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Ketra Kiyoshi

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Alias: Ketra or Ket
Date of Birth: Oct. 7
Age: Looks to be 21
Immortal Age: Was changed in 14 Bc
Nationality: Irish
Race: Irish
Gender: Female

Height: 5'3'' - 5'10'' depending on her heels.
Hair Color: Arctic Blue
Hair Style: Floor length (though in pictures it's shorter because its hard to find hair like hers)
Eye Color: Emerald
Skin Color: White
Weight: 160
Tattoos: Alice and wonderland sleeve coming, dragon tat wrapping around her waist with head on her shoulder, it only appears at times.
What styles of clothing: Punk, Goth, classic dresses from both ancient roman and celtic times.
Two children the oldest is Kaia, the youngest is Chameleon.

She was taken when she was 16, her twin children killed inside her womb and was forced to give birth to their still born bodies. She was used as a blood bag and personal toy until she was 26 and finally changed. At this point the dead one gave her barely enough blood to survive. After another ten years she finally had enough strength for the others inside her head to take over and kill him.
Hate me if you want, love me if you will, no matter what I will always be me until my body lies dead and still.
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