B L O O D B O R N E (PM)

Anywhere in the world, as long as they find themselves back in RavenBlack, City.

B L O O D B O R N E (PM)

Postby Lexi » April 15th, 2016, 5:43 pm

     Alexis Dragos sat on the plane, purse shoved under her seat, luggage above her head. Green eyes watched out the window as they traveled over the states, Nevada seemed so far away now, everything was far away. Ravenblack... Why had her parents chosen to settle down there? Such a bleak, dark town, so many missing people, so much death. That was the crux of it all wasn't it? Her parents were dead, and now it was just her and Darwin, her handsome brother. She shook her head and looked down at her shaking hands as the pilot came on the intercom.

"I'm now turning on the fasten seatbelts sign as we start our decent into Ravenblack Airport."

His voice sounded bored, indifferent even. Lexi sighed and clasped her seatbelt together as one man in the aisle clambered toward his seat. His hand slipped over the back of her chair, and he mumbled incoherently. Lexi saw the blood, the way he stared into space, his pale pallor, but no one else saw it. She stared at him, face frightened and shocked. Once he'd passed, she looked toward the front again, seeming to forget about what she'd seen. The decent went smoothly, and the plane touched down without much difficulty. A sigh left Lexi and she glanced at the male that'd passed by her chair, wonder on her face and fear in her heart. What kind of city was she about to enter?

Lexi went through the motions, standing in line to get off the plane, waiting at the baggage claim for her one bag. Her mind whirled from everything that had happened in the last few days.

Lexi was asleep on her cot, windows open to the sound of cicadas chirping. Somewhere in the distance a coyote barked a signal, her cell phone chimed insistently. Finally, with a growl and a huff, Lexi lifted her head and answered the phone. "What?" She said, tone clipped and angry. After a few moments of listening to the other end of the line, she nodded and sighed. "I'll be there, give me a day. I'll be there." She hung up and curled in a ball. Her parents were dead. Later that day, she was standing in line, getting an airplane ticket and was on the way to this mysterious city that had sucked her parents into it.

     Lexi was pulled out of her reverie by a buzzing noise, her phone, shit. She looked down at the screen and debated, then answered it. "Darwin... Hey. Yeah, I'm here, just got off the plane." A short pause, "Yeah, yeah. No, I'm going to rent a car. No.. No, Darwin I got this. Just stay there with her." With an exasperated sigh, Lexi hung up on her older brother and slipped her phone away. She searched around to find a rental place, then sighed and moved toward one.

     After what seemed like forever, Lexi was on the road to the city. It was different up here, the air was moist, not like in Nevada, she shook her head and rolled down a window, letting the wind blow back her red hair. At the rate she was going, she'd reach the city by dusk. Lexi wasn't excited about being here, about dealing with her brother, her aunt, and their judgments. Yes, Alexis had left her parents, but she wasn't like her brother... She wasn't the good child.

     Lexi stopped for gas just outside of the city, the view was.. nothing short of amazing. Dusky lighting, pink and purple hues rising from the mountains in the distance, a view of the city in the valley below. It was breathtaking. She hung up the pump and made her way to the driver's seat again. Once back on the road, she just followed the setting sun into the city.

     With the map leading her to the family home, she took in the sights of the city in the dusky light. She could see the high rises in the distance, neon lights of the bars around the city, the shops on main street, and just about everything else someone would expect in a normal town. But something felt off about the city as a whole, like there were things watching her around every corner. Lexi stopped a few blocks down from a bar, she wanted a drink, but she didn't know anyone in the city, what if she was mugged? She didn't even know how to get to the police station... She sat in the car for a long moment, psyching herself up to walk the block to get to the bar.

     Finally, the door of the red sedan opened and she stepped out. Black cutoff jeans, black tank top with some old band printed on it, and black and white converse covered her feet. Rattling the keys, she pushed the button on the FOB to lock the car, then looked both ways and crossed the street. tugging a bandana from her bag, she pulled it around her red hair and walked briskly toward the neon signs of Harper's Tavern.
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Re: B L O O D B O R N E (PM)

Postby brandi » May 1st, 2016, 9:02 am

This had been a long day. It was one of the few that she felt like sleeping at night, instead of during the day like normal, but she knew sleep was still a long ways away. She'd spent the last few days in Denver, or more specifically at the reservation helping her grandfather. She also checked on the ranch, making sure her uncle and brother were still staying there to keep watch and to keep in maintained. Seto had insisted on going with her and taking her plane instead of flying commercial.

They'd gotten in a couple hours earlier but she wasn't ready to head home to the B&B. Instead they'd headed to one of the parks so she could do some running. It had felt good to stretch her muscles and get in even this small workout. Watching the sun set as the sky got more dusky, she smiled as she jogged back to where he was waiting. "That helped some, but still not ready to go home. Feel like a drink in one of the pubs here in town?"

Standing, Seto smiled at her. "Sure. Have a preference or just the closest one?"

Smiling up at him, Brandi said "Whatever is within walking distance. We can come back for the truck."

He nodded and took her hand as they headed out of the park. Although he wasn't dressed as casually as she was at the moment, he was dressed more casual than he normally would be in jeans, white button up sports shirt and boots. Looking down at her, he almost laughed. She was in bike style shorts, and a tank top - both in pink - and her high top Nike's that were white and pink. Her hair was in a high pony tail to keep it from dragging and it looked more blonde with white highlights running through it. To him the tribal markings that went down her left side seemed more pronounced after her run. He'd thought about asking her if she wanted to change, but didn't because he knew she didn't care at the moment.

As they walked, she felt Seto's eyes on her but didn't worry about it. Seeing the sign for Harper's Tavern, she grinned up at him. "Guess it's Harper's." As they crossed, she saw a girl also crossing not to far down from where they were. For some reason Brandi smiled as she watched the girl tie up her hair and walk briskly toward the pub. Getting onto the sidewalk, they fell in step almost right beside the girl and Brandi knew they'd reach the pub at almost the same time, if that was where the girl was also heading.
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