How To Get Started

Explanation for anyone new to the forum.

How To Get Started

Postby Malkavian » January 28th, 2014, 3:01 am

* First things first, think of a name for your character.

* Register with your Character Name.

* Create yourself a basic outline of a Character Sheet.

* Look through the Sire Profiles or start a Siring Thread of your character somehow wondering into "this new city".

* Make a Request in Sire Planning, or send the potential sire a Private Message to discuss a siring process.

* Upon joining the forum you will be classified as a Human as you will have no In Game Name (IGN). The In Game Name is how you create a Vampire, by navigating to Ravenblack, The Dark Alleyway and making a name for your character.

* After obtaining an IGN, you will be classified as a vampire Learner, you will need apply in our Human to Learner Applications Thread. Until you gain all of your powers, you will not be able to sire another Human.

* Upon obtaining an IGN you should be set up with a sire and they should be able to help you gain your powers. (If not there is available information on the forum for help.)

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