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Name: Aude Lillith Devereaux
Alias: Antique
Nicknames: Strawberry-shortcake
Current location: Ravenblack City
Place of birth: Paris, France
Born: 5/29/1732
Apparent age: 23
Zodiac: Gemini
Cause of 'death': Olivier - another vampire
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Pre-race: Human
Blood type: O+
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Re: Aude [WIP]

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City Life

City arrival date: Unknown; 2011 estimated
Years in the city: Approximately 7
Current sire: Annabelle
Previous sire: Laurentius, Vitalia
Children: Kirshima+Ayato, -Ripper-, Kartik, Carleigh
Previous children: Carmilla, Amaya_Shannis, LittleStar, Mason_Calderon
Current Partner:
Current bound:
Previous bound: George (d&b), Adalynn
Devotion: Bisexual - monogamous
Job: Mask maker, shop owner
Past jobs: None

Second Sight
Suction xx
Celerity xxx
Stamina xxx
Shadows xxx
Thievery xxx
Locate xx
Telepathy xxx
Charisma xxx
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Re: Aude [WIP]

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Hair color: Copper orange
Eye color: Blue (Aegean)
Tattoos: Orchids on her shoulder (back)
Piercings: Ears
Scars: None
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 124lbs
Skin color: Creamy pale
Body: Slender, curvy
Dress code: Casual, formal
Shoes: Heels, Flats

Dress. Aude will mostly be seen sporting around in skirts or dresses(sundesses, cocktail, formal). On very rare occasions she can be seen in shorts or jeans.

High maintenance. She will always be clean, generally well maintained. There won't be a hair that is misplaced or a speck of dirt on her clothes. No loose threads.

Hobo. On her off of work days, a few days a month, she can be spotted wearing sweats.

Strawberry. Her all around favorite. Her hair will generally smell of the fragrance from he her shampoo and conditioners.

Shoes. Her favorite thing to shop for and one of the reasons she needs a bigger closet. She prefers heels and flats, the more expensive, the better but will occasionally, very rarely step into a pair of sneakers. She'd rather walk barefoot.

Style. Her hair usually remains draped around her shoulders in waves or curls. For more formal outings, her hair will be pinned up on top of her head.

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Aude is generally docile unless things start to bother her or something rubs her the wrong way. She's been called friendly and fair. She doesn't go out of her way to start drama and is pretty happy just observing and being a wallflower.

She lives by the motto 'try anything once.'

The good:

The bad:
Can be hot-headed

Strawberries. Everything about them is her favorite. From the fruits to the artificial scents and flavors.

Masks. Masquerades Masks. She makes them for a living and has always fancied them as a child and through the years. Her fondest memories were from masquerade balls.

Sunrises. Though she can't see them anymore, she still enjoys them, even if it's just looking at pictures.

Family. Whether it is sire, partner, or children, they are very important to Aude. Friends may come and go bit family is meant to last.

Bugs. Yea, she's your cliche girl with a dislike for them.

Loud. Whether or not it's loud-mouthed people or a loud room in general, Aude dislikes loud things.

Childness. If there is one thing she can absolutely not stand, it is the childishness of people. Ranging from mannerisms to spouting her personal life to other people.

Solitude. Though she enjoys the comfort of her family, friends and partner, she enjoys having time to herself. To cook, read, or do other various projects.

Confusion. There is still much of the world that Aude doesn't know about due to her sleeping through different eras at years at a time. Whether it be phrases and words to objects and movies, she still has quite a bit to catch up on.

Grass. Fields. Nothing makes her happier then to sink her toes into the plush comfort of grass.

Music. There's much of the music world she has yet to discover but she generally listens to anything classical.

Squeamish. Though it might be frowned upon some in your city, she's rather squeamish. Growing up as a child and through the years, she's never had a particularly strong stomach.

Siress. Siring Yato and Zai would be the first of her children and surly not the last. She's made her mistakes along the way but she's learning and positively happy to have such wonderful people to share her life with, to grow with.

Curious. Her curiosity for things often leaves her wishing she never questioned but she's happy to be enlightened regardless.
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Re: Aude [WIP]

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Re: Aude [WIP]

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Before the city

Aude was born to Chace and Arlette Devereaux on May 29th, 1732 in Paris, France. She grew up as much as any other child, with a sister, Adeline, and a well respected family.

Her father was a Duke who worked closely with King Louis XV and as a result, Aude and her sister grew up in court while he worked on battle strategies with the king. Arlette could be mostly found locked away in her room at Versailles or wandering the gardens, where she often took Aude and Adeline.

At court, Aude grew feelings for the son of the Duke of Nemours, Olivier. Little did she know that Olivier held a secret but those stolen glances every so often from such a handsome face was enough to make any girl swoon at the time. And most of them did.

Six months later, in the winter months, Aude found herself engaged to Olivier. Her wedding day would be only a month away. To her astonishment, her parents had every intention of seeing her married off to Olivier from the beginning but there was no help needed from them.

Her wedding day wasn't one she would likely to forget, which was how all girls wanted it, right? Not in her case. This was the day she was turned.

In middle December, everything was planned, a wedding to be commenced, hundreds of people to be attending. Everything seemed so perfect, until Olivier had come to her dressing room before the ceremony commenced; there he admitted what he was - a vampire.

Aude didn't think such things had existed, as most people grew up ignorant and didn't think much into Olivier's peculiarities. Needless to say, she was skeptical.

Olivier hadn't given her much time to process the information before he turned her, unwillingly. She barely even had time to process what had been happening or why he'd turned her.

While she recuperated, Olivier left her to inform the guests that there would be no wedding, that Aude had grown cold feet.

Months later, Aude still fought the changes. She wouldn't feed, only being forced to do so when she had grown to weak to even move. She'd always been squeamish to the sight of blood and despite it's call, she still refused.

Through-it the next hundreds of years, Aude spent the majority of her time sleeping for two reasons. One. To avoid Olivier. Two. To reject who she was now because she thought if she was sleeping, then she wouldn't have to be killing.

How she came to Ravenblack was unknown to her. She knew Oli changed locations so often and half of the time when she woke to catch a glimpse of a new era, she was in a different city. He seemed to decide on the city because she found that he'd purchased a permanent property on the far edge.

Aude has little contract with him now - if at all and that's the way she'd like to keep it.
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The Honorable

Firstly her sire, her sibling; she remains Aude's closest friend and confidant.
Though Vitalia disappeared for several years, Aude is happy the woman found her way back home.

She's taught Aude the confidence she needed to be a better vampire.. and person.
She's become a great and close friend to Aude and she values each moment they get to spend together.

Ex-sire.Though they spend nearly as much time together as she wished they did, she's still happy to be part of the family. She enjoys trying to spend her time prettying up his hair.

Ex-siress. She also wishes they had the opportunities to spend more time together. Like Laurentius, Aude thinks very highly of Jaqueline.

The wolf she hopes to teach her a few things about using a gun. She wishes to get to know him better.

Her childe. She values his opinions and thoughts and is very happy that he's decided to share his life with her

Her childe. Yato's partner. Like Yato, Aude values his opinion and is very happy he's shared his life with her. Her boys mean the world to her and she'd do anything to ensure their happiness.

Nothing more. Ties are cut.

Aude just met the woman after Amaya's return to the city but she thinks they could be great friends.
High-spirited and a wonderful soul, she is now one of Aude's children.

She met him through an ordeal with Mason and now he's become a friend of hers. She's quite happy giving him advice when needed and happy for the company he brings

They've had their ups..and downs but Aude still enjoys watching him grow. He definitely has short comings and she pushed him out; she just wants nothing more then to see him grow into his own person.

Ex-wife. Though things were great in the past, they're no longer the same now. Aude cherishes her as a friend. She's buried herself.

They've just met, finally but it didn't take her long to warm up to the other lady. A sweet soul.

She was her child and has been severed. She is constantly full of drama and doesn't make an attempt to better herself. She's made terrible false accusations about people and has been super disrespectful. Good luck on your path.

Aude isn't sure what to think of her but first impressions tell her that Sable is just as mouthy as the rest of them. Hypocritical and hides behind others.

They've just met and she finds him intriguing.

Sired in December, she's quite happy to have him added to her family. He's an adventurous and gentle soul.

A friend who likes to see her shine, she's happy to call him one.

Friends for years, and recently they cut ties. Good luck on your ventures, Abel.

A sibling she'd just met who she thinks she can come to adore. The black mamba.

One of the most caring souls she's met in the city. She's happy to call him a sire and be a part of his family. Nothing will she ever take for granted.

The dandelion. She's the brightest star in the sky and is absolutely a pleasant person to be around. Aude couldn't have been happier to be sired under her and welcomed into her family. (June/July 2017)

[Please let me know if I'm missing anyone or if your character wishes to be added]
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