Current Storyline

Current Storyline

Postby Sterling » July 5th, 2016, 2:16 am

So I was sitting here smoking a bowl while sitting in chats and something made me curious. Are there groups of people in this city that we just don't even know about? I've seen names out of shadows that are deep in blood and have whole families and companions, but I've never seen their names ever. Where do they write? What do they write? Then I looked in the chat room and saw similar groups that I only recognize by their name. Like, there are whole groups of people that my characters have never interacted with and I'm curious as to what they write about. Do they have storylines? Do they just write chat sex or do they have plots? What are their characters like?

And it made me think further...where is everyone's storyline? Our characters don't all interact and not everyone writes on the forums. And just going over to a new person and asking for their life story isn't always feasible ICly.

So what's your character up to right now? What's their plotline at the moment?
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Re: Current Storyline

Postby Koj » July 5th, 2016, 11:48 am

Koji and Mika are actually the future adaptions of their younger selves that I'm writing in my book.

Koji and Mika are part of a resistance that is situated back in London. It was created by Koj and Yosh a year ago to help stop the company of hunters from trying to 'quell the evil'. These guys are super religious extremists but started out as a genuine family business just trying to stop the bad ones. Along the way it got more religious based and.. well.. They wanted to kill the 'demons'. Yosh occasionally pops in but for the most part he runs the fight against them with another vampire called Cat and Koji and Mika are part of one of the packs who play a vital part in keeping the threat to a minimum.

Due to Koji's PTSD from the fights in Bristol, he was the one chosen to take Mika away from harms way and protect her since she couldn't aid in the war - she suffered through some trauma with the hunters early on as well so against her wishes Cat put her in protection. Mika is a pureblood who suffers silver poisoning from when she tried to stop the hunters taking Koji to the Dog Fights, a grenade designed to shoot out silver was tossed towards her pack and she instantly jumped to cover them by curling herself around it and taking the hit. It was managed to fix for the most part though she has an awful scar on her stomach and needs to take supplements that Koji made to essentially stop her dying. Silvers still in her system, leaving her quite fragile and skinny. She's always tired from it and has days where she has to be bed ridden due to intense agony or inability to move her limbs that feel like lead.

Koji brought her to Ravenblack City as a way of disappearing from sight. Mika dyes her hair regularly and wears contacts while Koji remains alert and ready to attack. After the fights he's not much better than feral. He's having to relearn how to be human which is very difficult to say the least. He does routinely, if not paranoid, checks of certain districts and is veeery aggressive towards people trying to document about him, he loathes phones and cameras and will go as far as destroying evidence to stop the tech savvy hunters from tracking them down. He won't allow the hunters to use Mika as a lab rat again and he especially won't let them gain a foothold in a city he's come to enjoy.

Koji keeps up with his resistance activities by managing his company from Ravenblack, its high profile keeps him safe to a degree and acts as a refugee spot for survivors. He deals in Intel and protection. Mika normally runs the company when he's away and she helps find safe areas and locations for the refugees that come their way.

Basically that's it.
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Re: Current Storyline

Postby Aki » July 5th, 2016, 12:11 pm

Aki, Current Storyline - Having fallen into a deep depression Aki now works at a veterinary clinic thanks to his sire. Aki's whole storyline is very convoluted - he once was split into three, he is now whole with a darkness inside of him that I have yet to really touch on but plan on doing so in the future.

One, Current Storyline - One is broken, his mind has quite literally snapped and all he can hear is the mantra 'I deserve nothing' going through his mind. One is a special boy and hides his insanity, but his father is sending hunters after him (his father is a human doctor who is experimenting on supernatural beings that the hunters capture) the most recent of these One has carved up and is sending to his father - One doesn't know that his father has found and imprisoned Lach - it is planned that Lach is going to be sent back in pieces (reason for D&B Lach); this is going to send One into a tailspin and he is going to go on a killing spree. There is a blood bath in One's future, at the moment this is a solo project but I am hoping to open it up to others.

Dae Hyun, Current Storyline - Dae has been drifting, focused completely on his work - I am hoping to have him planning things for the city...but I am not sure if that will come to fruition because of him. He is working on a rave and hoping to have a music festival and I am pretty sure this is all he is going to do.

Magnus Bane, Current Storyline - So I am sure anyone who has read the Mortal Instruments books will know about this guy, well him and Alec have come to this dimension as it doesn't have Shadowhunters and here they can be together and Alec won't be looked down on because he use to be a Shadowhunter and is now a vampire. I am going to be sticking close to his personality while changing things, he is still a powerful warlock and is still sassy - I am thinking of having him working on making allies with many different vampires and throwing extravagant parties where people can gossip and form alliances - his storyline is currently under development and is open to being influenced by others.
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Re: Current Storyline

Postby RyanJR » July 5th, 2016, 12:25 pm

Mmm, I think there's been an influx of new and very very old characters in the past couple of months, which is cool. Bring in new blood and see how they do.

As for me and mine, Rhet's being married and shit, there's not a whole lot of storyline going on with him.

The real meat is with Ryan, who had a complete mental break which ended up with him sedated in a hospital for nearly three weeks (see: Missing in Action thread), but Maddy just broke him out and it's very emotional and also very potatoe-y, because that's what he is now. A mental potato. Hopefully he'll recover all right, though until he does, he can't walk and he only has one eye. So that's fun.

Niklahn is an old character I've had for years who never quite survived on grid but he's been an NPC and active in one on one roleplays for years now. He's a wonderful freakazoid psychopath. His current storyline includes the de Draaks, since he bailed from town shortly after playing with Vex as a revenge scheme, and has been traveling the world since. He and his Frankenstein bride, Michael, have since returned to the city, partially because Niklahn is being haunted by the ghost of his ex (Jitter), and also because they were getting bored with traveling. So, I guess, take warning when interacting with him. He can't (though, nor does he want to) help himself.
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Re: Current Storyline

Postby Vamane » July 5th, 2016, 1:13 pm

    Warning: I got wordy.

    I'll admit, the majority of my stories aren't wrote in public (forum or chats). I do a lot of private writing with a select few. But I am always open to writing with other people and plotting new things.

    I've been trying to be more public with some story-lines, such as Menkarjii and Haskell (See forum RP: "Black Market Buys") and Herron (See forum RP: On Possession and Betrayal). And, I've done a little public writing on the character Nowlin (See forum RPs: "A Part of History", "Personal Recollections," and "Out of Nowhere"). But I definitely need to dive more into his story, and several others, in a more interactive, joint effort with other characters (rather than all this solo-plotting I most often do).

    I'm open to plotting any of my characters with anyone. You can hit me up in PM on my main account here (Vamane) or on Y!M (username: vamane).


    Adrian (IGN: -Adrian): Adrian is a leader of an RBC hunter faction. However, Adrian is a scientist and a doctor above everything else, and has stepped back a lot from the leader-role. He seeks to bridge the waters between humans, hunters, and supernatural creatures (focus on wolf and vampire kind). His eldest son is a changed werewolf and his two nephews are vampire (IGNs: Vamane and Niteh). Currently, he is attempting to better understand the world of supernatural kind, with plans to teach his faction further understanding and acceptance (which isn't coming easy). Further, he wants to make deals with leaders of supernatural kinds, and find willing contestants to donate samples for his research on using supernatural DNA to aid with, or cure, human diseases.

    Millard (IGN: Millard): Millard is not a new vampire (I made him last year) but he hasn't been given the focus I want yet. (This year has been hectic as all hell for me.) He's in the process of powering, and has had little, to none, interaction with others. Currently, his story-line has been solo work. He was a part of a cult, and is an escapee. He is the father of two girls, and is working to better control his vampire side so that he can go back to the cult and rescue his two daughters and bring them to RBC so he can raise them outside of the cult.

    Krehlee (IGN: Krehlee): Krehlee is in the process of powering. A former hunter and assassin, he is adapting to the new life of being a vampire. His story-line has not had a chance to develop much further than that. Powering and learning to be a better vampire are his focus, but he's also finding his way back into the assassin-role in human conflicts.

    Saul (IGN: Saul): Saul was a priest in old Italy. He has had a limited amount of interaction with vampires outside the one who turned him. He still deeply clings to his religion, and bides his time between his three loves: Rose (vampire who turned him), art (he owns an art gallery/museum in RBC), and God (he still maintains he is a priest, only one outside the "order" of religion). Saul craves interaction with other vampires or supernatural kind. He is curious about them, and has often observed them from afar.

    Herron (IGN: Herron): Herron is a sheriff's deputy and human. He spends a lot of time with supernatural kind, and teases with the idea of being turned. His current story-line includes uncovering a mystery at the Sheriff's Office which includes the death of the sheriff's wife and the mysterious drowning and resurrection of his best friend and police partner Bandy, who has since become possessed by the dead wife's spirit. Additionally, he's been recruited by a hunter faction (not Adrian's) that several other police officers are a part of.

    Nowlin (IGN: Nowlin): Nowlin is a clan student and semi-new vampire (maybe a year now, or longer, can't remember). Nowlin believes he is a young man (twenties) but in all reality he's much older. There's an entire story-line in there as to how he maintained his youth, but he has had his memories stolen from him. His current story-line focuses on him re-remembeing who he really is.

    Menkarjii (IGN: Menkarjii) and Kames (IGN: Kames): I call these my 'mummy" vampires. This is because they were mummified, at least partially. (Enough to be unable to move, not enough to kill them.) Kames has really dropped off the radar lately, and I'm not sure what all he's up to. However, Menkarjii was just saved by another vampire from his mummified state. Their story-line circles around a larger Egyptian vampire cult and the battle between a vampire (non-grid) who wants to save them and another (non-grid) who wants to control them. Haskell (IGN: Haskell) is involved because he has been hired to track down the specific mummy-vamps.

    Vamane (IGN: Vamane) and Niteh (IGN: Niteh): These two are part of a very complex story-line. I can't sum it all up here. But as of RBC-story-line-ties, Niteh is focusing primarily on his art and Vamane is planning to become more involved in city life. Niteh is a wolf/vampire hybrid, and would not mind getting involved in any wolf packs in RBC (he is fully powered, un-sired, and has no current allegiances to anyone). Vamane is purely vampire and considering becoming a sire.

    Norris (IGN: Norris): Norris has had limited focus from me, and I hate that. I want to revamp (punny) him, get him involved in things. He's what I call my "zombie" vampire. This is because his body begins to rot if he doesn't feed. He's also a necromancer, a father, and husband. He, like Nowlin, has bouts of memory loss, but will not be remembering his prior life. He forgot his entire life before his turning. Right now, his primary story-line is focusing on his necromancer work, which is how he is employed. His employers are often criminals and he will revive spirits or bodies to help them gain information from the dead.

    Jaret (IGN: Jaret), Daniel (IGN: Daniel), and Jurek (IGN: Jurek): These three are my soldiers. Jaret and Daniel are close and went to war together while Jurek was a medic in World War II. They're connected in the fact that all three were turned wolf by the same pack and by set-up of a government organization planning to create super-soldier type men (and women). Jaret has since become vampire/wolf hybrid and Daniel is vampire. Jurek is purely wolf. Jaret and Daniel have been busy with outside of RBC plots, but can still get enthralled to ideas here. Jurek, however, lives in RBC and is a doctor at a local emergency room. He eats human hearts to survive, and has been recruited by a hunter faction to bring them newly-turned vampires or werewolves who stumble into the ER or doctors' offices in exchange for human hearts. I want to get him involved in a pack in RBC since he's never been in a pack before and has been on his own for decades. I'd love to get Jaret (fully powered) involved in one, too.

    There are only a few of the characters I've been focusing on. I've got several others, fully-powered, non-grid, and in-the-process of powering alike. I love to plot and write, so hit me up.
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Re: Current Storyline

Postby Maddox » July 5th, 2016, 7:38 pm

He's a singer-songwriter of a band, so that's an ongoing plot element. He recently sprung Ryan out of the hole and will be nursing him back to health (or as healthy as Ryan can achieve). And he's focused on getting FP'd so he can sire to Lyn, which will include a ceremony because he likes to make a big deal out of the things that are important to him.

He wants to become the perfect being. Which forces him to study anything and everything about perfection, evolution, genetics, invincibility, immortality, etc. He's a test-tube baby, grown in a lab that exists to splice genetic material between humans and supernatural creatures, test, and study them. He escaped when he found out that he was scheduled for termination due to his respiratory and ocular defects. He does a lot of thinking and pondering and is severely socially inept, so he isn't seen much.

Used to be a career criminal. Accomplished a lot in his short run. Then, he got betrayed and assassinated. He came to RB to regroup and rebuild. Very business oriented. He's very good at brokering deals.

He's considered schizophrenic due to the 'delusions' and 'hallucinations' he experiences. Really, tho, he's living a Miyazaki-King nightmare. It's because he can see this other realm full of creatures and mythical beings. He assumes others might be able to see it, because it's told that children often are in tune with this realm, but then they lose the ability to see once they hit a certain age and change their understanding of the world and reality. Because he can still see, the creatures of this realm playfully dub him "The Beholder".

Except not all things in this other realm are nice or even indifferent. There's this demon lord organizing the baddies of the realm, trying to make a big impact on the human realm. Emory caught wind of this and alerted the authorities. Not only did they laugh him off the line, but the demon lord sent his goons to beat his mother to death in front of him in order to "teach him a lesson".

Emory has since been hunted, but is in turn hunting the demon lord - because he's pissed af. He's been spending his time learning to become as deadly as possible, even if he's just a human, so he can murder the demon lord.

She's cursed as The Barguest, a large black hound with burning coal eyes and horns, making her a harbinger of death. She came to RB because of being ground zero for some terrible events. She's learned to control the curse in some ways (like a voluntary shift without the death beacon side effects), though. She's a bit of a daredevil, but quite chill otherwise. Her main goal is to learn as much about the curse as possible and hopefully control the entire curse, which could turn out some prophetic abilities in regards to predicting tragedies.

He's a college kid from Florida who died and found out that he's the reincarnation of the resurrection god Osiris. His entire plot his a bunch of inner conflict and coming to terms with the fact that he's responsible for passing judgement upon the dead who inhabit The Darkness, a kind of afterlife that's more like a void of nothingness except residual emotions and thoughts of the deceased. He's not having a fun time.

He's got antisocial personality disorder (ASPD, which is the new medical and psychological term for 'psychopathy' or 'sociopathy') and borderline personality disorder - unmedicated, which means he's pleasant as a peach. He's the product of a werewolf man and a seelie fae woman, except the traits he's inherited from either parent kind of made his father hate him (not that it takes much for Darius Branza to become a murderous asshole). Caspian took all of his father's money, post his mother's murder, and set it on fire with the estate before he came to RB. His father is looking for him to kill him. His plot is all about a revelation he's going to have later when he and his father come face-to-face for the final time where only one person is walking out of the conflict alive.

He's currently housed in a very nice apartment building owned by Rain and works as a PSO (phone-sex-operator) at an organization called Dirty Mouth, because he talks absolute shit to the clients per their request.
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