had done what it rarely did anymore. It took on a distinct southern sound. She felt a hand on her shoulder, and glancing over her shoulder, saw Seto had joined them.

Thinking about it some more, she nodded almost absently when he said "If you want to tell them I'm dead, then tell them I'm dead. But it won't help nothing. They need a body of proof. And I'm damn-sure the tracker in my neck will give me away."

His words finally sunk into her brain, making her think she'd switched off her internal translator temporarily by accident. He'd given her even more of an idea without really realizing it. Smiling, she looked from Jim to Adam getting nods from both before she said "Then what if we show them you're dead. But after we get that tracker out of you. One of these three can carry you down, after we make it look like your dead. They will think you are because the tracker will be out and smashed. I'm sure they'll try to take you, but we won't let them. We can come up with a reason on why you have to stay here even though dead."

Because he'd mentioned the tracker, she had a feeling he'd been in prison, but since he also seemed to not want to talk about it, keep his secrets, she didn't ask. As she thought about a reason for keeping him there after he was 'dead' her phone went off saying she had a text message. Pulling it out, she read "Hey little sister, me, Wrath, Hollywood, and the cop are all here, including Rehv. Can see why you called. We'll stay outside and keep them out. Saw Ken, Bri, Mike, and Eric just inside the doors too. We got ya protected." and smiled, almost evilly again. V had managed to get some of the guys there including her elder brother. She was glad Rehv had also shown. She was glad to hear that the other four were ready and stationed inside the doors.

Looking at the four men, including the one that was wanted by those downstairs, she said "I do believe no one will be getting inside this place with the group that is standing ready to protect outside the doors and the ones ready to protect on the inside of the doors." She shifted her gaze to just the man lying down again. "Will my plan work for you? Either way, I'd like to have Adam remove the tracker in you so those idiots can't follow you again." She still wasn't sure what reason she'd give for them not taking him, but she would come up with something.
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