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Dark_Faith (WIP)

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IGN: Dark_Faith

General Information:

Birth Name: Chilli Mc klee

Adapted Name: Chilli Ghata

Niknames: None

Species: Vampire

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 1.12.1913

Place of Birth: Ireland

Date of Death: 2.12.1930

Age of Death: 17

Immortal Age: 104

Nationality: Irish/German

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orienation: Quite unsure

Languages: English, German

Sire: Derzempes

Past Sire(s): KingDrako (Drako Sangre)


Height: 1m55cm

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Long, Straight

Eye Color: Amber

Skin Color: Pale

Weight: 52kg

Built/Body: Slender

Most commen: Black tank top, short black gothic skirt, if not wearing her tatterd combat boots no shoes
On occasion: Elegant black dress, black heels




  • Sweet stuff
  • fighting (hand to hand)
  • sleeping
  • drinking (Blood wine)
  • Animals
  • Stars in the night sky
  • Drawing
  • Writting
  • Day dreaming


  • Annoying people
  • arguing
  • Lying

Character background / history:

Chilli got turned at the age of 17, it was the night after her birthday. In her dreams she knew vampires exicted.. Dreaming of a life embraced in darkness but also happines, or so she thought..

She had a rough life as a human, hating the fact she was living with her horrid aunt who disliked the girl since the was born. Chilli always said to herself, “the first chance i get, im gonna run, run far away from here…”
The vampire who had turned her, was then her mentor aswell as guardian. He spent several years with her, fulfilling the girls dream of fleeing, away, out of this city out of this world to beginn anew, a new world, a whole new life..

He taught her what she needed to know to survive and cope alone in the human world.
Time went on without feeling it pass, they just went on living their life. Often going hunting together, teaching the young vampire how and how not to act among humans, not to stand out, seduce their prey to play along.

One night, her sire left to hunt and prowl the night, Chilli stayed in the abandoned appartment, they were inhabiting that time. Chilli waited for the mans return, she always knew when he was about to return, getting such a feeling. Just, this time, that feeling stayed abcent. It didn’t bother her when he was gone for a short period of time, usualy he always returned after latest three nights. Nights and days passed, months.. She knew by this time, he was not returning.. Not knowing what had become of him, had made her head spin with thoughts. Her mind always whisperd to her, quietly but clearly, repeating what her sire had told her. The night would come, where she would have to move on without his presents, fight and fend for herself. He had taught her enough to cope alone. It ain’t easy starting off as a vampire neither is it continuing an undead life..
It seemed, that that time had come..

Chilli thought of her sire as she left the abandoned appartment and took off into the night, having no specific direction she would be heading.
Having left the city she travelled passing a few little towns until coming to a large city, she was hoping to find others like her. Thinking her chances are better in a large busy city then a little town.
Never missing her past human life, it was buried in the past, never thinking of what her friends and aunt thought of her gone missing, she was proberbly declared as dead. The better for her..?

Other than her sire, the vampire who had turned her, she had never met other vampires before.. He had always told her that they are rather scarce around where they had been housing, him being more of an anti social guy it didn’t bother him. Chilli has been curious about others for a while, at times missing someone to talk to.
She travelled through many cities and towns, never to stay too long in the same place. No place, city, town she was felt like home, perhaps it was the lonliness she was experiencing.
Chilli rarely started conversations with humans, it was her own behaviour she felt a little scared of at times. Encountering a human when she was hungry, feeling her body crave life substance, was not a good idea.
Standing infront of a lively man or woman, boy or girl. Looking them in the eyes. When hungry the urge to feed was so large she acted a little brisk and forcefull, scaring the human.. Maybe they ran or screamed.. Drawing unwanted attention. Even if they spoke to her, their voice sounded soft and blurry in the background of her mind. What she heard was the luring music their beating heart made, sounding softly into her ears as for the light sound of the crimson liquid rushing through their veins. The girls amber hues automatically moved to the humans bare neck, watching the pulse dance. The voice in her head told her to go ahead, to take what she needed without hesitating, as if there was a hungry beast inside of her wanting to break out. She could hardly resist the voice, the music, the sweet scent of life...
Once, it occoured that Chilli turned on a girl, acting almost animal like as hungry as she was, killing a girl on the streets, having sucked her dry. She had been seen yet managed to flee witht he corpse. After that had happend, she stopped interacting with humans unless she wanted to feed.
It wasn’t the fact that Chilli killed the girl, a girl she liked to talk and hang areound with a little, about her age. It was the act of being seen. Chased, hunted, killed...

Time passes as Chilli continues her journey, a journey she didn’t know where was taking her. One night she saw a city from afar, the city looked large and busy, full of lights, beaming and blinking.A strange feeling overcame the girls body while gazing towards the city, she knew thats where she was heading to next. Spending the day sleeping inside an old hollow three, she rose at sunset making her way to the city of lights.
Chilli had arrived at the city of RavenBlack.
Roaming through the night streets visiting a few clubs and taverns, it didn’t take her long to find other vampires. They had noticed her before she had them. Soon it was clear, she had found a city where she might stay a little longer than usual or perhaps a new home?
After about a month, Chilli had adapted quite well, learning the rules of the city. The city was not just full of vampires but many creatures of the night and of course humans. She encountered many other vampires, having build up a friendship with some. One of her very close friends became her sire. KingDrako (Drako) remained her sire for about two years until they parted. Drako having a hard time in the city, busy alot handling his issues. The man loved and cared for her, which she knew but she also knew that he was busy enough with himself and all around him. Things were going on, happeing, happend.. Drako serverd Chilli upon her own request.

The young vampire learned alot over the past years. Occasionaly, she still thought of her maker, her past sire, thinking if he maybe also lived somewhere in this city or was he dead-

She went on with her unlife, making a few friends and practising her hunting, powering up and learning.
In the tavern she had met an older vampire, he interested her. She liked spending time with him, learning from him. She enjoyed his presents, spending alot of time with him in the city getting to know him better. The man could be very harsh to her but it didn’t scare her away. Maybe it even got her more interested in teh male vampire. Soon, Derzempes sired Chilli. She powerd up eagerly, yet still had alot more to learn.

-Chilli lives with her sire in the city of RavenBlack, roaming the streets stalking humans, hanging about in the tavern, there is always something to get up too, trouble to get into, people to pester.-

The City has become her home, having left to travel on a few occasions, not much time passes until she returns to RavenBlack, the city of eternity.

Trillian: Chilli_Sangre


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